We have two testifiers today and both of them are TRIUMPHANT
I met kemi as a final year student in my church Triumphant Assembly. She was a Corper then and she was so committed she was made HOD of ‘Meeters and Greeters’.

We attended desperate branches but when we had a joint program, units from all branches would merge and Kemi and i would have to work together to coordinate the M&G unit.


Awesome girl. She has become like a sister to me.


Plus Kemi loves pictures too.  have about a billion pictures together but I don’t have access to my laptop here. Would have added em…
Please enjoy my girl Kemi Aribs…


It’s a new year. It’s  my year of Exceeding Greatness and Supernatural favour. God actually gave me a promise for the year and it is my watch word. My daily confession. Because I’m not a self centred person, would share with you all. God’s promise for me this year is in the book of  JOEL2:25-27. I’m sure majority of us are familiar with this scripture already.

‘…25 And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten,
the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm,
my great army which I sent among you.
26 And ye shall eat in plenty, and be satisfied,
and praise the name of the Lord your God,
that hath dealt wondrously with you:
and my people shall never be ashamed.
27 And ye shall know that I am in the midst of Israel,
and that I am the Lord your God, and none else:
and my people shall never be ashamed. (KJV)…’

My 2014 Plans were actually written in November,2012 few days before WAMI campmeeting. That was when I started my  2014 in the spiritual realm. My fellow Triumphant peeps, I’m sure you started yours in November too.

***Fist bumps with all my FAB Triumphant peeps. You see after our yearly Convention and homecoming in November, we believe a new year has started already***

After writing my plans for 2014,I committed every plan into God’s hands and reminded Him of His promise for me in PSALM 32:8  The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life.
I will advise you and watch over you.”
Great! He promised to guide me along the best pathways for my life,watching over and keeping me all through this year! Sometimes, we need to throw God’s words back to him in prayers and commune with Him in prayers. Prayerlessness Is Like Keeping Malice With God.
Even your biological father wouldn’t do all these for you. This promise gives me confidence and hope for 2014 which makes  me super excited about this year.
Anyways,I  have  few plans but would share them with details of how i would execute each plan.

1)Winning Souls: This year, I have decided to win at least one soul for Christ every week. As a born again Christian, we are all called to preach the word and win souls for Christ. Yea, I preach the  word in my own way of preaching it  but I just made up my mind that in this year of exceeding greatness, amma win more souls for Christ, amma preach the word too. It is a  sweet experience having Jesus in my  life and  without Him,I wonder what would have become of me? Hmmmm.Life without Christ  is empty. Winning soul however,is  something I always love to do but wanna do it as often as possible this year. Permit me to ask you  this. You have been enjoying the benefits of a loving, caring and very sweet friend so  why not allow someone else enjoy this benefit? You can win souls too but guess what? You don’t need to mount the alter before you win souls, you don’t need to be ordained  a pastor, a Reverend  Father, an Apostle or Bishop before  you  win souls and preach the word. Your life pattern and the testimony of your life could  draw a sinner to Christ. What kind of  lifestyle are you living as a born again Christian?
2)Doing my MBA : in2013, gained admission into a school in UK for my MBA but due to some financial challenges,I  couldn’t go. Sad!  I told God “Daddy,this year,I’m doing my MBA please,grant  me  divine provision.” And he responded,”deal sealed daughter.” To the shame of the devil and to God’s glory I would be doing my MBA this year and nothing can stop that!
Because I  love teaching, I would be doing my PGD  in Education. With that, I would upgrade my teaching skills and be a certified educationist. Hehehehehehe.

3)Upgrading My Baking Skills: For those that know I’m into baking, let me tell you this, no knowledge is wasted and like my late grandma always said “every day,you must learn something. A day  without learning something new  is a wasted day.” Mmmm. Remembering the words of my late grandma, I decided not only. to upgrade my baking  skills in sugarcrafts but also learn something new everyday. The older you get, the  more experience you have. 

4) Learning Driving: This plan may sound like a normal plan and not so important to majority but to me, it is very vital.how can an adult like me not know how to drive ehn? I’m learning also because my car is coming this year. FAITH!    This is a  plan  I must execute before the  end of February because  for every plan, I gave my self a time limit. A plan without a time limit won’t be executed on time and this might lead to  Procrastination( a time killer!)
I don’t even need to enrol in a driving school. I need volunteers to teach me. LOL! Gotten one already. A  darling friend promised to teach me so I’m  starting in February. Deal sealed!

***Feb is up babe. Hope you have started?***

5)Reading and Reviewing: this is a plan I made that every month,I would read at  least two books which I would later review and post on my soon to be blog. I’m presently reading book two in  the month of January  titled GOALS by Brian Tracy. Great book,a must read if you haven’t read it please,grab your copy o! Book one is titled”Generations Power by B. Baker.Another powerful book!

****Love this R&R plan oooo. Nne start the blog already. ****

6.Starting my NGO: As a lady who loves community development,volunteering, mentoring and teaching, I made a plan  to set up my NGO. This NGO would cater for the needs of young and less privileged girls,mentoring and granting both formal and informal  education for them. For  more details on the NGO do contact me on kemiaribisala@gmail.com.I also need partners and volunteers that would assist  me in weaning this new baby of mine.

7)Detoxification: sounds like a cleansing exercise right?  What I mean by detoxfication is that I’m detoxifying all friends from my life system in 2014.  Some so called friends and attachees (those that wanna be your friend by fire by force) from my life system this year. I discovered that some are just in your life to envy you,gossip about you and these are the set of people I call Enemy of Progress and Frenemies. Dear sisters, the company or friend or associate u keep can either make or mar you,can either add value to u or devalue you. My question is, are you ready to detoxify too? In this year of Exceeding Greatness, I have decided to choose friends/relationships carefully based on their allegiance to Christ and to the word of God.

***This one is necessary ooo. We are not saying we will snub people ooo. Just define their boundaries in your life simple****

Dearies, permit me to remind you of some few wisdom nuggets which I call my guiding principles:
-Develop your own time and personal devotion with the Lord
-Give no room for devil in ur life. Develop healthy routines: Church,exercise,community service and the likes
-Develop a reading culture. Try to find time to read everyday.
Remember,you are what you read!
-Develop healthy eating culture-what to eat, what not to eat,when to eat e.t.c
Remember, you are what you eat!

***Yes yes yes… FABers take your pick!!! ***

Finalement, I m gonna say this dear daughters of Zion, do not form unhealthy group of friends biko! Silvousplait! If they don’t have an allegiance to the Lord  and  the WORD, then detoxify them  from your life system and let them go.shikena!c’est fini! Thanks for stopping by and reading my 2014 plans. Wish you all an exceedingly great 2014

***Thank you Sugar. As for the French in the post, Kemi speaks French fluently. This is the point where I, Liz, Ru, Tomiwa and all other wannabes start beefing Loooool. God bless you my love***

Second up is my girl Adeolu. when I stayed on campus, we were in Idia hall, unibadan. Then as a pharmacy student, we were neighbours as she is in Vet medicine. Then she always attended our special programs in TA especially Camp meeting and for some funny reason and without planning it, we always sit on the same row for camp meeting looool.


Vision 2014— Adeolu ADETUNJI

I believe God for so many things this year. I lean absolutely on the grace of God, and am definitely going to testify. Habakkuk 2 vs 2…. And the lord answered me and said, write the vision down make it plain upon tables (note pads)…..so that he may run that readeth it……. so here is it

***This reads more like a prayer so grab your AMENs ***


I want read the Bible all over again. Since 2010, when I first completed the bible, I haven’t been able to read the bible all over again. It has been my earnest desire to do so, and do it twice this year. I want to learn from the Holy Ghost.

I want to enter into a new realm of walking with God. O yes, in the previous years, I had a dimension. But this year, I want a deeper dimension. I want my life to be a living testimony that others see and glorify God the father. I want to have an in-depth knowledge of God’s word. I want my thoughts to be in alignment with that of God’s.

I want to be able to fast for longer periods, in previous years, I have fasted for 3 days, 7 days, but this year, am trusting God for 14 days, 21 days fasting period this year. I want to seek the face of God and know him intimately this year.

I want to praise and worship God like never before.

I want to be able to attend ISOMAL regularly. I want to always be on time in church and be active in a unit in church.

I have a calling into ministry that hasn’t been clearly defined yet. I want God to give me clear directions this year and to know exactly what to do per time. I need his grace to run and do what is required of me in 2014.

***Amen!!! Huge AMEN!!! ***



In 2013, God helped me to register my company, GRANDEUR HADASSAH CONSULTING, with Corporate Affairs Commission, amidst all odds and difficulties. This year, I want an office space in Bodija and Iwo road Area in Ibadan.

I want maximum cooperation from all members of the consulting team and board of directors. I am trusting in God for Godly and competent staffs to run the organization this year.

@ Grandeur Hadassah Consulting, we trust God for major projects this year, that would turn the business around for good. We also want to be able to live up to our core values and deliver on promise.

The directorate of studies, the board in charge of the training school arm of our firm would become fully operational this year. We believe God for divine provision of financial, human and material resources.

I want God to open my eyes to understand and see fast, I want Ideas to flow freely to be able to do everything that God wants us to do this year. We believe God for unlimited possibilities this year.

We want to net a minimum of $ 2million dollars profit this year…. The people that have such money don’t have two heads joor……

We trust God, that everywhere we drop our proposal, it would be reckoned with. We would get overflow of jobs/ projects. This year, God would surprise us and we would experience exponential growth far greater than previous years.

We are trusting that we would host our website this year. We want God’s grace upon our life to blog consistently this year.

We want to grow a network of worthy business associates and clans who would feel the urge and need to do business with us.

I want to personally attend three business conferences this year.

We rebuke the hand of the devil from our business this year.

***From your lips to His ears and may He do all according to His will. Amen***


This year, I am trusting God for distinctions. I want to be on top of my game this year, outstanding, excelling beyond measure. In light of this, I pray for grace to study at least 3 hours of academic materials per day. I want to complete all academic projects in good and record time.

I want to reapply for a scholarship abroad. I want all the processing done without struggle. I also want God to perfect all matters concerning my professional masters from my pre admission test to the completion of the degree with excellent grades.


I have been positioned to be on top by virtue of birth placement. I want to remain on top and alive to my responsibilities. I want the spirit of wisdom to rule. I don’t want to struggle to perform my responsibilities. I want God to position my dad and my siblings for greatness.


I want to be a good follower this year; I want to follow my mentors closely and not from afar like the previous years.

Currently, I directly mentor some young chaps in business development and market positioning, and indirectly mentor some others in leadership and multi-tasking. I want to be a vessel and a channel of blessing to all my mentees.

I want to get engaged this year. I am trusting God for a godly relationship. I am tired of all this road side, unprofitable and spiritually destructive relationships. I want God to reveal his specially prepared man after his heart to me. I don’t want to make wrong decisions anymore.

****Amen my darling…***

I want the era of making mistakes to end for good. Enough is enough of guess work.

I enter into the covenant of No accidents, No calamities, No Death. I want also want divine Health for me and all members of my family.

No Loss, No Lack, No Limitations for me this year. My life must count.
I want to grow in intellect this year. I want to grow and develop in capacity in my heart and thought this year.

I want grace to give out freely this year without thinking twice. I covet the grace for sacrificial giving.

I want my mountains delivered to me this year. I have been talking to God about it consistently over the past few months.

I want God to stir up the Exceeding greatness inside of me this year. I want to run with passion.

I have a phobia for water, especially swimming, and driving. I want those phobias gone this year. I want to swim and drive like never before.

I am trusting God for divine material provision,
landed property asset in Ibadan and Osun state this year
mobile property, an SUV jeep and a saloon car this year, and the capacity to maintain them

I want God to give me the grace to uphold and stay true to my to do list culture which I started a while ago, and have at least 85% daily achievement.

I want to have a financial diary this year.

I want to be able to speak positively into situation around me and see immediate changes.

I want to grow in friendship and stay committed to friends.

I want my fashion and dress sense to improve.

By the way, am not too small to get all that God has in store for me this year.

*** May our Good Lord grant you your heart’s desires beyond your WANTS in accordance WITH HIS WILL IJN amen. ***

Final post up tomorrow everyone…
This has been one interesting and emotional and draining ride…
See y’all then

Much love

11 Responses

    1. @ kemiaribspeaks,
      Thank you for loving our company name, Amen to all your prayers for us.
      @ Tomiwa,
      Lol @ roadside relationships, couldn’t find any better word to describe it.
      @ Nzube,
      That’s the spirit, am also glued to this blog, usually looks like, I haven’t done anything all day, if I haven’t read E’s blog. As a matter of fact in my learning new things daily, reading her blog comes first to mind. There. Is always one thing to learn daily from E’ and her blog.
      @ Ewaoluwa,
      Amen, God bless you too, we have started testifying.
      @ Nnedimma,
      @ Oluwaseun,
      Amen, testimonies have started already.
      @ Lizziebunoluwa,
      Amen, I wish you the same dear.

  1. Yaaaay,Kemi Testifies! Cuz,I say a big Amen to your prayers for this year.Let me be your accountability partner for this minute-Kemi,have you started driving?Cos as E’ said,feburary is up o.Lol.God bless you dear.Deolu,great plans you’ve got.I join my faith with yours that by the time 2014 is over,you shall have met up with your expectations in Jesus’ name.

  2. Wow! You guys have powerful plans and dreams o. Our God is more than enough jare. I bet saying ‘Game on darlings’ right now. Cheers to answered prayers. You will testify without a doubt. God bless you

  3. Merci E’darl for featuring me on ur FAB blog. Nne, I’m yet to start my driving class o! *covers face* My new found job as a ticketing executive in an airline has not given me enough time to do that becos I work wekknds too.Plan to start this weekend tho. @ Seunkay, my FAB cuz ok, I accept u to be my accocuntability partner.heheheehehehethanks jare. @Deolu, may the Lord grant u all ur heart desires IJN! Love ur company’s name,Grandeur Hadassah.Hope u know Grandeur means Greatness in french? As d name indicates, may ur company become greater and greater and exceed greatness IJN. Please for those that want to travel to any francophone countries like Cameroun,Ivorycoast, Gabon, France e.t.c pls don’t hesitate to contact me on 08029442507 or kemiaribisala@gmail.com or info@camair-co.ng.net you can add me on bb, 285F6D46. Thanks! Merci! Ese!Nagode!gracias..e.t.c

  4. WOW *luv struck* can’t believe I have been on this blog for hours, not to mention I had only 2hours of sleep last night cos of this same blog. WOW u make Godly life style so sweet and effortless, am so encouraged to see a pretty lady like u all sold out to God and ur ” Sugar Daddy” and the Blessings are just there to show that God is not a user of Men. Ur blessed Ezy and yes I Luv u.

  5. Thanks E’ darl for feturing me on ur FAB blog. Nne, truth is I’m yet to start my driving lesson o! *covers face* becos my. Work schedule is very tight.As a ticketing officer in an airline, I work weeknds too but I have plan to start this weeknd.@Seun my FAB cuz, yea! U can be my accountability partner. Hehehhehehe. @Deolu dear, may the Lord grant all. Ur heart desires IJN. Love ur company name gal! Do u know GRANDEUR means Greatness in french? As d name indcates, may ur company move from greatness to greatness IJN. Pls, for those interested in traveling to francophone countries like France,Cameroun,Cote d’ivoore, , Gabon et al pls don’t hesitate to contact me on 08029442507 or kemiaribisala@gmail.comThanks! Merci!Gracia!Ese! Nagode! Dalu! . Got torush inside church for mid week service I’m typing outside main aud o! Have a FAB nite darls!

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