For me personally, it’s not only about the results that I get, it’s also about the joy that I feel in the process of getting the results.

Shalom Jesus Girls!

This is super exciting! I recently recorded a video at past 9pm, I had just finished a session with one of my sisters Bunmi Dayo-Ayeni where we talked about thriving even in unhealthy or difficult marriages and it was such a beautiful session.

Because make up cannot waste lol… I had to do a recording and I was thinking about what I wanted to talk about. I have a couple of healthy living and weight loss related contents I could share but I want to talk about practices that enable me to continue to live and enjoy my best life and that can help you too.

So it’s not just about me, we are turning it outward to you. And I was thinking, what five things in my life have I truly continued to do over time consistently that has brought me not just results but also joy.

For me personally, it’s not only about the results that I get it’s also about the joy that I feel in the process of getting the results. This is Because I don’t want to have results and have no joy and I can’t be joyful without results. So Joyful results and Joyful productivity are certainly one of my core values. And in this blog, I’ll be bringing you into the back stage and the behind the scene of my life so that you can see what truly helps me to enjoy my life every single day and how it can help you too.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

Number One without a doubt will be my spiritual practices. First, I love the Lord! I love the Lord! I love the Lord. I have some friends who are naturally good people. I feel like some people are naturally good people and you probably know some people like that, they are just good and sweet, kind and loving. They still need Jesus but people like us that our head touches a lot we need a lot more of Jesus. So I am definitely one of those people. Without Jesus, I am like a Judas Iscariot, Lucifer everything rolled into one. But with Jesus I am such a sweet, kind, nice and beautiful person. So I take my spiritual disciplines and practices very seriously. One of them is definitely Prayers. I am a person of prayer, I am a woman of prayer, I love to pray. Bible study? My goodness! I love the word of God. So I am like a Bible junkie, I am constantly amassing Bibles. Do you want to know my remaining spiritual practices? It’s all in this video.

The second is Mentoring. The power of mentoring. The Bible says “For even if you had ten thousand others to teach you about Christ…”– 1 Corinthians‬ ‭4‬:‭15‬ ‭NLT

So I am constantly looking out for Teachers, Mentors, Leaders, Pastors and Spiritual guides that has gone ahead of me. Normally, I stay with the word, I study my Bible, I hear from the Holy Spirit but their are men of God He uses to teach us solid counsel and I love to be under the teachings of men of God. I love to have them mentor me, teach me and lead me in the way of the Lord. I am so submitted to Spiritual authority and mentoring. I am made of mentoring . Would you like to know people who have actively mentored me for years now? I mentioned in this video

Number three would be the power of sister friendship. My friends are so important to me. I have powerful, purposeful and visionary friends. I have beautiful friends. During my birthday last year, we went away to this resort for about 4 days! Phone free! It was so so good! I talked about it more in this video.

Check this video to see the remaining two things I have continually done over time that brings me joy and results. Trust me, it’ll bless you in no small way.

Cheers to living your best life and living as a joy merchant like me!


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