My step-wise guide to personal Bible study

Hey blog Fam Life has been almost insanely intense on my end, but I honestly cannot live life any other way. Jesus KNOWS I’m going to be out here living my best life always so He throws me some of His best assignments lol. HERE. FOR. IT!!! P.S this post was first published on this […]

On Leadership and Mentoring: 3 Lessons I have learnt

If you have ever thought leading and mentoring others was all bells, whistles and roses, being called ‘mama’, people carrying your bag/bible and deferring to you, people sowing seeds on a regular and the leader generally being a super star, then keep reading. In this post, I attempt to share with you three not-so-rosey things […]

Don’t enter a new month without answering these 3 questions. (I do this too)

‘An unexamined life is not worth living’ – that’s Brother Socrates on that beat. If you are thinking ‘What does it mean to examine my life?’, and if the concept already overwhelms you, then keep on reading, as I have some wisdom I am dishing on how to bring order, and elegance to your ridiculously […]

Come as you are, but leave like you met Him

Hey People, Kisses all round. My life and season have been INTENSE but I am here for every LAST drop of it!!! The promise still stands though: I will spend the first 6 months of heaven sleeping in my mansion!!! This is the point you ARGUE WITH YOUR SELF!!! Lol N.B This post was first […]

Supercharge your Mentee-game with these hot tips

Shalom Shalom Fam Today’s post is about MENTORING! I love mentoring and above all being a mentee myself. Having people in my life who hold me accountable and call me out on my crap is such a gift! If you have such people in your life please thank them lol. In my recent video HERE […]

Dear Leader, purify those motives and SHINE that light BRIGHT

Hey Leaders, I am writing directly to those of us who LEAD in any capacity and at any level both spiritual and corporate or otherwise. I embraced my calling as a Leader sometime last year, and one thing I do know is leadership is HARD, and this is especially true as a Christian who wants […]

Wins and Repeats!!!

Hey FaithFam I shared this message with my WILD Sisters sometime in June, and God showed out and made it SO GOOD I knew I wanted to transcribe this for my sweet FAB Family. (This blog was first published in August 2021) Ready, Set, FIGHT… First, we need to know that the Bible is the […]

The Organized Noisy World of Distractions

Hey Fam Gosh, I am so excited about today’s post as it has been stewing in my spirit for like 2 weeks or so, but hadn’t quite gotten done.This morning, your girl was doing a Bible study with Apostle Paul (yawl, PAUL and GOALS are synonyms) in his letter to the Corinthian church and I […]

10,000 Teachers guys…Stay HUNGRY! Lean IN!! Go HARD!!!

There’s so much we can learn that our lives and that of others around us will be better for it. Now, the question is, are we willing to? You literally have 10,000 teachers FaithFam. Have you spotted them? And if you have, will you lean in? This blog was first published in 2016. Lean in […]