Three abdominal workouts that are safe in pregnancy

NB: This post was originally authored by me and published on guardian.ng, an online news site. Visceral fat, fat found around the abdominal region, has been defined as the most dangerous type of fat. It is caused largely by late night eating, junk foods and drinking especially sugary drinks and alcohol. Almost every lady’s nightmare, […]

FAQs: Your prenatal fitness and nutrition questions answered

When it comes to exercising in pregnancy, or even maintaining a disciplined diet irrespective of cravings and hormones, there are as many concerns as there are myths and old wives’ tale.  More education is therefore needed especially in this part of our world where a pregnant woman actively working out is mostly looked upon with […]

Prenatal Nutrition: 3 wholesome smoothie recipes to try out today.

NB: This blog post was originally authored and published on www.guardian.ng, Nigeria’s foremost newspaper. If there is any time a woman should pay major attention to her diet, it is when she is pregnant. Because she is not just providing nourishment to her own body, but also to the foetus growing within her. As a […]

Dear CoachE’, how soon can I start my weightloss journey after delivery?

NB: This post was originally authored and published on coachesquad.com, my fitness website. How soon should I start my weight loss journey after giving birth…? I get this question a whole lot and having been on a post-partum journey twice, and coached 100s of chicks through it, I can share my story and knowledge here… […]

Working out in pregnancy? Two things to note.

NB: This post was originally authored and published on: https://m.guardian.ng, Nigeria’s Daily Newspaper. I have heard it said that pregnancy, labour and delivery are athletic events. You should train for them. I couldn’t agree more.  Prenatal workouts, in low-risk pregnancies, are not only advisable, but are also highly beneficial for both mother and baby.  Matter […]

You are now BEAUTIFUL again…

‘You are now BEAUTIFUL again…’ Those were his EXACT words yesterday in church and this was EXACTLY how I looked that day he said it. I heard the above statement at my first Sunday back in DCC Lagos post-delivery and I had made the effort. Effort to look good. You see, these days, i had […]