N.B This post was first published on this blog in January 2021.

Hey everybody,

So last time, we blogged about our hours being driven by VISION

So today, I want us to talk about SLEEP haha.

I know most people think I don’t sleep, but I don’t think so. I just use sleep for purpose as opposed to letting sleep RUIN MY PURPOSE.

It was a couple days back I got an email from a Coach in the US, and in that email where she was marketing a new program and sharing the perks of it, she mentioned how she wakes up when she finishes sleeping NOT when her alarm goes off.

I was likeeeeeee whatttttt lol

I mean, I was blown away hehe.

While that line is good for a marketing strategy, it is certainly NOT good for LIFE if taken too literally.

I for one KNOWS that baby girl doesn’t ALWAYS wake up when she finishes sleeping YET has a life that works like that. Of course she is someone I respect and follow BUT yawl KNOW I never follow blindly AND nobody too should follow me blindly.

I FILTER everything through the word of God first, and then what the Holy spirit is telling me about my season and its demands.

If my season demands me to sleep for 3hours or 4 hours, you BEST believe that I will not only be doing that, but I will be so PUMPED and ENERGISED that you would think I knock off a solid 9hours every night.

At the end of the day, no EXPERT has the wisdom for a life they didnt give you. Our GOD does and as I walk closely with Him, I see Him lead and guide me in ALL THINGS.

The LORD says, “I will guide you along the best pathway for your life. I will advise you and watch over you.” Psalm 32: 8 NLT

Let me back up a bit so this all comes together nicely for you.

You see this thing called PURPOSE? We must all know our purpose, that is why we are here.

I love how Paula Faris says in her book CALLED OUT that we have two purposes

One, a general purpose which is pretty much the same for all of us… Love God, Love People.

Your general purpose may not read exactly like that but it all boils down to that.

Like mine is ‘Pumping Passion for your God given Purpose’

This is why I am here. When people encounter me, I hope that they are pumped with passion to go right ahead and do all that God wants them to do…

Whether as a Fitness Coach at CoachE’Squad Ltd,

Captain WILD of the WILD community and leaders,

Mummy and Wife at home.
Mentor, Leader, Friend, etx and even if I become a TV broadcaster or Actress tomorrow, that same purpose goes with me.

My general purpose, that is, why I am here remains same. Never changes no matter what I do.

Now there is the second which is SPECIFIC purpose which CHANGES over time and seasons

For example, in my family right now, as a mom, my SPECIFIC purpose (one of it) is to raise GODLY, RESPONSIBLE, INDEPENDENT and CONFIDENT kids

That is what this season looks like with my kids 6 and 3.

5 years later, I am sure it would have changed

With the WILD community, my SPECIFIC purpose in the season is to lead a group of women with SPIRITUAL DEPTH and MATURITY

Every activity in this season is geared towards that.

2 years down the line, the purpose may not exactly be that, or the wild women may have even ceased to exist.

This applies to every area of my life….

I have my SPECIFIC purpose and what I believe God is calling me to achieve, and I regularly pay the price to achieve it.

Now, how does all this affect my sleep?


Since I am aware of the DEMANDS of each season, I then plan my sleep accordingly

Each week, I determine my BIG WINS, and then rank them in priority, allocate days to them and basically plan the whole week out

For example, my spiritual wins come first, FAMILY next, and then (using last week as a template), I have a project called SPIRITED I am working on… that ranked very high because It had to be done

Then my 40 days coaching schedule came next

Those 2 were the major big wins of the week and they were time based and extremely intense and demanding on my mental energy

I slept very few hours because my finest moments remain midnight to about 7am. I woke up when my alarm rang

I also knew it was for a short season so 3hours of sleep at night was fine and maybe a 30min to 1hour shut-eye during the day for a quick power pump.

Then with Spirited completed and the 40 days schedule, I took a day to sleep until I finished sleeping. It was about 10hours, and I didn’t even wake to pee.

That 10 hours sleep was a REWARD

And that’s basically my relationship with sleep, as legislated by Jesus ooo.

January for example is a month of short sleep mostly because it is heavy. So much strategy, planning and all.

By mid February, stuff should stabilise a bit and then I can sleep a little longer.

I don’t even feel like I am depriving myself of anything. I LOVE my sleep and waking hours and I truly delight in them.

When it is time to sleep, I am not gisting, chatting, watching YouTube videos, or playing games.

I take my tail to sleep because I know I have only about X hours to be recharged by God
When my head hits the pillow, I am GONE lol
When my alarm rings, I wake up and stand up.

I commit the day to God in prayers and worship and the word and I continue going until it is time for bed again.

Sleep for me is a tool honestly

Like a weapon.
Like a weapon of worship
I literally plan it ahead and well so I get the most from my sleep
I use it to recharge and refresh as need be
I don’t let satan have my sleep by making me over sleep or under sleep

I let Jesus win on my sleep too
. I even ask God for dreams and all because I want Him to speak to me in those hours too

Now, I am no doctor or expert. I am just a girl who loves the Lord and wants to use EVERYTHING for His glory INCLUDING sleep.

I also am careful of my spiritual tribe in every season. Once I find them, we literally speak the same language across board including sleep

Like now, my spiritual tribe cannot be those logging 8 to 10hours of sleep every night.
Nothing wrong with that, I just am careful of such knowledge because it can weaken my convictions and resolve

For instance when I hear AJS talk about how little sleep he had the past week, I can relate
When I hear PDDK say she loves to wake early so she can enjoy long hours of prayers, I lean in
When I hear someone say how she is fasting for 80days, I am like YAAAAS mama

Those people are speaking my language in this season.

When I hear people say how we must sleep 8hours daily, or until ‘I finish sleeping’, I shift back. I don’t argue, I don’t badmouth them, I don’t even stop following them usually. I just know that content is not for me.

You see, the BEST GIFT you will gift yourself this year is an ability to HEAR GOD in every season – when a new season is starting or one is ending, what the season demands of my time, how much sleep to enjoy, the tribe to help me and all.

If not, you will copy and paste, fail more than needed, be frustrated and depressed, be fruitless and joyless, and then be hating on those thriving, bearing fruits and living their BEST LIVES

The work that these priests do is really only a copy and a shadow of what is in heaven. That is why God warned Moses when he was ready to build the Holy Tent: “Be sure to make everything exactly like the pattern I showed you on the mountain.”

“who serve that which is a copy and shadow of the heavenly things, even as Moses is warned of God when he is about to make the tabernacle: for, See, saith he, that thou make all things according to the pattern that was shewed thee in the mount.” Hebrews 8:5 ERV

Me I have decided that it is heaven I am copying and pasting, and not any man.

And that in ALL things, including my sleep



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