Can I just be very sincere in this blog post? I am heartbroken, but not just heart broken, I am also VERY UPSET.

N.B This post was first published on this blog in January 2019.

Gosh, I am so mad at some of you who have a personal relationship with me, and then those of you who don’t but may be guilty of what this blog is about.

I literally have tears as I type cos YOU are letting satan do this one thing that he is really good at and that is ISOLATE and DESTROY!!! My heart is so BROKEN because this is NOT what this Christian race is about.

Let me keep it real guys, I have my issues.

VERY many issues. Stuff that sometimes I am even embarrassed to talk about. But one thing I always do after I have journaled my mess and struggles to God, as I am led by Him, I share with my friends, or mentors. I never EVER fight life’s battles alone. Never never NEVER!!! I never LIVE in my mess or sin. Once the struggle comes, I get cover in a trusted friend or community. I am VULNERABLE cos I know WE ALL HAVE OUR MESSES!!!

I can’t shake this scripture…

If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.

Ecclesiastes 4:10 NLT

But how are some of you fighting the WORST of life’s battles alone please?
How are you letting satan isolate and destroy?

How you gon’ sit there alone in your pity party which will ultimately almost destroy you?

How are you going to be in the hottest front of a battle without any cover?

Oh my gosh, HOW???

Can I be sincere? If you are in my circle, even remotely, I can pick in spirit when you are struggling. And then I reach out. I try to chat with you, invite you over, or just let you know this door is open, without appearing pushy. JUST A FEW of you really open up.

Infact, some of you just make it look like I am disturbing you. Then months down the line, things are CRAZY BAD and then you now come to look for community. The worst is when people try to guilt trip me by saying they KNOW I am busy so they didn’t wanna tell me.



Am I busy?

Uhmmm YES!!!

Do I DETEST time wasting chats and activities?


But, as God is my witness, I have NEVER ever been too busy for someone who has reached out to me from her battle field. I don’t even have the mind to. Once I see a sister, a comrade, struggling, I do what I can to help.

Sadly, some of us like our sin or pity party too much and at that level, I step back and resort to prayers for you. Someday, something breaks and then I can help.

Infact, several times I have carried matter on my head and just be endlessly complaining to hubby about how I am trying to reach someone and she just keeps blocking me off.

Oh gosh, times when I have cried real tears cos of what I sense in my spirit which I am paralysed about cos I see you put a real wall around yourself to protect yourself but which really is shielding you from help.

Sister, STOP FIGHTING LIFE’S BATTLES ALONE!!! You are NOT that strong and that is not how it should be. You need to get in position with a few of God’s children and then join forces to take the enemy down while fortifying yourself. It doesn’t have to be Eziaha but are you isolating your fight, mess and sin??? Satan has got you where he wants you babe!!!

Stop this stupid assumption that everyone who may be able to get in battle with you is BUSY. That’s the enemy lying to you. Can you truly state times when YOU REACHED out in truth and being REALLY ready for change that you were ignored cos someone is busy? If you are serious about winning any battle, girl, you will always find your comrades. You will ALWAYS find help and helpers. Reach out, as led by God. Don’t be shy, ashamed, or afraid. WE ALL ARE A BUNCH OF HOT MESSES IN DESPERATE NEED OF A SAVIOR who will fix our messes, so let’s all get our broken selves to Him and be open to any of His children He wants to use to reach us.

I’m so irritated by those stupid assumptions. Like you just read my blog, or even WhatsApp statuses and ON YOUR OWN draw the conclusion that Eziaha will be too busy to answer my cry for help?


I have even SEEN my friends say same and I am like HUH??? Just stop the nonsense and actively pursue help and helpers as led by God.

Sometimes it is just that you don’t even KNOW what to do and then when someone with light hits you, wham, you are sworded and dealing with the enemy, but no, you prefer your sin, mess or brokenness!!!

Ike gwuru!!!


For you my sisters!!!

Fight with worship
Fight with the Word
Fight with Prayers

And for goodness sake, FIGHT WITH YOUR SISTERS!!!

Don’t wait until satan has dragged you round three blocks and back, and you are bleeding from all over before you get help.

This year is not that kinda year.

May wisdom and common sense collide with you in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

Revelation-Light & Love,

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