A few tears 2018 brought, and their significance

Hey blog fam, I feel like I have 7 blogs to write before the year is over. Right now, I am trying to prioritize and see which one God would actually have me share, and which is just me being upset and moved enough to a blog post. Both important. One importanter. This blog though […]

2D and 3D conversations (and why I don’t pick some calls)

Hey guys… Phew. It has been REAL guys. This weekend at Upstream, DDK said something I understood at a level most won’t. she said Prophetic vision is the gift of perspective. What this means is that you understand why God did what He did then, and link it to what He is doing now and […]

It’s easy to write. It’s living that’s the hard part….

Hey yawl… HAPPY Sunday!!! I was reading an old post from Pastor M’s blog www.justusgirlsnaija.com from like 3 years ago, but still so relevant. In fact, I have never forgotten it, cos this seems to be even more TODAY my reality. You should read that post for contextbut a line once again jumped out at […]

#AugustFruitful31.30… YOUR MARRIAGE, YOUR RULES!!! (Part 3)

So something funny happened today!!! Laptop of mine suddenly stopped working!!! I didn’t realize water had poured on my table and had collected under the laptop overnight. Anyways, thank You Jesus, I just got the fan and stationed behind the laptop for some hours and went about my day in other ways, aka played with […]

#AugustFruitful31.6… My Long Distance Marriage Story

Today, I was still contemplating what I wanted to write about and then a friend sends me a message on wanting me to do a feature on her blog on Long Distance Marriages and introduce me to more Chicks in LDM like me too. That was confirmation that this was what I was to write […]

#PropheticMotherhood… What DDK said

God has blown me away in recent times. I woke early Sunday morning and as I thought about the previous week and all that had happened to and with me, God used a Twitter scenario to drive it home… So I was having this convo with Kuchi and QYM on Twitter and I said #GroupHug […]

Are we even fighting AT ALL…?

You know, this week was an absolutely emotional one for me. For some reason, I spent quite some time on the phone with women. I took away ONE thing from EVERY conversation. EVERY!!! That some, maybe most of us are NOT fighting hard enough!!! My Rev (who I am CRAZY about more now than before) […]

An absolutely FAB update…

Hey yawl, How is everyone doing? So sorry I went AWOL. In fact. I am so sorry that I am coming here to give an update. I was just gonna disappear for a while. What do you think those three posts in a day were for? Bhahaha😂😁:: Ok really tho, yawl know I got a […]

Dear Stay-at-home mom/wife…

I am super excited about this post because I am sharing lessons from my life with wives and moms. I realised that in my circle these days are a lot of young wives, new moms and stay-at-home ladies, and as we interact, I feel a divine need to share some in a post. Stick around […]