As you know, the Sound of Heaven concert was yesterday and it was something outta this world. The name was apt… Sound of heaven.
Mk and Ebele, mega congrats yo!!!


I won’t deceive you and say I’ll blog about it in its entirety… Mba… But Johnson Madichie will TRY. Operative word: TRY. Cos you can’t capture heaven with words…


Watch out for his blogpost. No one will probably TRY better than Johnson…
But I’ll share various oh-SOH-amazing moments that affected me deeply as time goes on… I’ll start with ‘freke…


This was my first encounter with Freke… Sound of Heaven
But now that I think of it, during one of those my in-and-out trips to lag and DCC (I was a UI student then), I vaguely remember freke being a guest at maybe end of year or thanksgiving service and album launch or so.
I missed it sha but I think Freke is an in-house person…
Oh but at SOH, Freke blew me away…
It wasn’t that freke sang a special song of his or anything. It was the presence Freke carried. And the prophetic utterances he made. Especially about Visions. How we should always support the (good) visions of others as that’s the way we will birth ours too. And of how most times, it aint the end product (in this case, MK’s album) that matters but all the sacrifices that went into that final product. And that’s what we tap into as we support the dreams of others…
Then he looked at MK, who was already standing (most of us were standing anyways) and he sang…
‘…I’ll be standing in the gap for you…just remember someone somewhere is praying for you… Calling out your name, praying for your strength. I’ll be standing in the gap for you…’
At that point, I sat down and started crying.
The song was real…
The emotion behind the song was real.
And for me, it was prophetic.
We all really need each other. To help birth our visions.


(Freke and Kendra… Mk’s daughter)
No selfishness. No jealousy. No beef.
Just support.
Especially in the body of Christ…
Freke struck something in me.
He did…
At some point, he said we should just put our hands on our tummy and pray for our vision… And he prayed that we too will birth our vision whatever it is just as MK’s had come to pass today…
Freke was my prophet for the night. I just saw one of my major visions flash before me. And I saw it in a different light.
Thank you Freke… For just letting the Holy spirit speak through you at SOH.
And for all the support you gave MK and Ebele for the concert.


Chukwu gozie gi, and may you always find helpers too, amen.


Btw, Freke truly doesn’t finish any song. But he can sing ooo. Chai…
Even Dumebi testifies to that… I didn’t even know she knew him…


Lemme start looking for his album abeg…
That’s it… My first in the series of oh-SOH-amazing moments…
This week, and going forward, don’t shy away from helping others birth their dreams when you can. You never know how your own help will come too…
Have a most FAB week ahead.

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    DCC also upgraded their website. Finally! Whooopie! Seems like they’re not done building it. I’m waiting…

    TWO MOTORS o! Only God makes such possible.

    Marry someone who can also birth your vision! – Quotable Quote!

    If DCC rocked All The Way like that then I wonder how CE does it.

    The Father’s blessings are already working for MK. Shey PM played his song in the delivery room. It has already reached Obodo America na.

    I had so much e-fun, I cannot begin to imagine how it was being there LIVE.

    I also want to sow o. They should make it available for purchase online biko.

    Bless you Fab Ms. E’.


    1. Sisi blu ooooo
      I’m so happy for you
      Oh that Mk’s line for his wifey is a quotable indeed
      Oh I’m so happy that you tuned in
      Now people can know that I am not lying when I say SOH was heavenly.
      And good to know our website is better now

  2. Oh yes! I can testify to the special worship annointing on Freke’s life. He was at my church recently and the worship experience was out of this world. We just didn’t want the program to end cos we didn’t want to leave the cloud of glory that came upon us. Eziaha God bless you for always inspiring me with your blogposts.

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