Train up a child in the way he should go… Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it…(Prov 22;6)

Like most of you know, I am serving in a secondary school in Lagos.


Recently, we held our valedictory service



(yup teachers have to wear the gown too so that is a fellow Corper Nwanneka and myself…) and the Valedictorian WOWED me.


Young stubborn lively boy. Dusted his whole class. Best in almost all the ‘serious’ subjects.. Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Further maths, English, Biology, gbo gbo e. I must have teared up a bit especially when at some point, he got a standing resounding ovation and the Principal  called up his mother and father to stand with him and hold all his MANY awards on stage. Proud moment for his momma especially. His brother passed out two years ago and he too was Valedictorian.

At first, I thought THIS MUST RUN IN THE FAMILY.

Second thought, I knew NOPE… This thing was learnt abeg. There is something we all don’t know in this story. But I concluded that his momma or both parents had A LOT to do with his academics. I was VERY sure they must have been VERY INVOLVED. Then I listened to his speech. He confirmed my thoughts. I got home and told my sister about his awards and the ovation and honor. I hadn’t even mentioned his parents involvement and the first thing she says is ‘I need to speak to that boy’s mom. His academic exploits have NOTHING to do with the school or the teachers as much as it has to do with his parents mom.’ Spot on right. We both thought the same thing. Cos we had been involved a lot in training her kids, homework and all.

‘…Wisdom is profitable to direct… ‘ (Eccl 10;10)

See, the responsibility of training your child can NOT be left to the teachers alone. I am super pissed when I hear a parent make a request that closing time should be made later and holidays and mid-terms should be filled with extra school activities and stuff like summer school.


A teacher cannot, should not and will NOT train your child for you like you should or will (I hope).

See eh, my sister and her husband I commend for the sort of schools they send their kids to. They open eye chose walahi. When they lived in London, they went to a Christian school where they SUMMON the parents often. My first niece’s primary school, the parents give reports on the school homework because you are expected to teach them. Hehehe.

Homework is a VERY good time to BOND with kids too.

The ones still in primary school go to a FANTASTIC one. I can’t even begin to explain how FANTASTIC the school is. But let me just recommend ‘Greenwood House school Park view estate, ikoyi Lagos’. Amazing school!!! Worth every pound penny. The standards in the school always wow me.

My teenage niece goes to another FANTASTIC catholic school. F.A.N.T.A.S.T.I.C. God led her husband there literally. He was driving through and the Holy Spirit opened his eyes to the school. The moment he entered, it was confirmed, ‘ Send your child here’. My sister don carry the chic round Nigeria for interviews and exams meanwhile the hubby already do settle that school.

Ladies, marry well ooooo.


They don’t have a boarding house because they believe that parents and teachers have to do the work together. Not only the school. You can’t just come and dump the child and go. And before your child is accepted and you pay your fees, they have a one month orientation for the parents. Every Sunday for like 3hours, you come to be trained. If you don’t want, keep it moving. They have to tell you what is expected of you as your child dey their school. And in that school, YOU CAN REPEAT despite the fees loooool. Once a politician came to spit fire cos they said his child would repeat. Threatened to withdraw the child. They stood their ground. Guess who brought the child back the next session. Most elite schools, you don’t repeat ooo. #Nuffsaid


By the way, the school is run by a sect of the Catholic church and the BOYS ONLY is WHITESANDS School, lekki. Give it to Catholiics, most of them know how to run businesses and schools. Stayed in a Catholic hostel in school. Standards, IMPECCABLY HIGH.

I have made up my mind oooooooo. God and I are doing this CHILD-training business together and the wisdom for it all I am receiving. I don’t wanna dump my twins on anyone. I wanna be involved. Very involved. My husband and I. it sure pays.

Here is another reason why you need a SUPER STAR WUNDERKIND kid. You can save the school fees for more important other stuff lol. Fees at my school ranges from 1.2m to 2m per term. The dude was on FULL scholarship for almost his entire school year. And he just got admitted to Uni on scholarship. Hehehe.

A wise son make a glad father (and mother)… (Proverbs 15;20, Proverbs 10;1)

Abeg, be wise eh… start early.

Cheers to an AMAZING time raising SUPER STAR kids…


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  1. This same write up applies to parents who leave the raising of the kids to maids and nannies.

    May this fast paced day and age not make us neglect our responsibilities in Jesus name.

    1. That one is even worse
      Cos a teacher is trained some.
      Amen ooo. Amen
      I mean just create time no matter how small.
      Thats what has eternal value…a child’s life. not career.

  2. In fact ehn, this is such a wonderful piece. Sisiblu, I was just thinking the same thing last week and even mentioned to my mother that it is not possible for me to leave my kids with maids and nannies to raise.
    These days the so-called maids and nannies + some teachers are not there for the kids ‘ betterment’ o, it is to enrich their own pockets. I have encountered a lot of young people these days who are quite lazy and lacking values. Getting a good maid/nanny/driver/office staff who is fairly loyal, dependable is a big challenge ooooo.
    INCOME is important as I strongly believe in a fair wage for my workers but the child’s OUTCOME is soooo very important so I support Eziaha’s statement that the responsibility of training one’s child should not be left to the teacher alone. It is a collaboration. I sincerely feel for parents who are bankers or those with insane working hours, chai the poor children are left to the devices of maid/creche/nanny/school and even drivers. May God deliver us and our children from all forms of abusing our responsibility of raising Godly children, amen ooooo

    1. Amen
      I only pray for balance
      Balance for the career woman
      Like me
      God will make a way
      Some teachers are amazing tho
      Like me….
      Just that we dont spend that much time with a particular child
      So ultimately it goes back to parents
      God will help
      Thanks mami

  3. Lagoon!!! That’s my secondary school! Very on point school mehn! It has contributed majorly to the FAB person I am today. Thank GOD! E’ I loveeeee your blog!!!!

    1. Awwwww
      I love the school too much
      My niece doesn’t like it sha. She thinks they are too strict. She sooooo wanted Life forte. But boarding? Sis of mine no gree ooo. Loooool
      Thanks darling

      1. Haha! She will appreciate it better when she leaves! That’s the case with most of my classmates; we couldn’t wait to leave, but when we left, we saw that they had equipped us well!
        Boarding school isn’t so ‘safe’ these days with more parents leaving their kids in the hands of Disney and house helps to be trained. At least with the day school, any rubbish that any child learns, the discerning parents will sharply beat it out of him/her because of the close interaction!

  4. Hi, very nice post. I stumbled upon this page when I was looking for s good school for my kids and I was considering Greenwood House school or Corona. Your post probably influenced us to opt for Greenwood and we hope we made the right decision. I will appreciate if you can tell me more about Greenwood or Corona.Thanks

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