SavedFit&FAB… Going PREMIUM to serve you BETTERER!!!

My bestie just popped out baby number 2 and Sunday was the christening. I had gone into the bathroom and on my way out, I didn’t realize I was talking to myself out loud. Haha. Guess what I was saying? I was mentally preparing a customized meal plan for a Client who was looking to […]

#FitFabFam… The journey so far.

Hey guys!!! Almost missed it again… How does 3days go by so fast on the FAB lane biko nu…? Looks like I have some landlords on this blog who keep praying that the days would go by fast and another ‘rent’ (post) would be due soon… Una cahmdan ok. I haven’t done any new writing in […]


Hi guys, Sorry stuff slowed down some here. Changed location and all the dramz that comes with it Yup guys, back to Lagos now. Can’t wait to settle into my own home in Lagos and get some rhythm into my life again. So this idea came to me early hours of Sunday morning in the […]