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How soon should I start my weight loss journey after giving birth…?

I get this question a whole lot and having been on a post-partum journey twice, and coached 100s of chicks through it, I can share my story and knowledge here…

With my first, I wasn’t very wise. I had gained about 40kg in pregnancy and 6months post-partum, I still weighed 30kg extra.

That was when my weight loss journey began and since it coincided with my stopping exclusive breastfeeding, I could be drastic without taking into account a dip in BMilk production…
I lost 30kg in 4months, but I still breastfed till 16months.

With my second, I was wiser and gained a little under 12kg without doing much, I lost most of it in 2weeks

2 weeks post C-section

because I ate clean and worked out until the day I gave birth accounting for muscles that were quick to bounce back and a low percentage of extra body or belly fat to lose. However, I didn’t begin any workout routine until after 4weeks as advised by my Doctor as I had done a C-Section.

I recall being shocked when he gave me 4weeks as I thought standard practice was 6weeks, but my case was different as I was VERY FIT and he knew 4weeks were all I needed. And truly at my 4week check, he again gave me the go ahead and then I started working out.

Per eating clean though, hmm my sisters, I probably had this 1 to 2-week window when I didn’t have any eating routine. I was just trying to adjust to the haze and craze of new mommy hood so couldn’t maintain a routine. Then 2 weeks after I gave birth, my help left so I was alone for a bit. My mom and MIL were around but I made it VERY CLEAR that I didn’t intend to over eat or be fattened up all in the name of Omugwo. I had made that mistake with my first but now I was wiser. Caused wahala with my mom but I insisted. I made my meals and followed my plan. This started well at about 3weeks or so. By the 6th week, I was well into a routine.

You see, I shared my story in the hope that you pick out the points…

I cannot say start in 2 weeks or 3 months, instead I would say

1. Lose the pressure. 

I am slightly riled when I see women rush to join my squad 2 weeks post-partum despite my advice against that and then they cannot cope after the first week. Weight loss is not easy and for a nursing mom, it is doubly hard…

2. Be ready.

First mentally and then physically. What kind of help do you have around? How many other kids do you have? Have you resumed work? Answers to these will guide you on when best to get into a routine…

However though, note that you won’t have perfect conditions and you will have to put some DISCIPLINE on yourself otherwise like me, 6months or even 1-year Post-partum, you are not just carrying the pregnancy fat but also indiscipline and laziness fat…

Yep, just saying it as it is, and good thing is, I am done writing…


CoachE’ and Eljohn.

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