Don’t make these Journaling mistakes… (I’ve been so guilty)

If you follow this blog and my YT channel especially recently, you would notice that I have been creating some buzz around Journaling. It really is a super power for me and it continues to both make me effective with my tasks, and extremely joyful at soul deep levels. However, I have made some Journaling […]

Don’t enter a new month without answering these 3 questions. (I do this too)

‘An unexamined life is not worth living’- that’s Brother Socrates on that beat. If you are thinking ‘What does it mean to examine my life?’, and if the concept already overwhelms you, then keep on reading, as I have some wisdom I am dishing on how to bring order, and elegance to your ridiculously amazing […]


Scrolling through your phone, watching endless TV, Netflix and chill, all poor quality leisure. You and your beautiful brain deserve better. Does that mean we should throw away our smart phones and go live with the Amish community? Well, except you chose to. If however, you want to still remain ‘Century 21 compliant’. smart phones, […]

How to get MORE DONE in less time

Hey Sisters,  Last time on the blog, I spoke about planning your hours ahead and being proactively lazy. One of the Queens in my stay at home mom mentoring academy had this question, and I thought to answer this on my blog too “Oh thank you, If I prepare my daily schedule and I don’t […]

I do this because I am LAZY

One of the BEST books I have read in the last 2 years would be ATOMIC HABITS by James Clear. Ranked with that would be Deep work, Digital Minimalism and “So good they can’t ignore you” all by Cal Newport, then “Joy of Missing Out” by Tonya Dalton, Becoming and Promised Land by the Obamas, […]