So I just published my WE ARE HIRING post.


First off, shout out to my SUPER MENTEE Deeeeeee. She is a REAL TIME harasser but once I share my vision with her, I can bank on her to make sure I don’t give up. i think she’s my boss!!!


Anyways, this Entrepreneur journey has been an EXPERIENCE I tell ya. Never wanted to or thought I would one day run my business, especially NOT this kinda business. My childhood dream was to work in a REALLY BIG global firm, as a TOP SENIOR Executive, dress up daily and be a badass at what I do, AND also host a TV show like Oprah Winfrey. Working in the UN was looking like IT for me, till I gave that up. Since the Lord brought me CoachE’Squad, I guess I have my REALLY BIG GLOBAL FIRM, only this time, I am CEO. Lol. And per TV/Talkshow Host, oh that is DEFINITELY in my future… Really near future. AMEN!!!

I recall when I started, I WAS SO SCARED!!! But I knew in my heart that it was time to start. My PEACE for coaching people for free was gone, and I KNEW like I KNEW my name that God wanted me to start a business from it. The night before I went public with this Post, i barely slept. I stayed awake designing my first flyer, I went to the toilet so many times, and my heart rate was most likely 5000bpm. I was SCARED… I fought the WILL ANYBODY EVEN PAY YOU FOR THIS feeling like a starved animal. I wasn’t even ready. I spent weeks planning and psyching myself. I recall my mama Pastor M saying to me that I need to step out and leave all this my plenty planning. It really was fear. Kai. Ah, but thank God we started. And LOOK WHAT GOD HAS DONE WITH MY OBEDIENCE.

Anyways, I cant talk about my entire journey in this one post, so let me talk about my timings as a Wife and Mom who works from home…

You see, when I began, I had NO HOURS, I coached all day, all night, answered questions even at 2am, and generally had no time boundaries. Until I learned from my friend Bunmi, CEO of Shredder Gang to put some time structures. And I did. And it became a game changer for me. It made me even more effective, as I have timings when I am online and available and timings when I am NOT. And I let my Clients KNOW in my Squad rules. So ask your questions then and don’t expect that I would be available 247. The good thing is that when I come online, I get to all questions and answer.

Another thing I do is to ensure that people ask their questions in the group and not to me personally (except those on Private coaching obviously). And this is something I had to fight to ensure, even till now. Because once people come on board, they have questions, and imagine me answering 10/15 people personally when they would have asked in group and EVERYONE can benefit from the answers. So when I get questions like CAN I SUBSTITUTE CHICKEN FOR FISH? Or CAN I DRINK MY GREEN TEA COLD and the likes TO MY PERSONAL Whatsapp, I politely tell them to ask in-group. There are many others too who need those answers and that would save me time to answer it at once. Now I have some Squaddies who just keep doing that, so I ignore them. I just open chat and not say a word. Soon, they get the message. I hate to do that but timing is of the essence. I cant give ALL MY TIME to coaching and have my family and home front suffer. Typically, I shut down at about 4pm personally and turn my attention to other things. Somedays, I shut down latter but I mostly try to have a time when I leave till the next day. My team takes over at certain times… I mean all of this take a great deal of planning and structuring but it works.

Another thing of course is that I do not work weekends. Now I could pop in from time to time if I like but never anything serious. I can actually decide to DUMP MY PHONE somewhere all Sunday and not miss a thing. That gives me time to focus on my home.

And of course, having STRUCTURES AND PATTERNS AND SYSTEMS which are reproducible are GAME CHANGERS when it comes to managing my time. Oh running CoachE’Squad taught me how to structure. That is how I have managed to stay EFFECTIVE with EVERYTHING I do.

And finally, at least that I can share here, is learning when to say NO and just CHILL. Whether I am saying NO to a speaking engagement, interview, or an Client, it really helps. I don’t jump into every open door cos I don’t wanna burn out… Jesus alone knows how much money I have turned down to devote that time to something else.

Recently too, I introduced a window for group coaching so I don’t get to do it every month and all year. Like now, I started coaching again in October, and will close it all by December 9. That is for my weight loss GROUP Squad which is the most demanding. My Preggo squad is still growing and not so demanding so I can handle that easily, ditto my private Clients as I have a very able Assitant too. The next group coaching will be after 5 to 6 weeks so I can CHILL during the holiday. God showed me other ways to bring in money during that time.

So this is a whole lot of walking with God too as He keeps directing my path LITERALLY. Every project, every idea, ALL GOD-INSPIRED!!! I dont copy from anyone cos I ACTUALLY FEAR GOD lol. That XYZ did it and it worked, doesnt mean it will work for me, so i make sure i am in tune with my Jesus biko.

Now of course, none of this is set in stone, as you may catch me replying emails Saturday evening, but that is because maybe I have the time to, and don’t mind doing so. Otherwise, I don’t!!!

Being a MomPreneur who works from home can be TOTALLY DRAINING and has a high tendency to leave your life very imbalanced and skewed, so I have to take all these measures to ensure that I still have some balance and sanity and that nothing suffers.

Oh and of course, EVERY MOMPRENEUR should get this book.


It was gifted me but the person bought it at Laterna Ventures.

It literally changed my game and made me start to look at my business as GLOBAL even though I work in my night wear and from my bed on some days… She calls us AT-HOME CEOs which is so cool, and she gives VERY PRACTICAL steps to making it work.

Love it!!! God bless the group that gifted ,me

Hey, it is 10.30pm and I need to ‘byebye’ according to KingDaveed…




Just learnt to do this SIGNATURE SIGN OUT tonight. Had to call the Chick who helped me set up my blog when I upgraded to teach me this Signature thing and she did. It is crazy how easy these things are once you learn them. Thank God for helpers. Thank God!!!


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