Tuesday February 10th was quite an interesting day.
Personally I had planned to arrange stuffs, set up and blablabla for the baby as most of my baby things are still in nylons and cartons and stuff. Especially because I figured that the pending stuff would have arrived finally and then I could figure out what goes where once and for all without having to rearrange when the stuffs come in finally.
Tuesday 10th was also my appointment with my doctor. So I was going to do all that after I got in.
What did I know???
Apparently God had told EVERYONE except me that my baby would come that tuesday the 10th. Cos as early as 7am, the calls had started. Then pings, text messages, etc. I woke late that morning so I barely had time to switch on my phone where my main BBM is, or pick any calls if I was going to make the appointment. In my hurry, I now forgot the switched off phone at home so it meant pings wouldn’t deliver.
Oh my!!! The calls were frantic. Then texts. Some people even had dreams lol. Then whatsapp messages. Then Pings to my other phone (I am about to delete everyone who is also on that phone save my hubs, sis and pastors biko). People even rang my OLD numbers and then made calls to people who could sha find a way to reach me (eg hubby or bestie) thereby increasing the calls. And the interesting thing is I wasn’t taking calls cos my hospital visit was long and engaging so no time. Plus my hubs, THE ONLY PERSON who has the right to hound me was in a retreat all day so I didn’t exactly have any reason to hog my phone that day.

Preggos on board hehehe

And from the hospital, my friend and fellow preggo went out for our regular yamarita after which I went to see Amaka who had just put to bed soooooo no phone time.

Amaka's GORGEOUS Adaeze

For some reason, the fact that I was neither picking calls, having BBMs delivered or WA messages and texts responded to meant I was in labour or had somehow put to bed. And EVERYONE wants to be the first to know. How ultimately and ridiculously hilarious!!!
Like so I would be in labour and then now start calling peeps to say ‘I’m in labour’??? Whatever for? That you are a doctor or my Pastor???
And the one that cracks me up the most has to be those ones who now make it look spiritual…
‘For SOME reason, I’ve had you on my mind recently. Just checking on you…’
Loooooooooooool Sugar, some reason indeed!!!
Oh puh-leeze. Tz more honorable to just ask ‘u don born?’ Don’t make it look like you and the HS are having intimate private convos and that you DON’T know I’m due around about now in February.

I know tz all love darlings and everyone wants to know when I’m hospital bound and be the first to know when baby’s head shows and trust me tz very flattering, such love, but what most people are gonna be getting would be a BA on BBM/Twitter/etc not a text message to go with every contraction.
Aside my hubs if he isn’t there, my mom who most likely will be there (and will probably text uwa niile), my darling darling Rev and Pastor M, everyone else will see picture ooo. Sorry 🙂
Cos almost all the amazing believing moms I have spoken to always says how to make sure you don’t lose sight of your confessions that period. Tz a VERY critical period and frankly I would rather be confessing and meditating quietly, listening to my Supernatural childbirth audio and then playing music from my ‘Labour/delivery playlist’ which I have set up on my phone’ than being disturbed with phonecalls and ajuju nnwale looking for updates…
(Pardon all my igbos ooo. Translation at the end)
b̶u̶t̶ ̶i̶f̶ ̶C̶h̶e̶l̶s̶e̶a̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶p̶l̶a̶y̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶s̶h̶a̶,̶ ̶i̶’̶l̶l̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶c̶h̶e̶c̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶T̶w̶i̶t̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶l̶o̶o̶o̶o̶l̶
Plus I don’t intend to be there for long so the short time has to be a spiritual something.
Hopefully they will chase my momsie if she starts drama loooooool.

Frankly that Tuesday was hilarious. I almost started to get upset especially when ONE person gives you 9missed calls or ONE person has reached you on whatsapp, bbm, text, and even via phonecalls but then I realised tz all love jare. Not even for me but for the baby so eez olryt.

So as I prepped to do this post, someone put up a post on the FEBRUARY 2015 birthclub group I belong to on the Baby Centre App and walahi, I almost fainted from laughter. The best thing about being in a group where y’all are due in the same month is that you have the same kinda stories to share.
The lady was just mad pissed at all the ‘So you haven’t had THAT baby yet…’
The comments that followed were epic.

The truth is that it can get overwhelming. Pregnancy is typically for 40weeks. Now anytime from 37/38 to 42weeks all other things being equal is fine. Bless you if your boo decides she wants to turn up at 37. Well, bless you too if the boo decides he prefers the warmness of your body and decides he will stay till week 42. The mom is already anxious or emotional enough especially towards the end when you feel like you can’t even find space in the huge tummy to put water, so sometimes your good intentions are, well not received as kindly with her.

Courtesy Baby Centre blog

Just makes her more anxious or she may now start thinking something is wrong blablabla. She already has a lot to deal with without your additional pressure. You don’t even know what doctor’s report she is using all her faith to cancel so that your flippant  ‘ur tummy is SOOO big’ remark may affect her more if the doc has already been saying the baby is big and CS is already a very likely option. Just to stay on the safe side of a preggo, keep the statements very positive and neutral and don’t blow up her phone for pete’s sake. Or she may just start conveniently ignoring you.
If anything, the sweetest thing I hear is ‘I pray for you daily. You will give birth Hebrew style, etc’
Ah, bless your souls oh ye who send me that.
And those who simply say ‘we counting down yeah?”
I mean, that is positive and devoid of pressure.
Of cos if you guys are really close (and u need to be sure She agrees you guys are THAT close ooo) feel free to talk. Like my pastor always says to me everytime she sees me in church ‘give us our baby ooo’ and I smile. She just gave birth in October so I know she’s been ere done that so eez all good.

Or when pastor M says ‘ E’ are u sure u can pass through that door?’ Tz certainly something to laugh about cos hey, she means absolutely to yab me wella and tz in good faith cos she’s been there too.
But when some random person says ‘u are still here?’ Or something like that, tz annoying trust me. And by random, ALL single/never given birth persons and of cos ALL men fall under random looooool. 
Oh pregnancy is such a teacher. I’m sure I must have annoyed some people before now so I’m also guilty. Or have been guilty.

I’ll share screen shots from the post on the Club.
These women are certainly not smiling hehehe.

The post that began the thread


Truly helps not to have mentioned when you are due. Takes all the jamb examiners away he he he


Bless our parents esp our mom. That I didn’t return on time from the hospital already had them blowing my phone up asking if I had been ‘detained’ lol


Yesoooo. Some people I have to avoid cos I don’t wanna be rude so I just jeje avoid them.
Couldn’t stop laughing at ‘the nosey neighbor caught me’
Biko save us our babies…. Lol


I love the Post it note idea ooo hehehehehe
Plus seriously, you think I care about YOUR holiday? Choi

Now something for the ‘impatient ones’


Hahahahahahahaahah. Starshot is a fish!!! The picture got me in stitches. If laughter could bring a baby out ehn… Seriously you can’t be more anxious than the mom and so far, I am neither anxious nor ready as some of my stuff have yet to reach my dormot hehehe.
But hey if my bun is ready, WELCOME BABY hehehe


That ‘cave suggestion’ is very tempting lol
Many more but lemme stop here jor.

I am too sure many women who have been preggers can relate. Many more will too.

Such beautiful drama. I just stay laughing. Shebi na me publicise February so na me cause am. Can’t blame those who hide from SM sites until they pop and you see picture.

We will testify soon jare my people. Will certainly do a short BA on the blog as soon as I can. Within 24hours, max 48hours OK… With picture.

BTW BA is birth announcement. I am sure the title of this post made some people think I had a BA lol. Pele.
Uwa niile is the whole world
Ajuju Nwale is unnecessary questioning lol

I really wanna do a post on ‘Prepping for the BIG day’ including what and what I think are essentials both for delivery and the baby afterwards. Soooo many preggos I know have asked me so a post would be easy for me to refer them to.

Lost this particular post this morning after typing and arranging with pictures sef. Had to redo with the time I wanted to do the next post. But I will sha. Most info you find online are from Yankee and UK moms. While I have learnt a lot from their stories, I strongly believe We should definitely share our own Naija stories too.

Fingers crossed.

Happy Val’s day in advance darlings… Still wish we had an election instead.

Pix taken wednesday just before church

Love and kisses…

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  1. This post reminds me of a pregnant woman I saw last year. She was lamenting terribly about how people often look at her ridiculously and even tapping one another to look at her and saying all sorts of derogatery statements. Chai, people should learn to be nice to pregnant women esp in words. Keep glowing mama. And tell Baby we are patiently waiting. Hugs

  2. 9Chillax sweetie! My two babies where about 3weeks early so i didnt experience this.but i guess its just cosu are loved( meanwhile na u put m for blog.hehehe) just joking though .but just enjoy these lastfew daystill baby comes.kisses

    1. Na me put am ooo so I’m just taking it all in stride.
      But 3weeks early? I’m sure even you never esperredit hehehhe.
      One of the luckier ones hehehe

  3. lol.. mehn the comments.. *rough sex* discussion in line, hiding in caves…lol… I can imagine. my aunt actually hid and kept off sm till she gave birth…lol. In her case, she already had 5 children and the last one about 6 or 7yrs old, the comments werent funny she had to hide. Nne, it is well. When the baby is ready to show, im go show. As for the plenty calls n comments.. Count it as loveeeee!

  4. Chei. I read the first few lines and ran to the comments section. I thought our baby had landed!!! Okay. Let me go and read the full post! 😀

  5. There must have been something about Tuesday the 10th o, cos you crossed my mind in the morning too. Sent you an undelivered bbm, but simply thought your phone was off.
    Most of the ajuju nwale are out of love and concern and cos of the fact that you put it out there. In their excitement, people might just feel this is their baby too 🙂
    I’ve had non-medical personnel strangers ask, “when are you due?” and I answered, “in two weeks” and got hearty congratulations and everybody waka dey go. Most times, it’s just harmless curiosity and the fact that babies, mostly, bring out the mush in us.

    1. My dear, there really was oooo
      But yes I agree. I put it out there. Daz why I’m not too angry. Hehehe
      And yup babies bring out the mush in us. Agreed too.
      But let’s just be a bit more sensitive biko to preggers. Some people are just outright RUDE.

  6. Hehehe.. Just checked my phone and actually saw that I also texted you on the 10th… looooool…. Smooth delivery darling, we will wait jorei don’t mind them…

    1. lool you should be happy to have many people that care so much. On the other hand it could be tiring but lets focus on the positives 🙂 I can imagine the level of anticipation you would be experiencing right now. it is well your baby will soon be here, endure and i wish you a quick and safe delivery 🙂 🙂

      1. Nne good point. Let’s focus on the positive ooo.
        Yeeeeeeaaaah anticipation ooo. Looking forward to it. But when ppl keep saying ‘u never born’ or ‘u still dey here’ they almost ALMOST wanna ruin it. But hey FOCUS hehehe

        Thanks nne

  7. The plenty questioning too much ooooh!
    Though I didn’t really get any of it, they really doubted my due date and how far I had gone then.
    Mine is much post natal questioning, “Excuse me Ma’, I thought you were pregnant before?, What happened?”, they will be soooo shocked at my answer “I have delivered ! Baby at home ! !”.
    Some will even ask if the baby is preterm (premature), whenever I got out without baby. Chai ! !
    When the baby’s head crowned the nurses no believe me ooooh, (for I was not calling my late Grand Ma’ then).
    They were making jest of me when I was btw , till I threw up and redesigned the room for them. Mtcheeew

    1. Uju my love
      U understand me mehn!!!
      We need to really learn where to draw the line. And if not sure, just keep shut.
      Pre-term??? For real???
      Oh no!!!
      Looooooooool at grandma. Tz well.
      Delivery and all around it must be such an experience.

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