So much on my mind… PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!

Hey everybody Seasons’ greetings and Merry Christmas tomorrow… So I am sat here at my laptop and have a quite a lot on my mind, which just makes me wanna #PrayPrayPray Granted, I am JOYFUL. This year has been an absolute blessing, and I am finishing strong and even starting 2018 stronger… I really want […]

Christmas…A thousand times better

Lemme tell y’all this beautiful story… OK maybe not beautiful but story all the same. Oh BTW I took this mgbeke looking picture this morning just before church. Walahi adonbilivit. Me? The certified queen of poses. Tz well ooo. So now that you are done laughing, here is my story. Like y’all know, I just […]

Merr-E’ Christmas y’all…

Hey FAB’ers… Had to drop in here to say a MASSIVE Merry Merr-E’ Christmas. Couldn’t miss it now, could I? On visiting days in Feddy then, students would always ask one question everytime they saw someone (friend or not) walking towards them or entering the dorm… ‘Have they come for me?’ Oh the joys when […]