Hey guys!!!

Almost missed it again…

How does 3days go by so fast on the FAB lane biko nu…?

Looks like I have some landlords on this blog who keep praying that the days would go by fast and another ‘rent’ (post) would be due soon…

Una cahmdan ok.

I haven’t done any new writing in a while and I don’t feel like anything I have written yet is quite ready to be published yet so here am I writing a FRESH post on my weightloss journey so far.

Interestingly, I have a post written on this ooo but I wrote it in September, almost a month ago, so a lot of things are no longer valid. I may re-edit and publish sha… May.

Sooooo how has it been?


First off, yawl know I started a #FitFabFam with some of my readers last month. It started well ooo, then come and see major SLACKING and a TRUCKLOAD OF EXCUSES!!! I was so pained because… In fact make I no talk. Let’s just say it is so hard being the ONLY consistent one in a group so I had to leave the group. All my friends who wanted to join but didn’t because I said I wanted people I didn’t know, laughed soooo much at me when I told them the group was no more.

Major ntoi ooo, they were not even nice, those friends of mine.

Lol. I didn’t know they were secretly beefing haha.

Anyways, I wasn’t deterred ooo. Frankly, I didn’t have time to mourn. I looked within for encouragement and encouraged myself in the Lord. Plus in the 3weeks or so we were together, I learned a lot from one or two of them for which I’m thankful.


Btw, shout out to the ladies who were in the group. I hope you have not given up and are still going strong ooo.

To the glory of God (yesssooo), I have been so far VERY CONSISTENT!!! Both EATING CLEAN and TRAINING DIRTY!!! Started this journey on September 4 with 500 skips every night though I was not eating as clean as at the start. But as we progressed and I gained more knowledge, my eating got cleaner and my workouts dirtier and best of all, my weight lighter!!! I am so prouda me!!!


Been running a #Challenge45 in Instagram for some days now so the pictures here would be from IG


Like yesterday, I went for my friend’s party and I unlooked all the party jollof, cake, drinks, doughnuts, ice cream and all other party chops and guess what I had?

Water, small portions of vegetable salad WITHOUT the cream, and fruit salad WITHOUT the yoghurt topping they had, 2 garden eggs which thankfully I saw on her dining table, gizzard and chicken.


And I was watching EVERYBODY around me chopping ooo. I just dey sip my water jeje, dey thank God for life.

That top is LIGHT BLUE... Sweat darkened it
That top is LIGHT BLUE… Sweat darkened it

My workout sessions are too intense for me to now chop calories anyhow. I was HUNGRY ooo but I was disciplined enough to twist my head when offered… Thankfully my host was gracious and didn’t fuss.

So what are the lessons I have learnt on this journey?



In that #FitFabFam post, I mentioned how I had tried it ALL!!! I was never consistent because they would wear me out so much and all my body would HURT for days so bad that I would NOT wanna continue. Thank God for leading me to skipping. And then to my girl Kieria Leshae’s dance videos.

So my regular routine is

2000skips twice a day (4000 in total)

10min dance both cardio and toning, once or twice a day

100 abs crunches. 60seconds planks times 4.

I LOVE MY ROUTINES!!! They are FUN to do. They are NOT easy but they WORK for me. Yes they hurt but not enough to stop me.


Guys, don’t even try to copy anybody. If gym is your thing, go for it. If Shawn T, enjoy. Shredder gang? By all means. But don’t feel like you need to DO what the next person is doing because you see the results. If you start and you are not feeling it, LEAVE IT and try something else till you find what works and is fun too.



Everyone’s journey is really different. Someone will lose the weight faster/slower than you. Someone will eat like a horse and won’t add an inch unlike you. Run your own race and pace yourself. And don’t be pressured when someone tries to compare you with another in a way that is anything BUT encouraging.

Something for those NOT on the journey…

Please RESIST THE URGE to compare us with others or yourselves.

I see this a LOT even when people are trying to advise you. Used to annoy me but now I just ignore. When someone tells you they are trying to lose the baby weight, that is NOT the time to regal us with tales of how their sister, sister’s dog, neighbour, pastor’s wife, colleague, etc LOST ALL HER BABY WEIGHT approximately 15seconds after the baby dropped AND WITHOUT ANY EXERCISE ooo!!! Or worse still, how they dropped their own too without any workout or FAR LESS THAN YOU ARE DOING. Come on darling, don’t be insensitive!!! Encourage WITHOUT COMPARING!!! Obviously some of these stuff are OK to say but make sure you are NOT SAYING THEM AT THE WRONG TIME!!!


  1. Don’t overdose yourself on info…


Should you research? YES. But not every advise/info online would work for you. For example, I do NOT believe that story on breakfast being the MOST important meal of the day. Simple. And so many other things I see online I just IGNORE!!! But of course, the internet is an amazing well of info ooo. just SIEVE!!!

  1. Prepare your meals in advance and avoid eating out
Ify helped me with my cooking on October 2. This food has not finished yet
Ify helped me with my cooking on October 2. These foods have not finished yet

I learnt this and it has just worked wella for me. If not, on days when you are just ravenous and tired, you will just grab the nearest ‘fast food’ in your house and it most likely will be UNHEALTHY and calorie packed. Think cornflakes, noodles, biscuit, etc. Eating out is mostly a NO-NO because those meals are OIL-PACKED and calories full. I recall a convo with my hubs recently when we were having a date night…

Me: Babe let’s not do cinema jor, let’s go somewhere and eat

Hubs: Ah!!! Me I dunno where they sell grass ooo


Hahahahahaha. Cos frankly I have been eating fresh veggies and everything and eating out is hardly an option. It was hub’s birthday so I just wanted to have a ‘Cheat meal’ to reward myself for all my clean eating.

But normally, I have all my foods right in my house and I buy fruits on a regular.

  1. You don’t have to SPEND that much money TO EAT CLEAN!!!
This cabbage soup, 4servings, cost me under 1k... haba
This cabbage soup, 4servings, cost me under 1k… haba

That has always been my assumption. Especially with all those fancy-sounding names you hear peddled around by the #FitFam in Nigeria. Trust me, you can use wetin dey market easily. No need to break a bank. BE CREATIVE and don’t disturb your head trying to find cumin leaves, Greek yoghurt, cayenne pepper, parsley, etc

  1. Be PATIENT!!!

The results will/may not come overnight BUT if you are consistent, you will… EVENTUALLY!!!


I had plans ooo. To show a ‘then and now’ picture with the same dress but I am too tired to bother. There will be more posts like this and I will add them… There are definitely MORE tips but don’t let me overdose yawl… Anyone else have encouraging tips? Please share.

Kisses guys…


Remember, God loves yawl like crazzzzy…



I know I hve a giveaway post pending guys. I can’t even take deep breaths these days. I haven’t even responded to comments on my last post. Didn’t even publicise it like I planned to. I don’t even know why I committed myself to say noon on Saturday. I apologise!!! I am so sorry. It will come up when it will come up, e ma bi nu…

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  1. Hey baby gal I’ve been waiting for this fitfam post bikoo…
    Am super proud of u o nd dawn u hv lost weight…keep balling nd keep looking hawt..
    All hail the mother of the king…..

    1. Thank you boo
      You are sooooo sweet
      love you very much
      Thanks for all the encouragement and always listening to my long story haha

  2. Dearest E’
    Operation grab her Kim K hot body back.
    4 thousand skipping per day, meeen ! Thump up… I see D-E-T-E-R-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N all through………
    That last pics….So fine, can win #FabMum&Son Award

    1. Grabbing my kimk bod oooo
      Naturally tho wink*

      My mom and sis are Amazed!!! Like they are seeing me transform like feem

      And thank you Eujay’m

    1. Thanks boo

      Just rubber band puleld from the root down so it holds it properly. But of course I combed well and brushed before.
      The big hair makes the band invisible.
      I use boppy pins to hold sometimes but my hair stays most of the time

  3. It is no longer Kim K body loading, it is Kim K body has loaded and almost done, and not just Kim K body, King Daveed Mum also has glowing skin. I need your kind of determination. Well done E.

  4. You be looking fab…It’s working!You’ve said it already..I think one most absolute lesson is to pace yourself by yourself.You and another’s journey can never be the same.Take the positive vibe from them, encourage yourself and imbibe them, that’s all.And the group thingy..MIGHT do you a mail :-)Again yay! Ur Kim k body cometh.And this is from my mail so stuff will be underneath it Frances Okorowww.imperfectlyperfectlives.com

  5. Awwww mama. You are a perfect definition of consistent and determination. You make this journey look so easy but I know it’s not. The last time we meet. You told me you were going to inspire me and you sure did. I just want to start this journey soon but there is no better time than now. You take on anything with so much faith and persistent. You make any/everyone fall inlove with you and your super idea. I must confess am loving you everyday. The effect of you hard work is showing for everyone to see. More grace mama. You are glowing. KingDaveed compliments you so well. How I love this post.

    1. Oh tiz not an easy somtin ooo but GOD!!!

      Awwww you drop the sweetest comments boo
      God bless you and I am happy you are inspired into the #FitFabFam journey.

      God will help us ll jare, AMEN

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