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Anyhoos, I wanted to pop in and say hey…

Plus share something short (hopefully) with yawl. This is especially because I get asked questions like this from both my mentees and my friends plus I have also seen people make this mistake so this presents me an opportunity to share on a large scale, my AWESOME blog…💞😍

Happy new month guys.

Tz my baby’s birth month so I agree with my friend Emma who says it is the BEST month of the year.


He puts June second.
He’s crazy. Ignore him. Haha

OK let’s blog ‘But FIRST…’

This phrase has been highlighted in my spirit man strongly in very recent times.

Here’s where it comes from


Back up a bit to get the gist of the whole thing. The whole chapter is really good.

Not only is the economy at the time is dreary (there is a famine) but the woman is a widow with a son, and she’s down to her very LAST meal after which she has resigned to death yet Elijah ignores all of this and has the guts to make a request and even say BUT (me) FIRST…

The latter part of last year was a very VERY tight one for me financially. Right into early this year.

Running two homes became official and with one rent being new, the other’s rent being renewed… phew!!! Plus getting a car…

Lord. A. Mercy!!!

I had to really scrap stuff together, cut off a lot and tighten my belt.

Infact some service days I would realise I didn’t have enough so I would give ‘something‘ sha or I didn’t even have  an offering to give. I had let MY needs literally consume me. I mean it had more real estate in my heart than the things of God.

Sad. But. True.

One day, I had a moment.
After I read this scripture.
My needs were REAL but becoming this woman I was becoming was unreal!!!

There is one that gives freely/scattereth yet gets even more and the other witholds unduly/is stingy and yet comes to poverty/want (Prov 11:24)

Truth is I am by nature a good giver. Just that those months got me going from say 80% to 30%.
Both to God. And to people.

After that moment, I repented from being too into myself.
Sometimes, even the choir needs a sermon so I preached to myself, the same thing I had both practised and preached to others in the past.

You put GOD FIRST with your finances (tithe, offerings, seeds/sacrifices and charitable giving) and then work the rest of your spendings and savings around the rest.

Around WHAT’S LEFT!!!
Intentionally and deliberately, that was what I did both for me, KingDaveed and my Homehelp.

I got envelopes and took care of God’s business for March FIRST including tithe, offerings for each service day, sowed both into His house and His prophets (over us) and gave out some too as we were led. Literally, I wrote God post dated cheques. Haha.

Interestingly, I was just praying seriously about what I sensed God was telling me when one night, hubs tells me that he feels God wants us to sow XX amount.
For our budget, it was much and I think he sorta thought I just may feel one kain about it.

Whosai!!! Me that had been praying. It felt sooooo good to know hubs and I were on the same page on it. Tz on days like that I am reeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy REALLY glad I married him.


Every other expenses came AFTER THAT!!!
And trust me, I was happy to deny myself of a few things so long as I was in obedience with God.

Put God right in the middle, then build around Him. Don’t try to do your own thing first and then give Him from what’s left

Don’t be stupid like I was.

That’s how I used to live. That’s how I intend to live going forward. I don’t ever intend to forget again.


You know what, I was telling someone yesterday that I was too excited for March and going forward. God is the BEST business partner ever. See how the widow’s story ended na…


With the way the WORLD economy (not just Nigeria) is even going, you know you need a better business partner than man. Or the government.

You know what, just today I had a testimony. It was a real UNREAL moment for me. I still prayed about it this morning and I recall just teasing God to fix it because ‘...You can do anything na…

Like one of my best friends said as I shared with her

‘…later someone will say there is NO God. devil na bastard!!!…’

And funny thing is as I spoke to hubs tonight, he very EXCITEDLY shared TWO testimonies that happened today at work. Something we had been believing for just clicked back to back.

I mean, just because we decided as a family to put GOD FIRST

This is just March 1 oooo. Kai!!!

But you know what? Even if, and I say this sincerely, even if I see/saw NOTHING, I will keep living that way. I just am absolutely hopelessly in love with Jesus that I wanna HONOR HIM with what He has so graciously blessed us with.

And not just your finances, there are other ways we put God first in our lives.
Sit down and ask the Holy Spirit to teach you.
But let me share another.


We need to put GOD FIRST as we start our day. In other words, make sure the first thing you do on waking is spend time with God.

Block out that time and then work the rest of your day around what’s left.

I was at prayer meeting this morning and the Pastor read out something in Job I had NEVER seen in the Bible.


NKJV says Have you COMMANDED the morning…?

I mean Job had spent all those previous chapters complaining and whingeing and when God responds, part of what He asks him is

do you even wake up and command your morning. Command the economy to favor you. Command evil people to steer clear of your way. Command Angels to be on guard???’

Or do you wake up and command your phone, twitter and IG?
Or do you wake and command your workout?


Because I workout a lot, I know sooner than later, you would get to point where maybe because you are pressed for time, you just jump into your WO and postpone Quiet time with Jesus for later.

Or NEVER as most times becomes the case.

I believe in starting your day right with God.


Give Him the first and BEST part of the day even if it means waking earlier than usual and watch Him take care of the rest of the day

Happy new month guys.

Cheers to putting HIM FIRST!!!

God is crazy about you. Yup, He really is crazy about you and me.


I finally got UNDAUNTED!!! By my crazie Aussie Sister chick

What EXCITED looks like...

I have bawled so much reading it tho.
Not done yet. I am taking my time. Plus, my heart…💔
Nigeria gets some bad press right at the beginning too
Anyways, I need a Joyce Meyer Bible. Have one last person to gift pending. I am tired of looking. Anybody know where I can get in Lagos, Nigeria???
Laterna and Bible wonderland don’t have.
Oh and Joyce’s Overload is finally out.

This is awesome!!! Joyce is a great grand mom

Soooo excited to get my e-copy…
Tani tagged me on IG when she saw the post and I just laughed…
Like gurrrrrl, Joyce and I practically wrote that book. Lol

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  1. Thank God for this post. I was really struggling with tithing because am not working yet, so when I get a little stipend I usually felt that God will understand but thank God I resolved that last december, I decided that no matter the needs I have, God will have to take his own portion first. God also helped me to get connected with various kingdom investments and he has been taking care of my every need infact before any need arises, the supply will already be available in ways I can never think of.

    1. Awwwwwwwww God is faithful share. we never lose with Him. Is this my Darling Ezi who sends me the most awesome texts? Haha

  2. Hey boo super amazing post i woke up and had to read it…i hv a testimony abt giving all to God,in Jan i paid my first fruit offering trust me twasnt a joke sowing ur whole salary but i did…i remembr my colleague asking me where i am taking d money too but i did..God blessed and sustained me day after day and i paid tithe evry sunday that pple started asking where i work that i pay tithe like that looool…
    I pray that God wud give us the grace to keep sowing and d faith to be expectant of the things we trust God for…
    Luv u gaal u knw am a major fan of ur blog na…kisses to the king daveeed

    1. Got a similar testimony.. planned on sacrificing my 1st salary for the year to the church of God…. before i even dropped it..that was how God showed up… i did a supposed successful 30k transfer to my account since July 2015 which i tried like 2ce probably the 1st didnt go.. making 60k… thats how i got reversal of 60k oo…. i had to ask an operations guy to check my account cos am seeing extra money o (i work with a financial institution) kai….my joy knew no bounds… was previously thinking of spliting d 1st fruit into 2 so i will manage…. sharply i said no way… am giving it allllllllllllllllll….. God knows how to bless us….. may we daily please Him

      1. Just goes to show He’s looking at our heart.
        You know I just pray that daily. God enlarge my heart. Just wok on this heart of mine.

        Awwwww thats an encouraging testimony.
        I have a good feeling someone reading this needs it so thanks for sharing,


  3. The latter passage made me excited…. i have actually stumled on it before and to think i forget sometimes and allow the atmosphere control me…. lai lai…not letting go anymore…violence taketh it by force ooo….. I WANT JOYCE MEYERS BIBLE…. God bless you E! You are a true woman of God… your husband is indeed proud of you… i dnt need him to tell me… i know…why wont a Christian bro be proud of such a Virtuous woman and Titus 2 woman….. Eziaha..YOU SHALL FOR THE REST OF YOUR DAYS STAND BEFORE KINGS AND NEVER MEAN MEN…. GOD over everything yall…

    1. This got me teary. Thanks darling. Gosh.
      Thank you!!!

      Lol at Christian bro. Hahahahaahahaha

      Me I want Max Lucado’s Bible…
      Like. Right. Now!!!

  4. Awesome. About few weeks back, I was in Lagos and they had quite a number of the Joyce Meyer Bible at Wonderland in their headquarters in Alaka.

  5. LOADED post! Really needed this , of late giving for me has bin somewhat one kain but one thing God has helped me with was not to default in my tithing and d rest am like God understands. As I read this post it just occurred to me even in other areas I can still give my widow’s mite. God bless you hun

  6. Hmmm…God broke this out of me last year. Drew my ear and warned me, never ever to plan my life around my income, but around HIS riches in glory. Didn’t even realise that it had happened. Give Him first, watch Him take care of all else. This was an extremely necessary post hon!

  7. Always inspiring. God bless u for taking time out of ur hiatus to share wit us. U make His word come alive.

  8. Great thing is when we put God first, it’s usually for our own good though and one important factor to note is giving God first place because we love Him…
    One oda way I put God first is wearing my new clothes/shoes to church first b4 any oda place…(Lol)
    A lady shared yl we were talking abt firstfruits in my church aw she gave hers wen she first got a job n not long after lost d job, she felt bitter but d company paid her salary for d next 6mths or so…
    God is faithful, it may not turn out d way we expect but He definitely always got our back
    Thanks for sharing inspiring truths always… More grace

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