Hey guys!!!

Ok read this post IN MY VOICE!!!

What? You don’t know what I sound like YET? Ok here you go…

I started vlogging for my Food&Fitness Business and so far I have two videos up on YouTube

Shooting the next video today and I would basically be addressing all those ‘I want to lose my tummy; I don’t want to lose my hips’ and all such questions. I can’t wait to shoot. It will be shot in my gym again

Cos some people think i am...
Cos some people think i am…

Ok so Saturday the 16th was my FIRST official speaking engagement as CoachE’… Food&Fitness Coach, and I am already feeling like a SPEAKER lol. Blame God. That’s how 2minutes into biz and God already gave me crazy biz principles which i shared here and Heavens know how many testimonies people have shared with me from it as per starting their own biz.

Find that post here

Anyways the conference i spoke at was CHAYIL, an annual Married women’s conference that just about covers every topic you need as a married woman,

My BEST friend and CEO of Giggles World
My BEST friend and CEO of Giggles World

and I was handling the weight loss/fitness breakout session.


I learned a LOT of lessons from my Talk, which I am super happy to share with yawl…


But first let me share something Pastor M told me. You see, she had told me I would be speaking there and I was excited and prepped for it.

Then the night before, I see this flyer up on IG. And I am like OH MY!!! This is a BIG deal. Mama is not just treating it anyhow.

Now earlier, she had also asked me if I needed a stand for my business and I told her I didn’t have anything to put in the stand so no need.

And she goes ‘No flyers, No banner, NOTHING? You should not just treat your business anyhow ooo. You have to treat it as a BIG deal!!!’

(Not exactly in those words but that was what she meant)

And she too made sure to treat ME as a Big deal too, flyer and err’thang!!!

Hmm. Anyways, lesson learnt. And many more lessons I picked from there so let’s gooooooo

This is for CHRISTIAN business owners who get to SPEAK too… which is pretty much ANY KINDA BUSINESS OWNER because the speaking niche allows for a variety of ideas and products. So Scout’s motto… BE PREPARED!!!


Even if you operate from on top your bed, still have something that can promote you even if you are not there. E.g., business cards, banners (roll up and hang-on), Flyers, whatever!!! You won’t believe I had NOTHING!!! A friend had gifted me biz cards but I wanted to hol’up until I got nice pictures which I have gotten but was still slacking. Guess who has called that friend up and guess whose business cards are in the works? ME!!! I have even got a Printer for banners and all. These things don’t have to be SUPER EXPENSIVE. Let God lead you to those who you can afford at your level that would also give you value for your money. Like the photographer dude I spoke about here

Btw after my cards are ready, I would share here and how much they cost so you know if you would like to patronize the Company too.


You want to have all these resources for your YouTube channel or blog or social media accounts. Prospective Clients are sooooooo moved by what they see. I was on Wazobia TV


and that show would have been perfect to put up on YouTube but I didn’t ask for a video (I will ask TODAY) but guess what? I am on Ebony Life sometime in August and they have agreed to give me a video of my interview. I have a couple of radio interviews too and I will be sure to ask for where it is a possibility, an audio playback and maybe even get to video me speaking if the studio lights are good. In any business, Clients like packaging ooo, so if you can package well (especially with pictures and videos), people agree you know what you are doing. So anywhere you get to speak, get something professional off it to show.

Personal check: Well I didn’t get a video of my session but I will ask and see about pictures. My friends recorded sha but it is neither clear nor loud.


See ehn, beyond selling whatever it is you are selling, you are representing GOD there to people. So don’t just do it anyhow. Ask God to MINISTER to people beyond whatever you say. You are in business to ESTABLISH the Kingdom of God here on earth not just to make money. So in whatever you do, LET GOD LEAD!!! Let peoples’ SPIRIT above anything else be BLESSED!!! Let people know that any success you have is GOD!!! Don’t be shy about God, but don’t also make it a Preaching session.

Personal check: I totally let God lead EVERYTHING I said!!! TOTALLY!!! From planning to when I said my THANKS!!!


Basically have something visual that people can see and remember. We are such visual humans and depending on your business, you really want people to have a mental image of what you are saying. So make an effort and prepare something that complements your words

Personal check: I had pictures but I wish I had a proper slide. Would have passed my message across even better. Quotes, Highlights, etc.


Yup, I said that. You need to make a big deal of what you know and have done or are doing. Where you have RESULTS or TESTIMONIALS, please share proudly. Don’t think it is pride. Humans are so moved by results. They hear you say you can do XYZ but they also wanna SEE what you have done

Personal check: My people, you won’t believe I didn’t have pictures of ANY of the ladies I had helped lose weight.


Gosh!!! I don’t know how I didn’t send any of it to the media person. I had only my pictures. My transformation pictures are good but they are NOT enough. Anyways, lesson learnt!!!


There are certain info that fit into certain groups and not others. As I shared my own personal story with them, I felt the Holy Spirit gently nudge me to NOT say that I used to do 4000 or 5000 skips daily. It would scare them. People already think weight loss is hard so if I now say I did that, they will lock up even more. So be sure that you are sharing the audience-appropriate information.

Personal check: Check check check!!!


For some crazy reason, I wore a shirt that shows sweat and so I was literally SOAKED!!! It made me uncomfy at several points because I couldn’t move as I would have loved to. I was DRENCHED in my own sweat.

Look at my back
Look at my back

The AC was on but somehow, the ladies covered it. Lol. Now I know better. Next time I would wear something that won’t show sweat like that. You need to be comfortable enough in your cloths to pass across your message

Personal check: Dress EPIC FAIL!!!


And this only works where you have truly prepared for what you are talking about. If not, your audience will throw you off balance. Have the basic knowledge of your business, and then more. Anticipate what questions people would ask and find answers to them. You want to encourage questions please so that you can truly meet those personal needs in people’s lives that your talk may not have covered. Remember, you truly want to IMPACT lives with your talk.

Personal check: I sure did encourage questions. I LOVE QUESTIONS!!! And everyone who asked questions unlocked another information for me to pass across. I loved seeing eyes light up and get nods at my answers.


Yes I know you have promo materials and all but at the end of your session, let your audience HEAR YOU SAY CLEARLY where they can reach you. Drop your social media handles and be very articulate. SPELL it out if you have to. That goes to say that maybe you should not have a complex biz name, or even if your biz name is complex, let your social media handles be easier to reel off. I am working on a total rebranding and then I would have easier and shorter handles to work with. You want them to remember your name so even if for some reason they lose your flyers or card, your Instagram or Twitter handle stands out.

Personal check: You won’t believe I didn’t drop any information about myself and how they could reach me. It took Chika coming up to me to say ‘babe you didn’t tell them they HOW they could contact you ooo’ and by then, the session was over and people were leaving. Yup a couple of people came to register with me afterwards but how about those who are in the valley of decision? By the time they come around, they can’t recall my name and may just go with the next ‘recallable’ equally good Coach.


This is the number one thing you do and I think this is sooo important. Yes you may have been introduced BUT when you get up there, introduce yourself AGAIN!!! Be graceful, lavish and unrushed. Spell out what you do very proudly and profile yourself like a B O S S.


You want people to take you seriously so you wanna start seriously too.

Personal check: I would give myself a 5/10. I certainly could have been less rushed and more focused. Have a profile and a picture of you up and let people appreciate what it is you do and are about to share with them. It is your show, RUN IT!!!

OK that’s pretty much all. I shared the mistakes I made so that you (and me) don’t have to step on these landmines (again).

Don’t also forget to have FUN!!! If you are so uptight, the audience would have a hard time leaning in. You don’t have to have all the drama like CoachE’ or even E’ but at least, enjoy yourself so that your audience can enjoy you. Freestyle where you can but be balanced too. Be professional yet relatable.

Be COOL!!!

Trust me though, even if I shared all these, I had an AWESOME time and totally enjoyed sharing with those ladies.

I just know that there are more speaking engagements in my future so I took the time to do a self-appraisal so that I would do better and because I am super sweet, I decided to share with yawl my amazing blog readers. I pray it blesses. I am grateful for mistakes and lessons learned and thankful to Pastor M for this opportunity.

Pastor M, Me, Diche and Dr Adaora
Pastor M, Me, Diche and Dr Adaora

So cheers to running EXCELLENT CHRISTIAN BUISNESSES and treating our biz, not for where we are BUT FOR WHERE WE ARE GOING!!!


If you have more tips especially if you are an established speaker, please comment and share with us. I am more than willing to learn more. Or if you wanna throw more light on anything I said in a personal way, please do… The floor is now YOURS!!!





• Oktoberfest •

August registration is OPEN so holler and recommend to any Chick who may need my services. I am so blown away by some of the results of some chicks in the group and by the level of commitment and love and all…

screenshot_2016-07-15-15-19-04.png screenshot_2016-07-15-15-19-28.png screenshot_2016-07-15-15-20-05.png

I especially LOVE that a lot of them are getting so food disciplined and it is very important. We should HONOR God with what we nourish our bodies with. AMEN!!! We just entered week 3 and I am loving their testimonies. I can’t wait to share pictures with yawl…

August is already looking good so join the COOL Squad now ooo let’s get you SHREDDED!!!


I think this Post on SQUAD GOALS is sooooo vital for the season and in recent times, God has been practically teaching me that. I keep sharing personal stories on my IG @eziaha. We have to be VERY careful on how we choose the relationships in our lives and honor and nourish them right so that they produce FRUITS in our lives. All these SQUAD GOALS on Instagram won’t stand when the rubber meets the road ooo. Be wise. Be guided. PRAY that God plants you in the right SQUADS!!! AMEN!!!

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  1. Love this post!!! I tend not to know how to write really long comments, as I’m sort of a more speaking person, and I don’t really like typing especially on a computer. It is totally spot on! Having promotional materials, Tooting your own horn! (ain’t nobody gona toot it for you). Everything is just so spot on!


  2. Sorry…I had something to say till I saw Dr. Adaora and I forgot what I wanted to say
    Dr with d good hair
    Ehem…E my love
    I enjoyed your frankness
    More kachings in your account

  3. Thanks Coach E.
    My speaking so far has been more pactical as it usually involved practical work but is still speaking so will share my own lil info for now.
    1. I agree with the dressing aspect. Your clothing should be comfortable if not it might affect your presentations. Av had few occassions where I was so conscious of my clothing that it almost distracted me and even had a participant once give feedback on that area.
    2. Visual too is very important. A picture or illustration can capture the essence of a particular sentence or info and it catches the people’s attention.
    3. Be well prepared before your time of presentations. Put everything in place. It makes the people feel like you are ready for them and it also helps you relax and feel confident.
    My batt is about to die so I better stop here. Maybe more comments later. …..

  4. This was good and there was a lot to learn. Please if you want to share more in this area, could you please touch on how to get your name out there? Like how to get more readers for your blog etc. besides say, sharing your posts on Facebook. Thanks! 🙂

    1. Thanks hun
      I think what continues to work for me is consistency in posting and sharing relevant content. Soon, followers will come. Just keep at it and don’t be discouraged…


  5. Many thanks for this Eziaha. I’ll be speaking at a teenage conference over the weekend, so this is really helpful. You should do a post on the other speaking engagement you had same day?

    1. Oh I’m happy this helped you personally!!!
      Thank God.

      And nope nope didn’t speak at Becoming. For some reason, you are not the only one who thought that.

  6. I like the honesty in this post. Promotional materials don’t have to be very expensive, simple stuff can be effective. I believe directing your audience to your materials online is also a great way to develop trust and for them to know you personally. Also having your email list url(Eziaha.com/email signup) available to live audience is an effective way to promote your online biz as you can send them promo,more information on what you do etc.
    God bless you Coach E

    1. I’m usually amazed at what people respond to in some posts. I wasn’t even aware that the honesty would be a big deal. I just wanted to share my heart and I did effortlessly sef. Lol

      And my gosh, you are soooo right. Will definitely do that email list next time.

      Thanks hun. And Amen!!!

  7. E, you are a simply phenomenal woman! Everything about this post is on point. I love the vulnerability- pointing out your own faults and drawing lessons from them. I love the fact that you’ve got God at the centre of it all. You are a woman on fire for God. I love the fact that you do not take business ethics for granted. God is with you but you have to work it. May the Holy Spirit continue to inspire you. Love your blog!


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