Recall a Post in which I mentioned that would be like a continuation of Femmetotale’s We don’t fear their fear ?

Uh huh… this is mine

‘…There are NO jobs in Nigeria…’

‘…ALL men cheat…You are deceiving yourself if you think your man is faithful’

‘…A good man is hard to find these days ooo, just manage the one you have…’

‘…So so and so exam is REALLY hard. You have to fail it first before you pass it…’

.’…NYSC is one WASTED year…’

‘…Businesses are closing down daily in Nigeria. No hope for the Youth…’

‘…EVERYBODY is doing IT ooo. Forget this abstinence thing jare…’

‘…”Where did you do the interview?“ Forget it… Everyone that went there failed. They do ‘imammadu’ (man know man) so unless you know someone who knows someone who knows the Queen, forget the job…’

‘…There are no VIRGINS anymore ooo (Especially in lagos…) ’

‘…ALL these Pentecostal Pastors are just FAKES… Swindling people of their money and sleeping with ALL their female members…’

‘…As a woman, you can’t have a      great marriage and a great career. The man will be threatened and so one must suffer…’

“…People die anyhow ’ember periods on road accidents…’

‘…Things are so HARD in Nigeria. We just dey hustle…’

Oh this list is ENDLESS. I can go on forever and you will NOT be tired neither will I be bored.

I am constantly amazed as to how much wrong negative information we hear onaregular.

Worse still we believe even before we know it…

I will draw my point from the victory of David over Goliath… 1st Samuel 17.


I cannot even begin to imagine the specifics they must have heard Goliath say for FOURTY DAYS tahat they were TERRIFIED AND DEEPLY SHAKEN including the KING SAUL who himself was HUGE too.

It is the same way we hear everyone and their dogs say all sortsa stuff about Naija and the world.

If we keep hearing these things without doing anything, they will soon build altars in our minds, terrify us, stop us from moving forward and then make us RETREAT IN FEAR…

‘…As soon as the Israelite army saw him, they began to run away in FRIGHT…’ Vs. 24 NLT

*rushing to the Message translation to see how it puts it*

*Seen it, love it and deciding decidedly not to share with you*

*Open your own Bible…*

*tongue out*

GIANTS!!!We face them daily. If the TV aint speakin, Twitter is speaking. Or the papers, or your ‘friends’. We keep hearing. We keep facing them.

So while the rest were building ALTARS with those negative confessions, what did David do? What should you do?



Faith comes by hearing…

Ditto doubt.

David asked for some good report while the rest were magnifying the problem into ALTARS…


You too should look for good testimonies.

We too should. Because there are very many testimonies…


Are there some people who have working marriages? Visit them occasionally. Do people have tesimonis about miracle jobs? Hang around them. Like my girl Chisom whose story I shared here

Look there is so much rubbish out there but there is also good. Deal is the rubbish talkers are LOUD. They have out-shouted the good but still, take the effort to look for and meditate on the good.

And please for the love of all things bright and beautiful, stay away from NEGATIVE SAY-ERS

And sometimes, people say it with the best of intentions because they have been through that same experience… But look, your experience can NEVER trump or cancel the Word…

Let God (The Word) be true and every man a liar… Romans 3:4

In fact let us study this in context… And in my fave translations…

Romans 3: 2-6 TM


Then the NLT


Please read verse 3 and 4 again…

And ‘EVERYONE ELSE’ includes EVERYONE… Pastor, deacon, Bishop, father, Mom, professor, President, Genius, CEO, etc.

I don’t care WHO is saying WHAT… Much less his/hers of ‘experience’, if the Word doesn’t say it clearly, I ain’t buying.

Like my pastor would say, ‘…Chapter and verse…?’ If they can’t produce it, then discard…

Search the Word. What does the Word say? Better still, what does the Word say about you? This Bible is God’s love letter to me. I amd learning to believe it OVER AND ABOVE every other stuff…

Irrespective of what the world is screaming. Irrespective of what your mind is telling you. Like my pastor would say, we counter THOUGHTS with words. If a wrong thought drops in, don’t just keep quiet. Counter it with a positive word. Recall the Post I did on Confessions works… CONFESS!!!

Of course, need I say that you too should also guard your heart

Guard your ear gate too. Your ears are not dumping ground please.

Don’t just let people around you keep speaking generally and then you shut up. If you shut up, you have included yourself in the matter ooo.

Counter it immediately with positive words.

If they say, ‘…getting a job is so hard or impossible without knowing someone…’ Say immediately, ‘my case is different. I have a Sugar daddy who’s got my back…’

If they say, ALL MEN cheat, say ‘NOT MINE. I have a faithful man (or will have as the case may be)’. If they say people die on the road in ’ember season, please shout loud ‘…HE WILL GIVE HIS ANGELS CHARGE OVER ME…’

Listen, if you are a Daughter or son of God, YOUR CASE IS DIFFERENT!!! You best believe that!!!

No we don’t fear their fears. We don’t talk their talk. We don’t think their thoughts. And by God, we are definitely BUILDING THEM NO ALTARS…


E’ PS: My momma and I had to run some errands yesterday so we stopped by Pastor M’s house to see her and her baby.
#E’meetsDavida finally. We took some pictures.


PK wasn’t home so he missed :p. Like my mom said, Davida just took the Okonkwo’s face that is she looks like her Daddy’s family and not like Pastor M at all. Our miracle baby Davida. She is way prettier than the pictures. They don’t do her justice at all. Incase, you just moved to earth, you can read Davida’s story here


PPS: This weekend promises all shades of exciting. First off, I am spending a part with my Sapphire yay!!!


She has been begging me to come :p so lemme indulge her this one night so she will sleep well lol… Looking forward to seeing you hun… Yay!!! Then I am off to Ibadan where I will be meeting three most amazing men in my life… Aku m (who is coming in Saturday morning yay!!!) Rev Albert and Father Patrick. Ah!!! weekends like I love ’em… Sugary and Spciy with healthy sprinkles of LOVE.








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      1. Lol!! I guess what you posted was just the words, I needed to hear at that moment…I had a rough day, from classroom to supervisor!! So Thank you for encouraging me through those words!! God bless you Loads!!

  1. Wowzer!!!…talk about unity in Spirit. You wouldn’t believe this was exactly the same word shared tonight at prayer meeting and emphasis was on how the same way faith comes by hearing God’s word, fear comes by hearing negative reports.
    Boy, am I glad you reiterated this…in this life, you best dwell on God’s word o…its infallible and potent…plus experiences do not define God’s word and what He says about you…

    Bless your heart dear. Thanks for sharing.

    My name is Lizzie, God’s Love child and I do not fear their fear! His plans are ultimately goooooooooooooood and He’s orchestrating ’em beautifully to His glory and to the growth of my faith and inexplicable joy.

    🙂 @E’ meets Davida…..still excited @that expression of God’s mindblowing faithfulness. Why will any woman fear their fears biko..seeing Davida?

    Cheers to the exciting weekend!…

    P.s : I didn’t make the ibadan shout-out list?.. Beht why? 🙁

  2. Waow this post was really amazing, just what i needed to hear. U really dropped it hot for us oo..God bless u a Milli and some . Keep up the good work..oh yh I must add that I now see where u get your beautiful smile from, ur mum looks really graceful. Nice one E’

  3. Wow! This post is just for me, Eziaha God bless u. From dis very moment av made up my mind not to fear their fear ….. Am going to start living my life based on what d word says about me. Thanks so much.’. Yelling….. I’M BUILDING THEM NO ALTARS’

  4. No we don’t fear their fears. We don’t talk their talk. We don’t think their thoughts. And by God, we are definitely BUILDING THEM NO ALTARS!!! Loved this part the most, E and longest time!!!

  5. Reblogged this on Giantsparkle's and commented:
    Many have conformed to what the world thinks and says… The world says a man must cheat on his wife, and a bible-believing sister says stuff like “Just so long as i’m the one in the house sha, He can cheat but he’ll still come back to me”… But like my sister E’ said, I’m building them no altars mehn! None whatsoever!!! The only altar i’m gonna be building is on the Word!!!
    Enjoy this fab E’ post!!!
    And happy new month… 😀
    Mmuah loveys!!!

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