Too much sleep: Flesh or Demonic?

Hey Blog fam, I hope everyone is keeping well. I have had the most intense couple of days all round: Physically, emotionally, spiritually and more. Finally kicked off something I had been looking forward to, but which seemed so far-fetched at the time: A personal retreat. I last went on one in my uni days, and I mean for […]

This is MADNESS!!!

It has taken me a real long time to put this together because I didn’t want it to seem like anyone was ‘judging’ or ‘not being fair cos I haven’t walked in their shoes’… While we know haters gon’ hate, we still gotta make sure ‘as much as it depends on me’ I maintained peace […]

Life really does have a HIERARCHY…

I can imagine that many of us are quite familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Especially if you have a background in the Social Sciences… I recall learning it in PSY 102 in Uni and I totally loved it. I immediately, I made up my mind to reach the peak which is SELF ACTUALIZATION as […]

The WORD for NOW… I laugh at the Devil

It was my girl Dumebi that first said it to me ‘…the devil sha, he can like to fight LOST battles…’ And she inserted the confused and the ‘huh’ smileys. Like who does that? Fight a battle wey you know say you don lose already. Smh Devil sha. I’ve learnt to laugh at devil. Yes, […]

So the Devil talks to YOU?

So the devil talks to you? I had this conversation with someone. But lemme back up a bit. Last week Monday, we had a prayer meeting at Kado estate. Afterwards, I was walking with my girl Mimi to a place where I could get a cab home easily. Recall that I am still new in […]