Meet my Bibles

Hey BlogFam, So today, I want to talk about my Bibles and like give you a Bible buying guide of sorts. Every time I want to buy a Bible, I check for reviews online and we hardly see reviews from Nigeria so I mostly check on Amazon and all other Bible websites, then bloggers/influencers who […]

My April Reads (plus review of Q1 books)

Gosh, this is so late and I apologize So I shared here my January and then February and March reads. January reads Q1 Reads The reason I do these posts is really to encourage you to read and then hand you practical guides in choosing books as I share not just what I am reading, […]

E’Reads Series: My First Quarter Reads.

It is a WHOLE NEW MONTH and I am super pumped about it. Happy New month, Fam. January ran a WHOLE sprint and I am so glad the year is moving on nicely, and for me personally, rather imperfectly I must say. While I am doing my best to be FAITHFUL to His grace per […]