It has taken me a real long time to put this together because I didn’t want it to seem like anyone was ‘judging’ or ‘not being fair cos I haven’t walked in their shoes’… While we know haters gon’ hate, we still gotta make sure ‘as much as it depends on me’ I maintained peace even as I shared my thoughts…
Btw, two guys I know and respect have written on this Anti-gay bill…
Chuka Obi and Johnson Madichie
10 reasons why i support the Anti-Gay law in Nigeria
Their views? I buy into totally…
Look, without mincing words, I say THIS IS MADNESS!!!
The devil, see eh, underestimate dude at your own risk. Didn’t Paul admonish us not to be ignorant of his wiles… The devil z crafty much. Tell you the end of where he is going? Come in obvious fashion? Lai lai!!! He will NEVER. Dude is way too smart.
He will start small small… When it blows up in your face, o ga eme voom n’anya

Truth is I am actually stunned that we have some Nigerians who are Christian open their mouths (I’m trying not to use that term that starts with a ‘G’ ) and condemn this gay bill that was passed NOT just because they fear jungle justice esp if someone is wrongly accused by an overzealous lot BUT because they argue that they were born that way or tz dia business or some two consenting adults rubbish ( again trying not to say that ‘B’ term).

The two articles above did their best to explain the sin aspect of homosexuality.
Incase your argument is ‘judge not…’ Afterall there are other sins so why the hoopla on homosexuality? I did an article 3 years ago when this gay business was infiltrating Naija small small…

Now let’s look at the medical psychology aspect.
I did study some abnormal psychology in my third year in Uni. (I hated the course btw because there were way too many diseases and drugs to learn and coming from pharmacy, it wasn’t funny. And frankly, I thought the lecturer was ‘abnormal’ ) One of the abnormal sexual diseases was Homosexuality. Scientifically proven to be ABNORMAL. In that same course, help was prescribed for these people.
So, if for some reason we chose to believe that some people were born that way and can’t help themselves, then we can direct them to where they can get help. We will help, support and LOVE em while they get this much needed help and NOT WORSHIP the problem and then BUILD AN ALTAR.
I don’t see us excusing a klepto just because they can’t help it… Instead we call em thieves… Unrepentant ones at that. Ditto paedophiles… Mba!!! We judge em already. Btw kleptomania and paedophilia are all abnormal conditions too according to my AP class. I don’t see us carrying placards condemning the position of the law on same… How about the age old Prostitution? Why is it criminalized in Naija? Is it not their body? Btw, in my Soc 314 class, course title SOCIAL PROBLEMS (loved the course, hated the lecturer’s guts), I led a group that did an indepth study on Prostitution. It is actually legal in some western states and even the ILO don approves am tey tey as one of the ways a woman can make money for herself. You see the devil? Na small small na… Soon he will use people to agitate that it be legalised in Naija too…
God punish devil.
And well if homosexuality is your choice, you also reserve the right to relocate to another country where homosexuality and same sex marriage is no crime. Or remain closeted here, that is if you still choose to not get help… Look there are more thieves than have been caught but you will agree with me that the fact that such an act has been criminalised complete with penalties sure helps control spread. That is the reason we have laws… Not to eradicate a particular crime/act BUT to reduce it as much as is possible. The Criminology and Deviance class I took in final year (which I totally loved btw- lecturer and course) taught me that much… Deviants can NEVER be completely eradicated but we enact laws and specify ‘public’ punishments to ‘control’ it (General deterrence). So do your thing if you insist. But let’s not normalize it and approve gay marriages…

Some say there are more important bills to pass and yet they are wasting time and money on such an irrelevant matter. Chuka dealt with it very well in his own article. There is NOT a wrong time to make a right decision esp in this case. May I also add that Foresight is invaluable in leadership. What is irrelevant today will become a MONSTER in the future. Didn’t I say d devil doesn’t come in obvious fashion? All these sexual perversions, how did they start? Where is it going to?
Shebi the bible already told us ‘flee sexual sins…’ Then the devil says ‘haba, if two consenting adults (M and F at first) wanna have sex, wazzyabiz dia? Leave em jor…’ So single persons indulge in heavy sexual activity (afterall u gotta ‘test drive’ before u buy, no?) And when they marry, they can’t stay with one partner, not after distributing emselves all over the world. This impacts on marriages and they can no longer stay together with adultery being a major reason. The devil makes divorce a very EASY option (was it Charley Boy that said soon we would be having divorce parties and anniversaries? ) thereby attempting to rubbish the marriage institution as ordained by God. Since the NORMAL (heterosexuality) is failing, the ABNORMAL (homosexuality) has room to thrive. Then some seek to make abnormal normal? God punish devil!!!
Quick question tho- Why do homosexual ‘couples’ involve the other sex in their attempts/activities to have children? If you wanna marry same sex, why don’t you have children same sex without help from the opposite sex? #ConfusingMuch
I just can’t mehn…

So the ‘godfather’ West legalizes homosexuality in some states and we thought that was the worst thing they could do??? Mba… Sin grows. It doesn’t stay at one level. Of course there’s more in Pandora’s box.

Bestiality!!! Man marrying beast. First you know twas US Soldiers allowed to have carnal relations with beasts. Soon man-beast marriage would be outright legal!!! You can chose to marry your dog Bingo or your pig Bruno. Hmm. Hian!!!
This happened some years back in Aussie…
Isn’t that even animal rights violation?!?! Soon it will be legal in more and more states and then it would filter into Naija and some ‘okachamara’ people who are seeking to be socially and politically correct/relevant will write winding articles with putrid, bamboozling but still absolutely senseless points on why bestiality should NOT be criminalized in Naija!!! If this isn’t madness, what is??? Please!!!
Oh then this was what I saw that made me totally decide to write this…
Some two weeks ago, Disney channel introduces first SAME SEX episode on ‘Goodluck Charlie’!!!
What?!?! Disney???? The same one that almost every child grows up watching AND EMULATING!!!
Trying to make this normal for even children now, are we? Do you see the devil now? Confusing the kids already. While he has started catching them young, we are still looking to ‘fix’ the adult.
While we don’t take Miley seriously anymore, here is what she had to say abourrit
‘… I commend Disney for making this step into the light of this generation. They control…so much of what kids think! Life isn’t bright sets & wardrobe & kids becoming superstars! This is INSPIRING…’
Inspiring indeed…
About two years ago, my Sister stopped her kids from watching a number of programs on Disney including but not limited to Hannah Montana and Wizards of waverly place. She said the content was no longer appropriate for her kids. Even I thought babe was harsh jor, but hey, her DSTV, her Children. We all complied.
Now I know why… Babe cucu has foresight.
My jaw dropped literally when I read the article. It was the ‘normality’ of it all that stupefied me… Dang!!! Hmm Parents are you are? *in Zebrudaya’s voice*
Not every children TV is safe anymore…
You see why this gospel of ours needs more funding? See why we need to have more billionaire believers? Who would build amongst others, whole christian media houses to cater for kids especially and adults too? Who would INVADE and DOMINATE every sector of the economy for Christ? You would agree with me that the devil is thriving BIG TIME in the media, and in his vintage manner, he starts small small till he takes over.
Then those of us who tick ‘Christianity’ as our religion are all blase about this gay ish, with majority forming sitting on the fence… Newsflash baby, there are NO MORE FENCES or WALLS. You are either for or against… I hope we are not selling our souls so that we are seen and accepted ‘mainstream’. I am really appalled when I see some ‘christians’ forming vex for the anti-gay bill and support for gays freedom of sexual expression especially online (twitter, blogs, facebook, news sites etc). For what? 30 shekels of silver? An appearance on ‘African voices’? A feature on CNN website? 15seconds of fame on BBC? A couple of interviews on TV and blogs? More website/blog hits and more ads? A nod from the ‘super powers’, A coupla RTs, likes and more followers? What???
And these are the smart youth ooo. The ‘future’. The so-called Twitter overlords…
The bible cucu calls it ‘babbling’ ‘opposition of science’ ‘so called knowledge’ which some professing have erred from the faith…
God bless the likes of Alibaba who in NO UNCLEAR terms tweeted his support for the Anti gay bill while loving the gays still…
Yes we love the gays but homosexuality is both a sin and an abnormality so criminalizing in Naija shouldn’t come as a shocker. Let’s not gloss over it lest the devil hoodwinks us all. We won’t wait till it becomes major till we start fighting it. Like my darling friend Ru says, ‘let’s not rehearse on stage’
Now let’s balance this up and address the homo-phobics and jungle-justice happy people, all these hate crimes on the gays are uncalled for. Tz not your place to carry out justice. There are institutions for that so please handover any case to the right institution and don’t become ‘the law’ yourself… Gays are humans too. No less than you. So don’t even bother feeling halo-special. I do have a homosexual friend (I am sure she will tackle me after reading this) She is very intelligent. I really do love her. We relate on a high intellectual level but she knows I don’t approve of her lifestyle and I always tell her how I am praying she ‘normalizes’ cos walahi, she would make a fantastic wifey to some handsome smart believing dude.
Oh Ellen Degeneres? Easily my BEST talkshow host!!! Would pick her over Oprah without thinking. She and Portia, I totally love. But the homosexual marriage? Nah baby… Like Hell NO…

My International politics classes in 300 level and final year were among my best classes. Oh how I loved to see some countries stand up to some of the world’s Super powers despite the dynamics of power not always tilting in their favor…
So now we are hearing ‘…revoke the bill or we will do this and that…’
Ndi uchu… It always boils down to foreign aids yeah…
Maybe you should keep your aids… And HIV while at it.
Again God punish the devil
And God bless Nigeria

Love dawleens and have a FAB weekend…

Going Forward…Still Testifying

My booski has this article on Gay child here… It borders on how to relate with the gay… I loved it.
I especially loved the ‘pray your gay away’ picture…
I also wrote on this gay ish some three years ago…
Happy birthday to my SuperStar niece… Shakara this babe ti po but it fits her abeg… Go shake your world sweetie. Rooting for you… 14 years already. Love you bundles baby… To the moon and back. Muah…

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  1. Wow! On disney too………this world is really coming to an end o.How best can we protect children these days than to pray,God help.God punish devil. And E’,thanks o…….for the info & messages,one has to be at alert now.

  2. had a classmate who started first year English class with me as a man and now in final year, he is a woman and the law forces me( everyone) to treat such a person as a woman. shares the same bathroom/restrooms, call her girl etc…i really don’t know how to relate#imagine my shock when i saw him/her in the ladies# but had to accept and “not judge”….my not judge is in quotation marks because it is the word that has been used by the Homo community to get the christian to shut up …but if we really look deeper, the people judging are not the anti-gays( thats how they call us) but the gays themselves….correcting God’s creation, claiming that they are born this way, trapped in the wrong body etc..#am forever shocked#
    This is just me thinking out loud E.

    1. Exactly. Also, E’ i am cracking up BIG time as I read this. I’m just imagining your facial expressions with the “hian” here and “hian” there. I had to just leave twitter alone while everybody was debating that bill. Things got very annoying, very fast. I suspect some people were hoping to use their tweets as part of their visa application to the USA lol (meanwhile, no matter what the US media tries to show. that issue is still not settled in the majority of the states o)
      As for prostitution – would you believe it’s legal in some African countries? e.g. Senegal. and now every year, thousands of oyinbo women flock to Senegal for the sexual tourism . It’s been documented. Some say its “helping” the country—but I think there’s nothing sadder.
      As for Miley….giiiirrrrll. Why did you even honor her by quoting her? Let me not say anything about her that will make God vex with me 😉

      1. Oh how did I miss “US visa application’ as a price too. I am telling you. I saw the most unbelievable people talk rubbish and I’m like whaaaaa?!?!?
        U see, first Senegal, then more to west Africa. Tz helping their country? Wow!!!!!
        Miley Ehn? I just Taya. I guess it was shock that made me quote her… Like so people are truly Mad like this?
        And NNE, I was angry oooo. More like vexed in my spirit. Like seriously, we should all stop sleeping oooo… The devils is working overtime

    2. As much as I didn’t wanna laugh, I couldn’t help your opening statement. Loooool. Had a guy turned girl like that in uni too. I can’t imagine how confusing it must have been for people relating with him/her. If adults are this confused, how much more children…
      And true ooo, that judge not is really a day of saying shut up. We no free. We won’t judge but hey we sure wont shut up…
      NNE your thinking aloud got me thinking too… This is pure crazy

    1. My Darling we can’t rest on our oars oooo
      BTW I am super sorry I didn’t respond to your mail… Thanks so much for writing in. I will do the needful… Muah

  3. Well done, my sister! We all wanna sound politically correct so we avoid talking about it (although most times we use a wrong approach). This got me thinking…in the Lord’s army we gotta have strong front line soldiers.

    Who’s gonna stand between the porch and the altar, weeping for the people?
    Who’s gonna get up all right, put food away, and pray for the city’s repentance?
    Who will lead the people to victory, without embellishing or reducing the impact of God’s words?

    We all need His grace to do right. We can’t do right all by ourselves. Apostle Paul was right: “So I find it to be a law that when I want to do right, evil lies close at hand.”

    Saved or unsaved, we all need Jesus. Thanks for the article!

    1. True that darling. Sometimes we do use a wrong approach when we tackle a right matter. Which is why I had to think and think before putting this down.
      And yes we all need grace. And plenty Jeremiahs oooo. No be one man fight. We need an army

  4. Christians we need to get out of our comfort zones and take leadership in the economy, industry, media, government etc etc. For some that is where ministry is, but for the fear of “corruption” we hardly look in that direction. After Ghana’s former president died I was convinced of that fact and that he fulfilled his ministry in Christ coz the testimony of one head of state was that all he remembered him for was how God focused he was even in ruling the nation. Abeg leadership is everything and whatever is happening among the people is only a reflection of what kind of leadership they have. The bible is very clear on the principles of leadership n authority n the impact it has on a nation/group of people (good or bad). We just can’t be leaders In the church only!
    And we must PRAY!!
    we must take over spiritually n physically!

  5. I totally disagree with the two consenting adult babble,abegi some people aint got an inkling on what been matured entails.That the constitution of a country spells out an age for the attainment of maturity doesn’t make you one.As far as am concernrd some peeps neva mature,they just grow tall.
    Hmmm!dis don’t judge theory ehn!I strongly believe there’s a righteous kind of judgment we can exercise as believers but it must be done with careful discernment and love.Huge emphasis on the love.We gats OD these people with love and not treat them like social outcast.#team love the sinner,hate the sin#.Nice one (lady) E’

    1. Dee this is you right?
      This has to be the best comment yet…
      Walahi maturity no be age. Maturity is responsibility. Not just age. Thanks babe

  6. This is about the longest post uve written. holy anger on point. what more can I say? sin must never be glorified, never. and when Christians support it, like Paul said, they’ve become men who av turned their ears away from the truth and they no longer endure sound doctrine…people like that ought to evaluate their lives, cos dey aren’t Christians who oppose d ways of God…I hope that those of us who know the Truth, will allow ourselves to be used to bring light to d darkness in our generation. u know there’s so much resting on our shoulders as the light of the world. else like salt that has lost its taste we be discarded, or when we become warm God spews us out in anger.

    1. I can’t stress that we need to be LIGHT more and more
      Blazing blinding bright, everywhere we go…
      Thanks babe
      And I think I have longer posts ooo lol

  7. Ok, so it’s taken a lot to do this reply (Missy I loved the post but length is an issue o!)
    Homosexuality is wrong, a sin against God and our bodies. No debating that. I didn’t read the two opinions E’ put up, so forgive me if my comment makes it obvious.
    I have a problem with the passage of the bill, and not because of foreign aid (British High Commissoner recently said it wouldn’t affect their relations with Nigeria), ditto for the UN etc. My problem with the bill is not also because of I’m trying to be accepted by anyone, country (just so that is clear). Finally, no I’m not gay.
    My problem with the bill is two things, manipulating our religious fanaticism, and it is a duplication of already existing laws. The Act against Sodomy (which is same sex relations) has been in existence, and same sex marriage is outlawed in our Criminal Code.
    That leads to the first point which is that the law was a brilliant ride on popular sentiments to score cheap political points. Nigerians, ignorant of the fact that these laws already exist, are singing the praises of a government who are using diversionary tactics to mask the speed at which the country is headed to hell. When last did you fly in Nigeria without praying from when you boarded till you left the destination airport? When last did you visit a state in the North East? Have you applied for a visa to country in Europe recently, seen that our visa conditions are in the category with Iraq, Syria, and Central African Republic (amongst other war ravaged countries)?
    This bill isn’t about preserving our heritage, or stopping the madness that is eating up our morals by the day. And that’s what makes me mad about it. We are against homosexuality, I know I am. I am also against the murders that have become commonplace with people playing ‘executors of righteousness’ for God. Leadership, apart from being about foresight, is about a whole lot of discretion. Rev Sam Adeyemi says, saying the right thing the wrong way makes everything wrong. Nigeria already has major problems with violence and mob action for any sensible person to ’empower’ them to further take laws into their hands. Gay people are getting dragged out of their houses, forced to have sex and then murdered, either by fire or stoning.
    Is that really what we want?

    It is for these reasons I am against the bill, especially because they already existed. And I’m sorry this has become a tad long.


    1. Where do I start from?
      OK let’s tackle you on the life less serious on length first. Not that I mind long comments but I would have thought you would have minded… 🙂
      Then I loved our comment. Only the smart CC would have written this…
      Like I said at the beginning, my pee is not with those who worry about hate crimes. But ‘… BUT because they argue that they were born that way or tz dia business or some two consenting adults rubbish ( again trying not to say that ‘B’ term)…’
      but I do love the slant you opened my eyes to. Manipulating our religious fanaticism and duplicity of already extant laws. I would not put it beyond them walahi. Though I am pretty sure the government would tell us that that’s an overactive imagination at work… ‘…Hellur!!!, we don’t do, you complain… we do, you still complain… Infact you pick out just ONE and blow it outta proportion. Ain’t no pleasing these Nigerians sha. Especially these ones on SM esp twitter… Hiss”
      Now that’s me speaking as the FG (Reno, Reuben maybe)
      So you see babe… Your word against theirs…
      They can argue to heavens that they are doing their job and we can argue to heavens that tz just them manipulating our religious overt-zealousness…
      They can even argue that the law, though existing before was just ‘reviewed’ and/or emphasized. Or whatever. This is almost similar to that yerima’s own, no? Just that we don’t have plenty trust for or faith in our government… Hence we question the motive begin everything they do, plus good plus bad.
      Speaking of which, I can’t get over jungle justice… The things some Nigerians do eh, you begin to wonder just how much ‘humanity, is in them… But let’s not single out crimes against the gay. Tz the same way they would accuse four innocent boys at aluu and burn them to death. Or how some animals would pour pepper into the private part of women just because they were accused of stealing pepper. For several other criminalized acts, you have animals who are over zealous and use it as a means to set up and attack innocent or even guilty people… Ugh!!! BTW, is there a law on jungle justice already? If there is one, then they have our permission to review or duplicate it already.
      Sam adeyemi is everyone’s mentor. OK almost. Some people’s bad belle na die… Lol. I totally agree with him. However, I didn’t talk about words… Of course u can SAY the right thing but be very WRONG cos of how u say it (wifey with a big mouth lesson 101 I learnt).
      Which is why I said there is NOT a wrong TIME to make a right decision. And then added ‘…esp in this case…’
      Then finally, Nigeria really has major problems and let’s face it, for the most times, govt sucks. It is indeed ridiculous. But you wanna know what real problem is? Wait till immorality ravages us, esp the sexual ones. Then couple that with bad largely uncaring government. That is when we will know what problems are. Seriously I am thinking the trumpet should blow already. The vanity in this world is incredible. Ditto the corruption and wickedness. Thank God our hope is beyond it… Thank God we are working our way to heaven grabbing large doses grace and mercy as we go. Cos frankly, ike gwuru…

      1. Ike gwuru nne m.

        There’s the climate change bill and domestic workers convention that have been before GEJ and the national assembly since 2007, nothing. The amount of delegates we take to the International Labour Convention every year is the highest (according to the ILO themselves). Yet pass the bill? No.

        The Child Right’s Act is yet to be ratified in all the states of the country. The NASS, who can lobby their counterparts in the state houses of assembly to expedite action on this, nothing.

        Lol at speaking like Reno and co… lol!

        I didn’t mean to single out the violence against gays o, that’s why I said we are a country who already have loads of issues with mob justice. The reason why this law, with many loopholes for misinterpretation, shouldn’t have been passed.

        But hey… I think it just places a greater responsibility on us who are saved; the harvest is overflowing!

        As for Jesus coming and trumpet sounding, sisteh, plix let all of that wait small, some of us want to marry and at least born one. Plix!

  8. Hmmmmmmm dis post has got me thinking real deep but above all I can’t help the sadness I feel mainly cus of our kids. D devil is really waging a war and unFortunately he doesn’t fight fair. The other day I read an article about willow smith coming out to say she is bisexual when she was 11yrs old. Pls what does an 11yr old know about being bisexual. This is what the media and wrong exposure brings. I have seen ben 10 Pornography ads before & nw its disney? Pls can parents take out more time to screen what deir kids see, read and hear! Until we realise the devil wld stop @ nothing, until we make it a point of duty to fight him with all we have got , I fear for the future of our kids. E I belive we need more pple in the prayer grp, since some are mothers already and the rest wld eventually be mothers or even Fathers sef. Let us interceed seriously on behalff of our kids , so that even wen our eyes do not reach them God wld keep dem in check. We can’t afford to loose them to the devil . They are our Future, if Jesus tarries then the future of this nation wld be left in deir hands. Godfid we are lead by a perverse generation

  9. E’ you should be happy you don’t have a brother or cousin who’s Gay. Those people are born that way. I have a cousin who I love so much and he’s Gay. I practically watched him grow up to be like that. He never liked sports, he loved playing with the girls, he loved music and fashion right from a tender age. I just knew that something was wrong, and when I saw the texts from a guy on his phone, I wasn’t confused nor surprised . He had tried his best to love girls and be a man but if e no be panadol, e no fit be like panadol.
    I really pray that we don’t get to bear children who would turn out to be Gay. They’re burn that way and they spend their early days trying to change themselves, to be normal but they end up getting hurt.
    Let’s show them all the love we can and leave them alone, and mind you, most of those very talented singers in our churches are closeted, most of the fashion designers are Gay. They’re a bunch of very talented people. Nothing would make me stop loving my cousin.

    1. Sweet heart that is why I talked about Abnormal psychology prescribing help and also advocated love for them as they go through it. You surely saw the line about me having a gay friend who I love. So I certainly don’t expect you hating your cousin or even hating anyone. Gay or not.
      I also said if you must be, fine. But don’t agitate or protest against anti-gay laws in Nigeria. I don’t deny that there are gay people every where. I just say tz abnormal and we should not seek to make abnormal normal.
      Please love your cousin ooo and don’t cease to pray for him.
      And yes stop snooping his texts :p

    2. I beg to disagree, no one can be born gay, unless God is no longer our creator and we have really evolved like Darwin said. Yes there are exceptions to cases and we do not have answers to everything. Why some are kleptomaniacs for no reason or other abnormal things. But this is what we get when we try to divorce the world from God. As i just read in Ezar’s blog they need to get help spiritually and psychologically. There are factors that induce it, some times it might an imbalance in the hormones. When we believe they are born like that it makes it normal and we do nothing but accept it. If these traits are noticed early in life and combated by reassuring the person, getting treatments especially war faring on our knees then we will see the hand of God. Let’s not get it twisted homosexuality is from the pit of hell and we need to battle it, but all the same we should love the sinner and hate the sin.

  10. I have been friends with this particular guy for a while. He wears a brooch inscribed with GCN. i was tripped at first because i thot he was grand commander of the Niger. i didnt dwell on it. last week, i asked him about the brooch and was shocked when he told me it stood for Gay christian network…of which he is an active member, with his bro and two cousins. he explained how he serves God despite being gay and how God talks to him about reaching out to other gay folks to offer them comfort. i was so flabberwhelmed. i didnt know when i started singing ‘this world is not my own…thank God im passing through’. the devil is really working overtime.

    1. Ok inspite of the seriousness of this post, I had to laugh!!! Hahahahahaha. GCN ko GCFR ni…
      I don’t even know what to say… God help US all… And punish the devil over time

  11. I didn’t knw about Disney before dis post but am not surprised, saw it coming a long time ago. I monitor what my kids watch like a hound dog o! A friend even called me paranoid once but my sister make e be…I need to be one step ahead of d devil o! He is working overtime
    Making kids think its ok to be “different” or even “special” huhn! Pls child its a disease same as polio or downs syndrome etc u need treatment or divine healing, whatever! But u can’t just accept it joor
    Christians esp Christian parents have a lot of work to do. God help us all

    1. Nne… Tz not paranoia. Tz wisdom. When my sis got the gay disney gist, funny she had just been gifted a PVR. You need to see her BLOCKING ALL the Disney channels. This one was no more don’t watch this show or that. Blocked totally!!! And she was like if they can’t watch so and so, they should kiss TV goodbye.
      The girl wasn’t smiling AT ALL

  12. Choi Nne, ndewo to you o.
    You know i’ve always loved you and your blog buh i gotta give it to you sis, i RESPECT you!
    I mean how can we ever shine if we believe in something and just keep mute?
    Love you all the way to the moon and ryt back.
    Plus i love your sis o, smart babe, i blame her? if na me nko?

    People say it’s a free world, i can do whatever i like. I say as long as you are in the comfort of your bedroom, that’s fine. Ain’t no need painting this ‘thing’ with bright colours, sin na sin.

    I so agree with you on this one o, ‘…BILLIONAIRE BELIEVERS, who would build amongst others, whole Christian media houses to cater for kids especially adults too, who would invade and dominate every sector of the economy for Christ…’
    I can’t wait for me mehn!
    Love the sinner, hate the sin. EOD!!!

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