Ok so like I promised in my last post, I did get around to interviewing one of my besties, Mrs. Eniola Ogunmekan

At my wedding...

She’s quarter-to-pop and she graciously consented to this.
Yeah yeah, I know y’all be thinking I always find a way to bring this girl into my blog (Read https://eziaha.com/2014/05/26/iyebiye-preciouspriceless-2/ and https://eziaha.com/2013/08/18/attitudeogratitude-day-sapphire/ )
But frankly, she makes it hard not to. Not that she’s a sweetheart or anything but well, let’s just say there is something about her…

Gidi days...

I mean with all the stuff going on in my life at the time, I left the ‘Buj for Lagos just to throw her a surprise baby shower. Very few people could have got me to do that… I mean very few…

Darling FAB’ers, say hello to my VERY dear best friend who I call SAPPHIRE…


Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo: Hey boo… Enjoy ur 15mins of fame here not because you are my bestie/lover/twinnie/sapphire but cos you carrying my godchild so… Welcome to my #PreggE’ series.Oya let’s meet ya…

Sapphire: Hehehehhehehehehehehehe„…. Celebrity switch turned on. Meet? After all ur plenty introduction in ur last mssg, do I need to introduce myself again. But if u insist sha.My names are (it makes me laugh when pple say that). Ok, to be serious. My name is Eniola francoise Olaedo Aderonke Ogunmekan (aka AyaAfolabi, Sapphire e.t.c)
**i gave her that name Olaedo ooo. It means ‘gold’ in igbo**

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo: Looooool. Fish. How do you intend to get an American visa with all these names? Anyhoos, I’ll be shooting my questions in a scattered manner. Just because I can… What are the top 3 myths or misconceptions you had about pregnancy which you discarded as you embarked on this journey?

Sapphire: Once I get to the embassy like this ehn, they will be falling over each other to favor me ni. (God’s favorite oti de).
About myths. One would be that pregnant people are constantly in a terrible mood and their husbands suffer. It is a giant lie from the pit of hell. I admit I had a few off days. But I never punished my hubby. Besides he has been incredibly amazing all through, makes being in a good mood pretty easy.
2. They say when u are pregnant, u’ll be huge, with fat thighs and giant saggy arms. Well, I am glad to debunk that myth too. Cos I am almost due and apart from my stomach which is nicely big and round, my thighs and arms are fine.


Even my colleagues pray for my kind of body when they get pregnant and my MD once commented that I do not look pregnant from the back. But I have to admit, I love my fuller bum, fills my clothes better. The biggest myth has to be that delivery has to come with excruciating pain, like u die and come back to life. This I know does not apply to me, cos I have been saved from that curse, even my mother that knew nothing about supernatural childbirth 15 years ago prayed for peace when she was going to have my sis and peace she had. So how much more me? Pain in child birth has been disgraced on the cross therefore my victory is sure. But they never tell u that pregnant pple fart alot. Kai they do oooo.

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo: Loooooooool at fart a lot. Oh yup I’m with u on the whole cranky business. I mean tz so untrue. Ok moving on… What’s the most exciting ‘playing mommy’ mental picture that you have?

Mr&Mrs O

Sapphire: Omg, I am not sure I can pick.They are all exciting really, but the image of my baby crawling to do things e.g crawling in between the father and I to seek attention or the first time the baby says mama. Everything about motherhood truly delights me. Although Breastfeeding worries me a lil. I know its more bonding session for the baby and I but mehn! I have seen too many slippers boobs & that worries me o. But God dey

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo: Slippers boobs indeed!!! And someone was crazy enough to advise you to 2years breastfeeding minimum at the baby shower. Hehehe. Speaking of breastfeeding Are you going to get that cover that moms buy these days which shield their boobs when they have to breastfeed out there or you will just find as much privacy as you can and do your thing?

Sapphire: The beef I have for that person I like mount kilimanjaro. I am sure the baby will be mixing the breast milk with coffee then. I will get cover o. Who wants to be assaulting everyone’s eyes with boobs.

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo: Hahaha. You know you can’t beef me :p I hope I’m around you once in public when you gotta breastfeed and I’ll hide the cover and see whether u will starve my baby… Why are we not in the same state sef? Woulda been cool to play mommy together. Anyways Now let’s shoot you a double. Best pregnancy compliment? And then what has been some of the most annoying things people have done/said through this period. (Someone needs to ask me this question and I will reel out 1-100 annoying stuff. Ish)

Sapphire: As in ehn! It would have been so fab to play mum together. Now that u’ve told me about hiding my cover, off to buy more than 1.

This razz pose :p

Best pregnancy compliment has to be those I get from my hubby daily. He calls me olori mi and tells me I am glowing beautifully or looks at me with a proud smile and says in yoruba “emi ni kan tan, emi nikan ni olorun se eleyi fun”.  But as for the annoying things? Where do I begin? I think the most annoying is usually about child birth and how u should def expect pain, so prepare for it. Its even more annoying cos some pple will pray in yoruba that “bi ewe se n bo ni ara igi ti kin ni igi lara, ojo ikunle e oni ni e lara ” which means ur delivery day shall be painless.  Yet they say you should expect pain rubbish! Abeg, that report is not for me o.

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo: All this yoruba you are sharing, biko be translating oo. My blog is international… Don’t yoruba-nize it Mrs. O… Ok since you have been going on and on about delivery and labour, How prepped are you for both? And what steps did you take? Share ya secrets 🙂

Sapphire: Apologies for my plenty yoruba. I prepared for delivery not labour o. But as for how prepared, I will know when It begins. All I know is, it shall be blissful and painless. As for steps, 2 things, prayers and eating right( it would be foolish not to do my part and expect God to do his part). My bestie further helped the preparation when she gave me the cd for supernatural child birth( absolutely fantastic baby shower gift, she is the bestest walahi!)
** Just so we are clear, I am the well spoken of bestie**
which made it easy for hubby to listen and agree with me in prayers cos its not easy to get him to read the book so what I did before was write out my confessions so we could confess them together. But now we listen, pray, confess together and i eat right. And most especially,  I stay away from everything and everyone negative towards my confessions.  No time to be convincing pple about what I believe, the delivery will be the testimony and do the convincing. But the thing about spreading ur legs wide open in front of a person kills me. It is so freaky!


Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo: Ah… Feeling the girl ooo. Btw, Labour is NOT a negative term ooo. Even the Bible mentions it. Where there is a problem is when people say ‘labour pains’ and stuff. And yes ooo, staying away from the naysayers. I don’t have energy. Ok question next… Being that we are counting days to popping (both baby and ‘shampagne’ and lived through all three, First, second and third trimester… How did they go and which is your fave?

Sapphire: I know Labour isn’t negative.  Delivery just works for me best I think. 2nd and 3rd trimester are my favorite. I was sickly in the 1st trimester and the baby wasn’t moving then but by the 2nd trimester when I could feel the baby move, I was overboard with joy. How people can feel that and still dispose their fruit like a seed from almond, I will never understand. Having life grow inside you is a dream!! Too beautiful to pass off. 3rd trimester is still on sha and I am living it up yo!


Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo: Living it up yo!!! And right, delivery it is… And by our next pregnancy, dem no born devil to try first trimester drama on you. So mama, when did you start shopping for baby stuff and gimme that beautiful testimony on ur maternity dresses… While I sit here sipping my cool glass of beef-erade…

Sapphire: lol @beef-erade. I started personal shopping late but I had people shopping for me already. This is the first grandchild for my parents but like the 10th or so for my parent inlaws, but they did not carry last in the shopping o. I can probably open a boutique off things bought. They bought the cutest things ever, i couldnt stop touching the baby things, even made some of them dirty.As for maternity dresses, most of my clothes fitted for a long time (remember the myth about huge arms and thighs) but when I needed to buy mat clothes, my mothers came to my rescue with perfect fitting trendy mat wears o. I didnt get the name sexy-preggy in my office for nothing. Nicely fitted jeans, pants, skirts e.t.c. Bestie u should insert my very hot pics. Lol!


Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo: You bet I will darling. I certainly know I’ll be doing all my baby shopping myself hence my beef-erade. Speaking of pictures sha, tell me about that photo shoot you did for P&Y and can we now use the pictures?

Sapphire: The photoshoot was absolutely fabulous but it was tiring changing into different clothes. But the clothes were pretty and I felt pretty so I enjoyed it all the way. I think we should be able to use the pics soonest.


Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo: Ha ahn… Do you want to leave the story out on how you got that deal? They won’t steal ur shine ooo lol. Oh so they provided the dresses? Tot you had to bring yours… Ok while still on fashion, have you done your ’till I born’ hair and what did/will you do?

Sapphire: Lol! Ok on the story. My bestie (name withheld) E’ used my pic as her dp since she loves me so much, someone saw it and bam! I became a preggy model. I did bring a few of my clothes but I don’t think I wore any of them in the end. I have done my till I born hair o. But I will be fixing peruvian weave 20 inches. For where,  kinky braids is what I’ll be doing o. Probably colour brown.

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo: Hahaha I was jaw dropping at the 20inches ooo. Say what???!!! Lol. Ok we winding up baby… U have been a doll. If you had a choice to pick 5people to be with you in the delivery room (that would be a party lol) name the 5…

Sapphire: 5 will def be a party. All these people staring while i do my business. But based on how best their demeanor will help the delivery
1. My hubby ( although I think he might collapse when he sees the baby’s head. That will be hilarious).
2. My mother.
3. E’
4. Jackie mize
5. Joyce meyer. I think. Lol!

Baby shower

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo: You totally threw me off balance with the list. In my head I’m thinking Afolabi, Mumsi, Mom-in-law, Ini ur sis and just maybe Me but hunnay you don’t want me there trust me. I’ma be taking pictures and videos of your bum hehehe. Just kidding. You don’t want Jackie Mize there sha, she’s late. And for JM, just her presence along the baby will come out talking hehehe. Ok in the same vein, first 5 people you would love to call to break the news to. And then how long before baby’s picture hits Instagram, Fb, Twitter, DP and of cos the FAB blog…?

Sapphire: Its an imaginary list duh, so jackie can come. Lol! Plus my sis would probably freak so, she’s out besides who wants a pic of dia bum of FB? And ofcus JM is a double check. About the news, well my hubby, mum and mother inlaw will probably be dr so that leaves them out.
5 is too small o. My father( he’ll tell others) my sis (she’ll tell others) if she isn’t dr, u e.t.c. it will be a while before the baby hits social media o, would like to relish the moments without social media intrusion.

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo: Lol really… Mine will be on my blog like 2mins after and on my dp like 30secs after lol. Btw you know your baby will be on my dp like immediately? #JustSaying… Ok finally finally… Send a shout out to your hubby…

Our superstar Afooo

Sapphire: Awww! Now u are going to make me mushy. Anyways, let me sum up this shout out before I write an epistle. I couldn’t have asked for a better man and that’s really the truth. Even my grandma once commented after she saw my hubby taking care of me that when she comes back to life, she’ll like to pick a husband from where I picked mine. I am blessed beyond words to have him, he has loved me to submission and he is still loving me. And I have no doubt that he’ll be an amazing father to our children.  #TeamAfolabiOgunmekanRocks!!

Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo: Awwwww. Yap Afo is a dream… And the last last lastest question, which friend are you NOT going to be dumping right after (new) mommy role kicks in?

Sapphire: Not you. I won’t be dumping my very dramatic bestie E’. Where will I find another drama queen like her? They only come once in a lifetime

Luvurrrr gurrrl

23/10/2014 15:22: Eziaha Bolaji-Olojo: Right answer to trick question…
Thanks boooooooooooooo. I knew interviewing you here would be a beautiful read. Enjoyed every second of it. Sending you a virtual hug and luscious kisses… Muah!!!

Sapphire: Right back at ya boo.

In sure y’all enjoyed this as immensely as I did
It took us four hours thirty minutes to get this done via Whatsapp.

Kai!!! My Sapphire is about to be a mommy. Still seems unreal to me. I think it will click finally when I see her with the baby… I won’t lie I don’t feel quite ready for mommyhood and if I had my way, I’ll pause and postpone my pregnancy lol so seeing her baby will ready me hehehehe. I mean I think we are all so young and stuff so how do we now start hearing someone call me especially ‘mommy’ choi!!! But I’m unbelievably excited. My girl’s life is about to change. As soon as a baby is born, a mother is born. She truly never existed before. Mummy Eniola is about to be born. Oh my!!!
Oh and my first godchild toooooooooooooo. Someone actually said at the baby shower ‘Can I be the godmother seeing as Eziaha is already ‘occupied’…’ We sooo laughed. No baby… You see Eniola, Dumebi, and Valerie, lemme catch anybody attempting to steal my godmother spot.
*dangles the sword of damocles*

Ok y’all. Have a very blessed week ahead. And don’t forget to LIVE by Faith…


I really wanna say thank you to Olaedo (real name now), a blog reader. She’s a three time mom who sent me the most beautiful email of her birth and all. Thank you soooo much dearie. That testimony filled me with hope anew. Oh gosh. Thanks sooooooo much. Thank you. And thanks to everyone too who just shares their lives with me- tesimonies, challenges and all. I am soooooo thankful for all that this blog encourages you to be/do. While I have never thought of stopping, your stories give me even more reason to go on. Thank you soooooooooo much. *Group hug and kisses*


Ok I’ll like to interview someone else preferably someone I don’t really know outside of blogsville. So if I have willing mamas and/or mamas-to-be, holler. I’ll also want to have someone interview me for my blog too. I could just interview myself and stuff but hey, how would that be? So if you are up to it, holler. I’ll prefer a mom or mom-to-be tho. I just feel they would have the right questions.

You see ehn. Today is pitching some persons who otherwise should play for the same team against each other. It will pitch the ‘Special One’ against, well Van Gaal.

Mourinho vs Van Gaal

It’s pitching me against the hubs and the bestie both ManUtd fans.

Enny and her hubs are Reds
Did this just for pre-wedding shot

Ah!!! Hubs and I bet 50k sef. Guess who will be 50k richer!!! Meeee!!!
Of course there can only be ONE Special One.
Chelsea will whoop ManUtd.

Some people be wondering when I became such a footie fan. Well before marriage I was just passively in love with Chelsea. I mean with Mou and Drogba out of the club, my love waned. But in June last year, Mou came back, this year, the Legend returned. And with the hubs being such a football lover, My love was resuscitated. And trust me, tz a good time to be a Chelsea fan

Top of the table hehehe

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  1. Hehehhee…I Love Eniola’s sense of humour….I enjoyed the interview, she sure debunked all the fables about pregnancy.
    Lol at wishing you could pause and postpone pregnancy. Hehehe.
    Thank God for supernatural delivery…

  2. Chai Eziaha…this interview was fun sha.. .talk about taking pictures and videos of someborry’s bum….hmmn no comment!!!

    E’s Sapphire…you go girl, GOD is with you…praying you have a most quick and safe delivery in JESUS CHRIST holy name, amen.

    Love and prayers to all Mums and mum’s to be out there …ours is a twenty four hour job with no financial pay only smiles, kisses and hugs, sometimes frowns & tears…yet we go on even when we are not appreciated….but it is the best ‘job’ if we can call it that..to have in the whole wide world. +++

  3. aww! nice interview! lol aunty Ezi u couldnt even let her have all d shine, u just had to steal some sha! i like dis ur interview style o. Mrs Eniola your delivery would be painless. Infact my mum told me that she was in d ward waiting for them to prepare the labour room when i poped out! i pray ur delivery is so ijn! amen 🙂

    1. Awwwww
      You had to pop out with drama
      Omo that’s what I keep thinking. How about those who deliver even before the medical people are ready. Just goes to show it can happen ‘just like that’
      Thanks Grace for this story

  4. Yay! i am up again. And yes E’, you know i am a sweetheart, either you admit it or not (tongue out). And i agree, i feel so young sometimes, but i can not wait for this God’s heritage(means inioluwa in yoruba. hmmmm! who is pondering what i am pondering?) to come out. *doing a tummy dance*
    Love you Bestie!!

  5. You’re welcome, Eziaha 🙂
    With faith like yours, I bet you’ll be sharing your birthing testimony too.
    Have a beautiful delivery, Eniola.

    1. Ah sweetie. I was hoping I would have sent my robust response even before you saw this on my blog
      Will still send it. That email was having issues but tz been rectified.

      Amen Amen. Thanks again

  6. Thank God i’m surrounded by this amazing women of faith. Hearing and reading the right things and dismissing unnecessary myths. Cnt wait for mama E and Saphire’s testimonies jare. Supernatural childbirth all the way…

  7. This is my prayer for Faithful E’ and all ready to pop preggies.

    Isaiah 66:7-8 New International Version (NIV)

    7 “ Before E’s (insert your name) goes into (delivery room),
    she gives birth;
    before the pains come upon her,
    she delivers a son / girl or (both).
    8 Who has ever heard of such things?
    Who has ever seen things like this?…….”

    Love U’

  8. Guess what I loved most in this interview?? The pictures!!! The babe is sure rocking this pregnancy. The black gown, brown wedge shoes picture topped all the pictures.

    I wish you a safe delivery, Eniola.

  9. Thanks Ezi nd Enny for sharing this..Enny, ur preggo pictures are “to die for”, now I have a great mental image of my pregnant version in d near future. May your deliveries be as sweet as chocolate nd easy as ABC…beautiful moms-to-be.

  10. Don’t know how I missed this first time it came out.
    All I will say is she’s looking soo good! Totally worth the title given to her from her office!

    To amazing motherhood yeah?yes!

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