Was gonna title this HOW E’ LOST HER SELF ESTEEM but I thought it would be too sensational lol.

Lemme tell yawl something about myself, if you haven’t already figured it out from my blog.

I have NEVER had a self esteem issue, as far back as adult me can remember.
The most shameful event that has probably happened to me has to be failing out of Pharmacy school and even then, I didn’t mellow ooo lol. Infact I recall one of my fake friends then saying that I was pretending to be strong hence my outward demeanor. Lol.

I guess people expected Eziaha to hide under the bed and when she comes out, to walk around with droopy head.

Same year I failed I won most popular lol

Truth is my basic genetic makeup has always been dramatic, life-of-the-party, can’t sit still, typical super sanguine. I am basically one of those people you would beef because you would say that I like to ‘show myself’ or ‘her own too much sef’.


I recall at Ruth’s wedding, Jire told me that I was not just in drama unit in Ibadan, I WAS DRAMA lol

Buuuuuuuut, sometime between August and November 2015, I dealt with major SELF ESTEEM ISSUES.
Now I know tz hard to believe especially for those of you who have a personal relationship with me aside my blog. And frankly it is taking/took hindsight vision to realise that what I felt like then.

You see, sometime between July and August (in Bonny island), I suffered from some kinda post-natal depression (again, hindsight vision is PERFECT). They were very sad days but I did a great job of masking, even without trying to. Truth is motherhood and wifeyhood was DRAINING me and I had regular meltdowns and storms.

Just thinking back now and I am cringing. The Lord certainly has done and keeps doing a good work in me and I can’t even recognise that girl no more.


Anyhoos, in that period, I resorted to eating. Food was a constant companion. And of course television. I would watch tons of TV whilst eating tons of trash.

Terrible trashy combo, especially as s stay-at-home mama. Food and TV gosh!!! Thank You Lord for DETOX!!!

So I moved from this just before I travelled

14weeks post partum

To this
And this
In those two months.

The last two weeks of August, I realised that old cloths didn’t fit no more and I would say that the dress shrunk from washing.

Yeah, tz OK to laugh. It ends well.

Buttons were staying undone or flying off. Ditto zippers. Even my underwears were getting tighter.

I kinda refused to admit I was adding weight fast.

Then the Sunday before I left Bonny, I had a picture of how I wanted to look.

Black pants and camisole

Pink jacket


Then my natural hair up in a do…

I was going for a corporate mature look, with a nice pop of color.

Then I took a couple of pictures before church.


I didn’t believe what I looked like. I said NO, this guy took pictures from the wrong angles jare. So after church, I got hubby to snap and my people, I still look like a stuffed bag of fufu.

My heart sank.

Me? The absolutely FABULOUS E’
The selfie and picture queen???

My people, IT HURT!!! I could not bear to look at those pictures.

The day before I left, hubby took me to some ‘important people’ for farewell and they did a GREAT job of talking about how I looked.

The next day at the airstrip, my weight read 106kg. Hmm. At 42 weeks pregnant I weighed 111kg and had already given birth to a 4.4kg baby and a placenta 6MONTHS AGO and now, baby girl was now weighing 106kg.

Then I got into Lagos, very VERY self conscious and right at the airstrip there, I went into the ladies and mistakenly caught a glimpse of me in the mirror. It was like Lagos mirrors just wanted to show me pepper. I LOOKED MASSIVE!!!

I got home and when my sister saw me, she was genuinely shocked. She said she had never seen me so fat even when I was pregnant and about to pop. Everytime I passed in front of her, she would be genuinely surprised. She could really not get used to me being fat. The help had two options for dinner that night – beans and I think fried potato or plantain. My sis said she should give me beans because of how I looked lol. Of course I am not saying this to make my sis look bad. At all… if anything, GOD used her to get me on track. Plus I knew her concerns were borne from love

She kept asking me why I didn’t workout and what I kept eating and that I need to get a job fast because this is what staying at home causes and so on.

My people, that night, I skipped 500.


Next night 600 and the numbers kept increasing till I got to 3000 at a stretch and 5500 daily


but I will talk about my workouts in subsequent posts.

Today let’s focus on self esteem, shall we?

By now, a lot of cloths didn’t fit. I stopped taking pictures. Or sharing more like. I went to church the first Sunday after major wardrobe drama and the plan was to sneak in and out.


People, I was thoroughly ashamed of my looks. Funny how the first person who saw me had a very insensitive statement to make. So much for sneaking in and out. I actually didn’t stay till the end of service because I didn’t want people to see me. I literally ran away from church. I recall a minister saw me at the gate and was greeting me but I didn’t last 2seconds greeting him. Lol. By the time Ebele rang me after service to know where I was as she had spotted me during service, I was HOME!!!

Needless to say I skipped church the next week and then the next.

Hello Church online.

Partly because I didn’t have any dress to wear and also because my self esteem was NOT exactly in heavenly places.

I mean, this is just me putting it out there. I am not saying this is the right way to live. I am just saying this was how I felt and how I dealt with it.


We would have guests at home (I was at my sister’s) and I would stay inside. And if I bumped into you, I would always be in  a hurry to move away. (Hello Eloho lol)

I recall this fine brother who heard I was around and came to see me and the baby. I pretended to be on this LONG phonecall hoping he would just leave since he had seen the baby jare. Last time I saw dude was BEFORE I got married and I was still lepa. Nigga didn’t leave ooo haha. So I finally dragged myself out and the FIRST thing he said after he released me from his hug was ‘Ah, nne I bu ka’ (Ah Nne, you have really added). Didn’t hold it against him because he is like a brother to me jare.

Many many many more instances. I stopped going out too much lest i bump into someone i know on/offline. I stopped taking pictures because every angle was just wrong. Didn’t matter how I took it. I would see myself and recoil.

I recall my sis and I went shopping one day and we had a neighbour/family friend with us. I saw this nice Grecian gown I really liked and when I tried it on and came out of the dressing room, I was greeted with those funny expressions from everyone because nobody really wanted to say how stuffed you look lol. Especially as I had high expectations before I tried the dress on. That neighbour whispered to my ears as she adjusted it ‘Ah Ezi, you are FAT ooo’. And she said it rather sympathetically. Again, someone who knew me from way back.

Same experience with our family doctor. He was like ‘Ah, Eziaha, you that was lepa before’

Several several instances. There were tons of persons I would have loved to visit with but I didn’t because I didn’t want one more comment on my weight.

Not from them .

Or their mamas.

Again, just saying it as it was. Please nobody should come here and talk the nonsense of I was being emotional or people-pleasing or addicted to approval or superficial or any such nonsense. I realise that this is a struggle with most people but yawl don’t say it. If I have a resolve this year, it is to live a life of BRAVE VULNERABILITY!!!


Was having a convo with a dear friend and as she poured out to me about her weight, I realised that it was not peculiar to me back then and I shared my own stories with her too and then decided to blog about it and help people who are in this category. Tz tough sisters, I KNOW!!!

Lemme share this story about my friend’s wedding.

A friend of mine was getting married and she wanted me to anchor the reception because she was having a very intimate unconventional thing. I had lost about 10kg by then but I was still FAT. I declined, yes because I didn’t know about hosting a Yoruba wedding reception, and ALSO because I wasn’t comfy with my looks or even cloths. Anyhoos, she insisted and before then, I had been praying for God to give me an opportunity to be a blessing to her especially during her wedding and even tho we were planning a surprise bridal shower, I felt I needed to do more.

IMG-20151106-WA0022 IMG-20151106-WA0037

She had been an amazing friend. Then the Holy Spirit just told me that was my answer to the prayer.

Struggled with it a bit but agreed. Got my tailor to sew me a jumpsuit and when sister girl brought it to mine a DAY to the wedding, it was an EPIC DISASTER.

Yup same babe lol
Yup same babe lol

Everyone at home told me not to bother wearing it. So here we were again dress-less and wedding tomorrow. I frankly almost didn’t go, and this was a wedding we had PRAYED FOR. I tried dress after dress no show and then I just wore something sha.


I LOVE anchoring anything. I am the girl who don’t need no ‘prior notice’ to step up to the mic.
I’ma get up there when called and run the party like I practiced for it. I am a show-off person and very bold too so talking is my bread and tea. Helps that I am blessed with the gift of the garb both natural and then via training so go figure.

But for this one, I FELT so inadequate but I told myself ‘hey, lezzdodis for bae’ so I went and did my thing as well as I could.


I got compliments that I did a great job so I guess the Holy Spirit helped me too.

Sooo many instances my darlings. So many stories.

But the BIGGEST thing that propelled me was knowing that I AM NOT A FAT PERSON NATURALLY.
This ‘orobo’ was brought by indiscipline so I knew if I changed my lifestyle, I would go back to my size 10/12. I LOVE  a GOOD CHALLENGE and I absolutely LOVE looking good just like my mama Joyce Meyer.


Plus I had heard her preach a ton about taking care of your body and all. Naturally, i am blessed with a FANTASTIC figure. The ‘hips don’t lie’ kinda bod.
Somewhere under the layers of fat, it was buried.

Letting myself go was unacceptable, especially with the excuse of I had a baby. Honey no, this was NOT baby fat, it was INDISCIPLINE, BAD HABITS and FOOD FAT!!!


I got on my knees, repented, (because indiscipline in one area would result in indiscipline in many more areas that won’t please God), and asked God to help me.

Then I put in work.


I knew if I was consistent, I would see results one day sha.


I didn’t start off looking for immediate results. I must have worked out day and night at least 6times a week for like 6-8weeks before I started seeing results and my sister and nieces started noticing.


I wasn’t wise about portion control and eating clean at first but thank God for that group I formed here that brought me in contact with Frances who lectured us on calories and portion control and all.


Then my research began. I joined tons of BBM channels (I mentioned some here) on healthy living, googled calorie content of stuff before I ate it, I watched videos on food discipline and healthy living from my mama Joyce and my Pinky promise BIG sister Heather, and then in November, I joined two online groups (paid for btw) just to get more knowledge.

Look ehn, on this journey, the biggest factor is YOU!!! You can get FIVE award winning coaches and personal trainers but if you don’t discipline yourself, nothing will change. Can I tell you the truth? Yes I joined those groups but if I was giving excuses and being unserious, I would have lost nothing. I can tell you free that we had unserious people in the groups and some even added weight lol.


I recall my bestie actually asked me why I was bothering with the groups seeing as I was disciplined enough on my own. I actually joined to learn more and I did. Because I decided to be my own coach too.

No one person has all the answers. Do your own research. Find what works for you.

You have to come to a point where you UNLOOK a lot of stuff and tell your body NO!!! Then get your tail up and work your butts off.

See my niece in the background. They used to look at me incredulously cos I used to go HARD!!!

Excuses don’t burn calories darling. Neither do they impress anyone.

I dealt with pain but I didn’t let it stop me. I had a baby and no help but I found ways to work around it
sometimes my night session happened at 1am and morning happened at 1pm. No gym in my life because I knew it wont work. I downloaded plenty workout vids on YouTube.

No easy way guys. No easy way. Except of course you wanna do pills, fad diets and surgery or whatever. But even those are not easy too.

A LOT of people ask me questions and are like I wanna loose weight , how did you do it? Share your ‘secret’, etc etc and then when I suffer to type it all for them, they say I can’t do it ooo, hey ya, it is hard ooo and all such nonsense.

Too annoying I tell you.

So now I will be sharing the ‘secrets’ every Saturday on my blog. #SavedFit&FAB so I can refer. Won’t suffer myself to do one-on-ones. So feel free to ask questions in the comment box and I would respond in subsequent blogs or under your question if the answer ain’t too long.

There are no secrets guys. None. Except this
And no easy ways too.

This took me September to December working out CONSISTENTLY and then middle October to December eating clean.

106 to 84kg!!!

Now I don’t even feel like I am on a ‘hard’ diet. I eat what I want because I MOSTLY want the good stuff and then I portion control. Occasionally, I go give myself a different kind of treat like, on December 24th, I had this really nice yummy meatpie I bought from the roadside.

BEST meatpie I ever had.

And then January 1, I had noodles. For the first time from I think September 15. I had to do a clean divorce with noodles because it used to be such an Achilles heel for me. I would eat three at a go plus two fried eggs and that comes to an almost 1500 calorie meal. I could eat that EVERYDAY!!! So me dropping noodles was just to tell my body and tummy to CAHMDAN because you not the boss of me.

Now, I am so disciplined with food. I ask myself if I REALLY have to eat it. Most times the answer is NO.

Now let’s end with my self esteem now.
I am back to the Eziaha I used to be. Only better.
I see the spirikoko ones among yawl shaking your head and saying your esteem comes from God and all.

Yes sir. Ma!!!

But even God wants you to do things in moderation and take care of your temple. I believe God wants us to look our best even as we serve Him. I mean, GOD lives HERE, in me. Part of Joel Osteen’s confession includes ‘I honor God with my body and I weigh what You want me to weigh’

I loved it when he said that.

Am I portraying Him well and honouring Him with my body or am I just living anyhow because it is what’s inside that counts?

Haha. Akuko!!!

I need a new wardrobe gosh!!!

I bet you that if you are indisciplined in one area of your life, it would soon cascade to other areas INCLUDING your spiritual life.

You keep throwing junk into your body and soon honey, you goin’ to be throwing junk into your mind and then your spirit.

Your body is NOT a trash can, so #LeaveTrashForLawma

Couldn’t resist guys. That’s such a classic line from Baddo. Err, but just incase we are choosing sides I am #TeamIsland haha.

I hope my story helps someone. Gosh, i pray it helps PLENTY someones.


I HATED the way I looked and THIS
was not God’s plan for me so I went and did something about it.

You too can. If you are tired of how you look and are even slightly ashamed or dealing with self esteem, DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! And stop beefing all the slim fit mamas or single ladies who eat like horses and look like models. Like my bestie who is pregnant is so HOT jeez!!!
Well, we all have our struggles darling. Yours may be in the area of your weight while hers is in something else. It is just as real even if you do not see it so honey go work your own and leave others to work on theirs.

I did and I am happier for it.
I have unlocked a new level of hotness and the good kinda vanity (read: healthy self love and self esteem)

Would I have gone to heaven fat? Of course!!! But I can tell you that right now, I am ENJOYING THE RIDE on the way there, and I know that even JESUS is proud of His lil’ girl…


And I am still on the journey. Now working on Abs and getting to my BMI ideal of 79kg. Not checking until Jan 31 haha.


Again, if you have questions, drop in the comment section. Or if there is anything you would want me to talk about on my journey. I would share ONLY on Saturdays. So excited about this journey.


Then one last thing, because I understand the struggles and all, I wanna HELP FIVE ladies on this journey too. Meals, portion control guide, workout plans all customized to YOU.


Just my way of thanking God for helping me on this journey. Would give details next Saturday and CONDITIONS. It is free BUT you need to meet my conditions. People ABUSE free stuff walahi. No unserious comedians please. Even when I share on Saturday, I would still give one week for you to think about it before I share the email address to reach me. I need only serious people on this journey not people with initial gragra and a truck load of excuses two days in.

No Sisters, ain’t noborry gat time for tha’

Yawl stay Saved, FIT and oh-so-FABULOUS!!!



57 Responses

  1. Kai E, thank you for this post, and for all other posts. I understand you perfectly, seeing as I am 10 weeks post partum and still feel like I’m 6 months pregnant. I saw your Sept-Dec picture on twitter and I was like, OMG!! Keep doing. What you do biko, i’ve already started skipping too, consistency is the ish here.
    I’m inspired and I hope to share my story too someday. Thank you for giving to the Lord!

    1. Oh buqie congrats darling.
      Didn’t know you had a baby.
      Pace yourself OK?
      Time still dey lol.
      And I pray you do share your story too.

      Kisses to baby. Love to FAM.

  2. yaaaaay… finally there is a post… my own breaking point was at a friend’s convocation in november, The pictures came out and i looked like a toad… Fine ive always been big but i didn’t have an idea of how big. So i climbed the scale and Wham!! 110kg was staring back at me… i was like shuu… That was how i started o my sister.. i revamped my meals, omitted oils and started eating lots of veggies.. currently o’m 104.8 and i’m determined to remove that 4.8 so i can enter a 2 digit weight.. something i’ve not achieved since my teens… currently i sleep well.. can walk for hours without feeling tired(thanks to workout) and i don’t miss shoprite bread and jollof/fried rice as the first jollof rice i had was jan 1.. can’t remember when i had noodles last.. i guess before i climbed the scales.. 2 weeks ago i climbed 1100 stairs in two days that was wen i knew the benefits of exercise, the pains were major but i wouldn’t trade that for the calories i burnt… Keep the flag burning E….


  3. Hey sis,
    I need to say u ve truly motivated me. I seriously need your help. A nursing mom of a 7 months baby and i need to get my sexy groove back as i promised my husband 3months . i started using treadmill but i guess i lag behind i d clean eating

    Pls help a sister in dare need of help.people at work even placed serious bet on me to loose weight
    ..the deadline is fast approaching and i dont tink av lost jack even with my early mrng treadmill.

    I am more serious than ever cos i am highly irritated by this postpartum weight. Need to be myself again

    Hoping to hear frm u soon

    1. Hi baderinwa

      Sending plenty hugs Boooo
      Pls lose the pressure. Leave your work people and their deadline. Lol.

      Please look out for my next post on Saturday. Again, no pressures.

      Slow and steady love

  4. Hi eziaha,u are really doing a great job,just subscribe to ur blog,i must really admit u are awesome,i
    have a question,Does skipping helps in reducing weight?

    1. Yes hun
      Skipping is cardio. U loose fat (yes weight) but you don’t tone hence flabs and all esp if you lost it quick.
      So skip yes, then do some weight training and resistance too to tone.

      Skipping is AMAZING!!!

  5. I love you lol!

    This post had me laughing, crying, sighing, jumping (in my bed) and it’s 6.30am o! *hands on head*

    I have always had self esteem issues cos I was the super skinny girl that got made fun of A LOT! I remember being called baseball bat legs, skeleton, being told to go eat a burger or something, etc. Like I was 50kg until just before I got married. Getting pregnant brought some long desired meat to my bones but can I be real, at 70kg I did not love the way I looked because I started to look like someone else with the frigging double chin. I am pregnant again and lost a lot of weight from Hyperemesis (severe morning sickness) and I love how I look right now, no issues whatsoever. I am encouraged by your post to be disciplined in the post natal period (which is when I dey chop pass because breastfeeding and staying at home) to maintain my weight where I like it, around 65kg and a size 8/10. So help me God.

    Girl you had me cracking up seriously. I love your personality! And btw, you look absolutely fabulous, darling. And are you a loc’d sister? I couldn’t see if your hair was in locs or not. Anywho, God bless!! ?

    1. We could be sisters girl!!!

      You look absolutely fabulous pregnant. Pray I look as good when I am ready for my twin girls.

      Please discipline ooo. Lol

      And yes ooo that’s my hair… Loc’d.

      Thanks sis


  6. Wow! Amazing! I am challenged to get off my butt and quit the excuses! Sorry about the many exclamations, that’s just howni feel tight now. Eziaha you have done well and more importantly, you have inspired me. Thank you.

  7. I had so many things to Say but at d end I forgot everything. Lol.
    Biko when we r going shopping kpo kwa mu O. Hehehe
    Looking fly @84kg. Keep going hard.

  8. Hi E! I’d like to be encouraged by you please! I already started clean eating and mild exercises 4 days ago. I’ll really appreciate your help because my self esteem has taken a major dip and I resolved to a size 12 before my birthday on the 30th of March. I’m a 16 now. Thank you.

    1. Hunny pls no pressures ooo.

      Slow and steady will get you there in good time.

      And then my coach always talks about setting realistic goals so you aren’t disappointed

  9. Yes gun
    Skipping is cardio. U loose fat (yes weight) but you don’t tone hence flabs and all esp if you lost it quick.
    So skip yes, then do some weight training and resistance too to tone.

    Skipping is AMAZING!!!

  10. God bless you darling for sharing. I enjoyed reading and I’ve taken my lessons. You look fab! And I certainly prefer the new lepa you!

  11. Standing ovation ?????????????? You go girl!!! Naija people can shame sha! But what they meant for evil, you turned into sexy.

  12. I remember when i saw ur pic on IG, I was very happy for you. I weigh 98.5 whooping kg and i need to lose about 25kg according to my doctor cos its disturbing my health. I’ve been taking long walks(an hour) for over 3 weeks now and also eating healthy. I started from 100 kg tho. I need to lose weight faster. What do you think I can include in my routine?

    1. Oh hun now the doc/health is involved!!!
      Tz well!!
      Pls holler at @healthnhealthy on IG or Twitter. She is a guru and is super friendly. For a small fee, she will hook you up.
      I proudly recommend!!!

  13. Thank you so much for this wonderful post E’,ever since I had my baby I have been procrastinating on losing my tummy fat but thank God I just found my strength, u inspire me a lot. God bless u dear.

  14. E… plenty hugs and kisses for you. the struggle is real for most women but we have been conditioned not to talk about it in Nigeria. So proud of you for writing the truth and showing your vulnerability. I have been married for a year no kids yet and I have gone 2 dress sizes up. Like you said Indiscipline is the cause of it all. Trying to eat clean, but exercise is hard. Reading this post is a motivation to go hard. Thanks for writing. By the way KingDaveed is really cute and you are one hot mamma.

    1. Oh dear!!!.2 dress sizes????
      Good news is, FAT IS MOBILE!!!
      Cheers to tossing the weight baby!!!
      I’m keeping the ‘hot mama’ line haha
      Hugs sis!!!

  15. Wooooow…..you are doing a great job.
    I’m sooo in on this,I need to shed weight ,it’s really embarassing

  16. Wooooow …….. you are doing a good job. I just started skipping too,I’m not giving up o till I see result. It’s embarrassing, I need to shed plenty weight.

  17. Hi Eziaha, I have been following your blog on this journey right from inception. Remember I sent you a mail on the fitfam and you promised hocking me up as the group was complete as at that time. Just to let you know before hand that am still down fir the challenge.

    1. Ijeoma oh I vaguely recall.
      No wahala darling.
      I will preferentially consider you after I have sent the conditions.
      If you think you are still down…

  18. Lol@initial gragra. Mama my life changed the day you rang me and adviced me about losing weight. The way the fat from you was melting away encouraged me but i confess i have not been as consistent as you. This night i picked some dress i worn last in 2013 and they fit perfectly. This are natives i have abandoned and the cost of losing all of them scared me so i dumped them. I was worried i wouldn’t still fit it but hubby encouraged me that i have lost noticable weight and they will fit. True, they did and some were loss. I was just Blessing you in my heart and i came online to check ur dp and saw a blog post. Hubby picked his own suit and it fits perfectly(he started working out with me and is even more consistent than i am) see what he said immediately “Losing weight is really good. Is just so good”
    Our bestman during the wedding visited today and scearmed. He told hubby “man you just got yourself a new wife”
    Mama, I have my confidence back. Am loving my body(still not where i want to be). You are my biggest inspiration. You pushed me and still keep pushing me. I will forever be grateful for you have showed me i can really do this and be Healthy. Thank you and God bless you so so much. Sorry for the long comment. I needed to let this out. Love you.

    1. Awww Awww I absolutely love you, I’m soooo proud of you and soon, we will share more testimonies.
      Gosh ur hubby is amazing. God bless him.
      I see your determination and soon darling sOooooon!!!

      Well don love. Well done!!!

  19. Kudos m really happy for you.obesity can drop self esteem seriously bcos naija ppl no go even gree you rest.be pinging u to remind u how fat u are.
    Keep it up dearie,theres hope for a lot of ppl.
    Ps biko avoid wailers who may start complaining that u are too thin again.loools you know them

    1. Haha
      I wil gist u. My mom will probably slap you for this haha
      She has been beggin me to stop
      That I look slimmer than when I got married. Hahaha.
      Azzin she was really complaining ooo. Choi!!!
      But I get her. And I will do what is right. Hehe

      Pinging to talk about FAT z just wrong in all shades!!!

      Na wa!!!
      Cheers boo

  20. Let me start by what made me laugh

    That pic of you on the mat on the 31st workout na serious sumtin chai!

    The post explained your personality perfectly

    My goal last year was to move up to 70kg from 64/65kg by adding weight training (I want to gain the weight through muscle mass). I wasnt disciplined with my calorie count or food timetable so I didnt add though I enjoyed weight training-it did wonders for my core and back muscles. I had to stop due to some pain I had in my shoulder. I intend to restart my goal to 70kg & weight training after my surgery this year.

    Nevertheless I’ve slipped down to 62/63kg

    Your discipline and consistency is inspiring

    P.S I never see my JM Bible oh
    P.S.S When are we meeting sef? I’m an original lepa

    1. Haha
      Jillian Micheals would make you look like a villager!!! I LOVE her tho. Too much.

      Cheers to adding. Requires discipline too.
      Esp for you guys with crazy fast metabollism.

      Nne, amazingly I have had one Bible in my house for sooo long. I feel so bad cos I for Don send am to one of you while I await the last.

      This week tho, I’ll kno who to give. U or the other girl. Then the other person would get it later when my order arrives.

      I full ground remain. Holler whenever and let’s plan a hookup mama. Hopefully this year. Haha


  21. First of – chop knuckle! The picture where u wore the black pants and pink jacket reaalllly shows the result. Well done

    Thanks for being honest. And for showing us that we can work on whatever it is we don’t want in our lives.

    This post was also hilarious – @unserious comedians and so on.

    I tap into the anointing u v for discipline jo!

  22. Phew! Just like Dr. N, I had plenty things to say and I forgot.
    But I certainly can’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t forget to say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! or R.E.S.P.E.C.T or GO! GO!! GO!!!

    This is a gazillion shades of inspirational. I need to up my discipline game in some areas of my life. Thank you for sharing hot mama. ??????

    KingDaveed just keeps getting finer. *sigh* Does he know all that “beauty” can leave grown women gawking, slack-jawed and faint? Lol.

    Finally my brethren, your locs!!!!!!!!!! Adonbelivit. Chai! I’m just here crushing. ?????????????????
    Oya, lemme be going.

    1. Gee what if you didn’t forget?
      KingDaveed z nodding and smiling. He can’t wait to walk out and see you haha.
      Yeah that was the intention when I put the locs picture.
      Happy Sunday boo.

  23. Hello E. I can totally relate. It’s a real struggle in for women who give birth and then add weight that doesn’t seem to go off. Before I got pregnant I was a size 10/12, 8/10 on a good day. Only to see myself practically a size 16 after child birth. None of my clothes or underwear fit anymore. Even my shoes. And I’m seeing this fat that wants to come as spare tire. That was the day I said Iyeh you have to get up n do something. I got a mat and started skipping(without the rope) squats, sit ups and push ups. My thighs, arms and lower abdomen hurt no be small. Reading your post has only made me resolve to push myself harder. I’ve applied to be among the five ladies. If I’m picked SUPER! If not at least I have were I can vent and be encouraged. I pray God gives you the grace and strength to sustain what you have started.
    P.S I totally get the not wanting to go out or be seen my people who knew you before lool. I felt and still feel the same way but thankfully fat is mobile. I am certainly moving it away from me.

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