Hey FAB’ers…
Had to drop in here to say a MASSIVE Merry Merr-E’ Christmas.
Couldn’t miss it now, could I?
On visiting days in Feddy then, students would always ask one question everytime they saw someone (friend or not) walking towards them or entering the dorm… ‘Have they come for me?’
Oh the joys when the answer was in the affirmative!!! Rice and chicken, drinks, provs and good ol’ cash made any hungry student’s day. And in Feddy, we were really hungry, right Booski? Lol.
Today I have come to tell you that THEY have indeed come for you…
Jesus has come for you… And He comes bearing incredible gifts and not the kind you get to poop out in a coupla hours… Peace, Joy and Blessings!!! In surplus doses… And even more…
May the gifts of the season remain with us all through the year cos this is ONE GIFT that keeps on giving…
This FAB Sis loves y’all big…
Merry Christmas dawleens.
And a big Happy birthday to my girl Jadesola Pearl.

(Love this best friends pix. Jae with the cake…)
You are such a bundle of joy. May joys keep springing up in your life like a living well.
Love love love…
Ok having fed Aku m crazy with physical food in the day (He has been singing my praise and saying God bless you all day. Dude had indomie and viju last Christmas. Ah the Perks of having E’ as a wifey) lemme feed him with some other kinda food rated ‘Married’… Dude is gettin impatient ๐Ÿ˜‰
Tani and Chuchu, please appropriate your subs :p. You better be double next year ooo…

Made him the baddest E’ curried chicken rice and the richest ever salad ever madeth… Lol. That pix above? He didn’t wanna snap, I snapped us by force looool.
That was before lunch…
Oh and yeah, I’ll still respond later to all the comments in my Thank.Full.E’. All the loving threw me off balance for a second there…
And yeah, I watched some footie today. The highlights of Champions league 2011/12 finals between Chelsea and Bayern. Still got me teary as it did when I watched it live then. Drogba Didier, you are a legend!!! My love for you can NEVER die!!! Can’t wait for when GAL will meet Chelsea next year’s Champions league. Emotional homecoming for D I am sure… Yup E’ does footie too
Season’s Greetings y’all

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  1. Lmao at indomie and viju! Kai! E!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.
    “May the gifts of the season
    remain with us all through the
    year cos this is ONE GIFT that
    keeps on givingโ€ฆ” amen and amen,may the gift remain with us indeed.

  2. Lol..Merry Christmas Tannie!….
    And oh, I can so relate to the, “have thhey come for me question?’… Even though I didn’t go to a feddy school (I almost did ), we were always hungry in the boarding schools I attended….

    I’m thankful Jesus came for us,making us, yes we, the reason for the season.
    Merry Christmas E’….
    Our regards to Aku’m that didn’t wanna snap for the first Olojo Christmas family postcard …..lol


  3. lol…we need to really Marry very quick ooh! all my FAB single ladies know wat I mean.(wink*)
    And Yes Jesus has come for me ooh….you brought back memories of those good old hungry sec. school days. I’m glad you had a beautiful first married merry christmas. God will grant you much more celebrations with your family. I myself had a beautiful day. Family is everything mhen…..stay blessed.


  4. Ah!!trust E to come with a blast..this was a light hearted and funny one…with the way you are feeding Akum, am sure very soon we’ld be seeing a chubbier version of bobo,lol..well done E, u are surely a virtuous woman..merry Xmas, wishing you the best the Yuletide brings..:)

  5. Are serious? Your hubby actually had indomie and Viju last christmas? Kai! That one strong ooo.

    Merry christmas dear and I hope the eh, other food thingy was … Okay, I should run away right now. *picks race*

    PS: I must marry well oo, kai! You are an inspiration E’.

    1. Bachelorhood do am strong tin indeed.
      Then he watched football.
      This year, let’s just say he can’t believe his favor.
      Yes baby u gast marry well

  6. Did hubby finish the food?,I hope he did o!operation weight gain for him! And weight loss for u!*smiling*
    Lizzie n booski,dis is the tym of the year to remind fab E abt d weightloss scheme,
    Ps:I’v gained weight dis few days,despite my efforts to weigh 59kg! Satan must be defeated! Amen!
    Merry xmas n happy boxing day!
    Jesus is the reason for the season!(Cliche as dat may sound,it’s the truth)
    Btw Eziaha Olojo enjoy urslf n blog us on first xmas as a married woman!hmmmmmmmm
    We await!

  7. Merry Christmas dear
    The kinda blessings Jesus has in stock for us are not perishable and don’t diminish either
    Sweet sweet loving btw u and ur hubby..God bless ur home ๐Ÿ™‚

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