Heyyyy people…

Ok so yesterday yawl know how it went lol

I slept sad. I no even carry plate that I used to feed my kids in, talk less of clearing kitchen. My Spectranet loss hurt.

Like really hurt.

So I expected to wake up and get to cleaning living room and kitchen before praying but SURPRISE!!!! Le hubs had cleaned it all.

Now at this point, I must back up a bit. The second time hubs washed plates in this house since my help travelled was a disaster…

The plates were clean BUT the kitchen and entire sink SCATTERED,WET and MESSY.

My ENTIRE Morning fresh big size which I had just diluted and was full was about a quarter left after 1 wash lol. He trashed (I guess cos I can’t find them) my smoothie cups straws (insert real tears) and washed and kept the disposable straws I sent my kids off to daycare with, he broke ElJohn’s bottle from opening it the wrong way, i noticed the teat of another bottle spoilt, and MORE.

It was a HURRICANE so we both agreed he would wash clothes while I handled kitchen.

So it was amazing he did the living room and kitchen.

He said when he got in and saw everywhere MESSY, he knew this was WI-FI vex lol so he decided to do what he could to help.

So touching.


Then I went to make food for ElJohn. This was 4am. He ate and wasn’t quite good to sleep,so I lay down to breastfeed hoping he would sleep asap. He didn’t and I was getting fussy cos I wanted to go downstairs and pray at 5.15am latest, then I heard the HS sweetly whisper…

Why don’t you pray in bed???

Err, I don’t do that cos I fear I’ll sleep off. But I heard him say

You are NOT sleepy. Pray.

So I obeyed. Been praying a LOT into MY Abuja FRUITFUL AT HOME meeting so I just brought that up and He started to speak to me about more details and someone to call. Usually ild write it down as I prayed which is why I love my prayer place BUT I was in bed. I just made mental notes.

I set my silent alarm on my fitness watch for 5.40am incase I slept off and when it went off, ElJohn had slept and i was still awake and praying so it was my cue to get up and go to my prayer place. Guess who stayed in bed still?

Guess who THEN slept off???

Tells me something about when the grace is gone…

He GRACED me for that period to pray in bed.

When it was time to move and I was still there, Grace moved TO MY NEXT LOCATION. God indeed won’t bless or GRACE our disobedience.

Reminds me of literally the BEST counsel I got from Inthe of www.inthemidstofher.com when my husband relocated and I was having challenges letting go of being the MAN and WOMAN of the home in one, but that’s story for another day.

Anyways I was up at 6am and came to journal and study the Bible. Oh and btw, everytime I do the early morning feed, I watch a worship video. These days I’ve been stuck on BROOKE LIGERTWOOD especially the one she ministered at Colour this year.

Prayer time over, I flew to the gym. Watched GET OFF THE MAT by Chris Caine at Bethel. It was a 58min long video so ample time to rock the treadmill.

I ended when i ended, literally wrecked EVEN though this is my 120th time seeing it. By the time she did an altar call for a fresh surrender, my hands were up. It was LIFE!!!! She had preached another fire at Bethel this time on CRUSHING and I’m about to DIVE IN.

Ok flew home after an encounter at the gym with the owner. It’s story for another day but I’m going to be looking out for another gym by next month. Not even here for drama. Lol.

Rushed through my morning routine with the kids. Today was cereal day HALLELUJAH lol. It’s so freaking easy to give golden morn so I intentionally put it on my son’s meal.plan ONCE A WEEK lol. Threw in Apple and Banana as snack plus cereals for ElJohn as his second MEAL and we was off to Daycare after we prayed. Planned to pick them before Lunch today.

Hubby wanted plantain and stew for breakfast and after I sorted him while I had a fruit salad, I came to work at my home office.

Too many MEAL plans to create and calls to my private clients to check in with them. One of them took my time cos we moved from weightloss to balancing life. She too is a mom of 2 kids 2 and below and runs her biz from home.

I should share what I shared with her about delegation and trust being inevitable elements for (biz) growth despite the risks they bring.

Oh yes per my data, my people I’m now humble. I resorted to an Etisalat package of 1.5gig and a Smile package of 3.5 abi 4.5gig.

Will replace my Spectranet after I’ve completed July bills and salaries. Let me be humble for now. Lol. And learn a lesson in being more careful. That’s another 30k I’ll be spending. Ugh.

Thankfully I have A TON of downloaded videos AND I DO MEAN A TON. Steven Furtick, ALL PROPEL videos save Growth series, SJR, Chris, Lisa, Heather so I’m home and dry.

Plus a TON of worship with Jenn Johnson & Bethel, and HillSong esp Taya and Brooke so I’m really good. Lol.

Ok created the meal.plans but have my ARM workout routine to fine tune. Will do that tomorrow.

Made a few calls, one of which concerned an Orphange CoachE’Squad partners with. There was an issue on ground and I was kinda confused about what to do especially as I wanted to be sure I’m not wasting money, and thankfully God told me to call someone and wham, He gave me perspective and I had peace about what I now decided.

Also rang an Abuja contact who God led me to call for some counsel about Powwow.

Prepared lunch and then went to get my babies. I had a bit more work to do, Plus my online Courses so I was gonna send lunch over and come continue but God was like e don do lol.

Plus i really was missing them.

So I left the packed lunch and went to pick them instead.

Came home to lunch of macaroni and mixed veggies and boiled egg. Have my veggies all cut up and put in the freezer so i just throw them in.

Then we played on our playmat with bricks and stuff. Not had light for 2days now cos of transformer so it’s been gen and inverter.

Hubby was out almost all afternoon and returned evening. After we gisted some and I booked my Abuja return ticket (btw Airlines now make you pay for infants??? Wow. Some over 5k sef. Last I flew commercial with KingDaveed I didn’t. Now I’m paying for ElJohn. Wow. That’s crazy. Times must be tight for then lol), I went to sleep. ElJohn and Bro KingDaveed slept with me. Hubby woke us after about 1.30hours cos it was time to bathe them while I made dinner of fried plantain and Irish Potato. Had like 4 Irish left and I didn’t want it to spoil so I added it.

I fed ElJohn while he fed KingDaveed. Then we cleaned their mouth all watching The Johnson’s. Hubby went to sleep afterwards while I backed ElJohn and KingDaveed stayed with me as I cleaned the kitchen after which he said he wanted to go sleep. So na me and ElJohn who soon slept off.

My kitchen hours are never idle. These days I’m listening to Marshawn Evans Believe Bigger.

I’m done but re-listening to the chapters that did me in. I’m having a revival reading that book I tell ya. I’m getting the e-book too until I find the paper copy in Nigeria. IT IS SO GOOD!!!

I dropped ElJohn in his cot, then came to write this blog.

Once I publish, I’ll read a bit, then join my ZOOM MIDNIGHT PRAYER PARTYwith my sisters after which I’ll probably do some journaling and then sleep later.

I’m making some new furniture for my kids room and the carpenter was to deliver today. Story story. Lol. And I’m using him for the first time. The one who did their beds and wardrobe started messing up. Infact the last project I gave him that he came with drama, I seized his tools until he refunded my money.

This one doesn’t know me. I’ll give him till Monday. And he lives 2 houses away from me so I reminded him DAILY!!!

OK almost 11.30pm and this post requires some links and pix so let me work on getting them and publishing.

My personal work phone is still acting up so we will go fix it tomorrow morning. I can’t imagine what I’m missing but God dey…

Plus we are hiring an e-Creative to join our team at CoachE’Squad Ltd and even for Eziaha personally. About time. We need our own Female Geek. Already told my graphics dude to create a flier. I’ll share details.

Hey please spread word about the FRUITFUL AT HOME meeting in Abuja with Stay At Home moms you know in D’Buj.

And share this Fruitful At Home series with them too.

Good night Darlings




Btw update on my stye eye? Just took this real time…


It is well.

It’s ZOOM Prayer time yay.

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  1. Coach E, please tell me a bit about audio books. I am trying to explore that option and maximize my fringe hours. which app do you use? do you purchase the books? any useful info can help. thank you

    1. I use Kobo App hun.
      Yes you pay for them and they are available for life on your account. Your first audio book is FREE though on Kobo…

      You can go to any chapter you want or rewind or fast forward. It’s pretty cool

    2. I use Kobo App hun.
      Yes you pay for them and they are available for life on your account. Your first audio book is FREE though on Kobo…

      You can go to any chapter you want or rewind or fast forward. It’s pretty cool

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