I can imagine that many of us are quite familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.


Especially if you have a background in the Social Sciences…

I recall learning it in PSY 102 in Uni and I totally loved it. I immediately, I made up my mind to reach the peak which is SELF ACTUALIZATION as those who got to that peak of actually living self actualized lives are truly happy and fulfilled.

There is however a hierarchy in life, or in this world if you like. And depending on where you find yourself, this should make you happy or sad.

Each level is EXCLUSIVE. You can NOT be in more than one at a time.

Let’s take this from the top.

So who is at the top of this hierarchy? Who runs tinz?

Yup, you guessed right!!!

The Oga at the top is the One and Only ALMIGHTY GOD


He is the BOSS over all the earth and all things are under Him, including the Devil.

He can do and undo and absolutely no one can question Him.

Just below the Oga at the top, we have BELIEVERS.


It is to WE the believers that our Oga has the top has given that authority. To bind and lose things and people as we like here on earth.


Don’t dare a Believer ooo, Especially a very-aware-of-her-rights Believer. We have authority right here on earth so don’t mess with us yo!!!


We have access to the keys. We bind, we lose…


We trample upon every as we like…

Ah, Believers ROCK o jare…

Right under the Believers are ANGELS…

I love Angels ooo. Too much. Where would some of us be without them?


At some point, i thought Angels were higher than us but hey, we are their Bosses ooo.

Heb 1 vs. 14 became my BEST scripture during exams or when i needed something cancelled because i was lazy hadn’t quite studied.


Are not all angels ministering spirits/servants sent to serve/care for those who will inherit salvation…? Heb 1;14


Kai, you need to see us, my study group and I, sending all our angels on assignments whenever we prayed together at the Chapel in the University then.

ekl (My Prayer and Study partners in 200 and 300 level)

I mean, as serious as the prayers were at times, I would keep laughing at Loni’s prayer when she starts saying things like ‘My angels are on igbo so they are so high and energized to run around for me’.

True ooo, no way our Angels were falling asleep on our watch… Mba.


The point is Angels are below us. yeah I know you just mentally quoted Psalms 8v5 to me

‘He has made us a little lower than angels…’

Some might argue that Angels are higher BUT other versions substitute ‘God’ for ‘Angels’ because the original Hebrew word is actually ELOHIM which is of course God and so there is a whole controversy about a translation error there but when we cross ref with the Hebrews scripture, that controversy is over yeah?


A servant can NOT be greater than the Master, No?

Just below the ANGELS, we have SATAN.


Ah, Satan is a really bad Satan ooo. I will say more about him and why I hate him after the last level in this hierarchy… i know we all think Satan has to be the last last in this Pyramid. He isn’t. We have one more class just under him. Scary right? I mean, who wants the devil as a Boss? Defo not E’

At the base of this pyramid is the UNBELIEVER…


Chai!!! I usually shudder every time I have to talk about this, at the plight of these people.


Satan is the god of this earth (2nd Cor 4:4). No controversy there.

Blame Adam.

But thank God for the second Adam, Christ Jesus who died and has given us permission to come under his wings and be safe from the devil. All we need do is LOVE HIM… simple. And by Love, I mean obeying His NOT-GRIEVOUS commands. That way we come under His own Boss-ship away from Satan’s.

The devil is VERY wicked mehn… the Bible calls him a devourer. And indeed he is. He has absolutely NO regard when he starts dealing with his children, the unbelievers. This is really scary. He can make your life MISERABLE… He will toss and kick you around like a ball, deal you many upper cuts like a boxer, drag you around like a towing truck… His wickedness schemes are endless.

Eve temptation

Sometimes, he dangles you a carrot and deceives you with all sorts of niceties, but mehn, that is really ephemeral. When you have enjoyed short term, the suffering will not even make you remember the enjoyment. I hate the devil sha.

And the worst part about this devil is that after dealing with you here on earth, you now get to spend eternity in hell. I mean that is eternal FIRE burning. With the scorching sun I experienced in Abuja, I can’t deal biko. With the devil, it is a lose-lose situation sha… lose on earth, lose in heaven. I can’t deal mehn… that is why I play for #teamJesus proudly.


With Him, it is win-win-win-win-win… Who no like better abeg?


I totally absolutely LOVE Jesus jor

love jesus

I dunno if I am more excited about my mansion in heaven, or the streets of gold? Or finally meeting Peter. He is my fave disciple sha. His ‘hot blood’ was too much. Or David… Whose Davidic covenant we enjoy at DCC which keeps us testifying…


Darling, as long as you still have breath in you and the trumpet has not sounded, you can ‘port’ to #teamJesus if you don’t play there already. There is more than enough room for ALL in his everlasting arms of LOVE.

God is love

And we in Team Jesus gotta shine our lights brighter and brighter so that we can attract people to our team… We need to depopulate that region ooo…

It won’t be a bad idea if only Satan burns in his hell at the end of the first world now, would it?


Ok dazall…

I hope you learnt something…

And made a decision to either PORT or shine your light even more. if you need help, you ahve my number (eziaharx@yahoo.com) Holla…

Hierarchy credit; Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo (I actually heard him mention this in passing and decided to blow it up in a blog Post. Yea yea I love me my Pastor yo!!!)

Hierarchy source; The Bible of course. That is why i have put in plenty scriptures… We no dey play here.

Hierarchy Publicist; E’ (hehehe)

Stay F.A.B fam..,



This article was first published here on may 29,2013. This is a somewhat a revised version but the message is same. You can find the original here https://eziaha.com/2013/05/29/the-hierarchy-of-life/

I will be re-running some Posts from my archives, especially the ones that are too good to miss jor. I won’t re-blog them (at least I hope not to), I would revise and update before I blog so that even if you read before, you would still grasp something new. I think there are too many great posts i have done in the past that are too good for my archives alone jare.


I was tidying this article up at work when a certain BIG MAN (Nnukwu mmanwu, Big masquerade that you see once in a blue moon, BOSS, etc You get my drift lol) walked in and even though whenever he walks in (maybe like once in two weeks) and I greet, he usually responds politely and keeps moving. Today, I greet (with my UNQUANTIFIABLE smile of course) and he stops, responds, asks me to spell my name cos he keeps forgetting (He just says ‘the Corper’) and then tells me to call Him sometime let us talk and proceeds to give me his number YAY!!! You know those people who their numbers are so golden. Lol. Drag your minds out of the gutter. It is strictly official and I feel really privileged yo!!! Lol. I immediately rang up Aku m who was quick to tell me that I am now feeling fly abi? Lol. He now yabbed me for not asking when to call exactly. I was too star struck and you know this Big big people sef. Anyways, if i call and he doesn’t pick, I will send a text abi? Life is simple jor. I will gist my mom when I get home too. Now to ring my Sapphire up to gist her lol. Yes I am that excited. I know what she will say first is “ohhhhhhhhhh’ or ‘awwwww’ lol. Sometimes I think I am married to that girl, lol. She says she is working on a new fiction so you may wanna skip over to www.ibilivinfiction.wordpress.com to see what she got


This Post was done and dusted on Thursday Oct 24 afternoon but will go LIVE Friday October 25. By which time I should be on a private jet tinzzzz. Please don’t tell me you don’t believe me… Thomas lol.

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  1. Lol.
    First I was inspired.
    The blame game thing is real- we blaming the first adam and doing nothing with the last adam(pathetic). God help us sha
    Then, your mode of evangelism, I mean the style, swept me off my feet. Wow
    Finally, I had fun on this post, especially the end paragraphs.

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