Day 12…
How the days fly…
This gratitude series is definitely giving August a good meaning ooo…
Loves it…
How did your day go?
Especially after the long weekend…
Hope you had a good one…
Anyhoo, let’s get to thanking…
I had an amazing day, thank you for asking. Pretty hectic but amazing all the same…
Ok, quite a lot to be thankful for
1. My sister and her generosity. Most of y’all know I’m the last child. I have this amazing very fashionable sister who is a walking boutique. Super fab that chic. And she doesn’t have time to wear her dresses at all or more than twice. So guess who gets to rock it all?
My wardrobe literally bursts at the seams. Almost, and I mean that literally, all my dresses are from her… And shoes too.


(Jacket, skirt, shoe all her)
We wear the same shoe size but I always have to amend the dresses to fit. Can’t complain. Today, I spent a lot of time ‘making room’ cos my wardrobe swelled a whole lot.
Whoop!!! I’m ready for my Sapphire’s wedding.


Was gonna have my tailor put something together real fast for me but I got this brand new fab LBD which I decided to wear instead.


Oh I don’t have enough time to tell you that I steal some while I get some. Hehehe. The stolen ones when she finds out she assumes she gave me anyways. Yup, she’s a big girl like dah…
Oh btw, she is the brain behind Royal Peridot, an online fashion store. I did a whole post about it here
So I’m grateful I don’t have to bother about dresses and shoes as all that stays sorted by sister of life…

2. So I had course to check my school box today as I was doing some re-arranging and I found a stack of some of the awards I won in University of Ibadan,,,my Alma mater. Gosh, I’m grateful for the most amazing years I rocked UI days ooo. I had a real good University experience… I did it all… Social(reasonable ones ooo), Politics, academics, spiritual, extra curriculas such as debates, oratory competitions, etc. I held posts EVERYWHERE. And thankfully, I graduated well too.


Some of the awards I found were
Best dressed (thanks to my sis who keeps yabbing me sha), Most outspoken (I started winning that from 100level), Most creative writer, Best speaker, most brilliant Stalite (stalite is any level aside 100level), most sophisticated, most dedicated exco, Brainy and beautiful, Most popular (I won this award everywhere looool) and many more. I’m grateful I wasn’t a popular senseless person. I’m grateful I was popular and most people knew I was a crazy-about-God girl too.
I defo had a great college experience…
And guess what? We haven’t held our grad yet and there are more awards to come. Like ‘Best Graduating student…’

3. I am super thankful for the most enriching call with a super sweetheart lil’ sis of mine. She had been facing some challenges which I was sorta helping her get through. I’m grateful for the immense progress she has made so far. I was almost in tears at how much God has changed her story and is still changing it. She sounded so different and so strong. I learnt a mega lesson today… God never gives up on anyone. Never a closed case with our Jehovah. Baby, I’m happy for you and I’m so glad that all the lemons and rocks life has thrown you, you have made lemonade on the rocks with ’em… Cheers to an even more enriching, frustrating-to-the-devil life… Muah.

4. I’m grateful for my tailor oooo. My tailor is most amazing. Chai!!!


When God is pleased with you, He sends you a great tailor. My tailor is FABtastic. I know I have a HOT figure but he makes me smokin’…

Phew… I handed him my Booski’s aso-ebi to sew something that would make Asaba stand still…


Whoop!!! He also helped me fix my LBD and now I’m good to go…

5. Yay!!!!!!!! I don’t even know how to put this one cos tz a bit private. But all I’ll say is God works in VERY mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. He blew our minds wella today with a phone call from a most unusual person. This unusual person also said the sweetest things about me to the other person who told me. Infact, le boo and I were pleasantly surprised.
Endorsement from God is the ultimate but we don’t discount endorsement from men jare… I enjoy both to a large extent and I can’t complain. Don’t get it twisted, I have beefers but here’s me not giving a hoot about ’em… Haters gon hate.

That’s it for now Dolls…
Love and Peace…

Le boo and I are on the phone as I type and you won’t believe that dude is telling me all I’m grateful for…


My Sweerie just knows me inside out…
It’s official…
Three people asked me today to link them up to the lady that did my dreadlocks.


And you say I’m not your role model?

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  1. Lol@role model…Your conclusion just cracked me up.I am thankful for your F.A.B LIFE ON THE CHRIST LANE….awards,endorsements,high class gifts…..the whole works
    Blessed art thou amongst women!

    P.s;As your wardrobe they burst so,you know where the extension is now….yup!
    Right here @No 10,Anchorage,….Space still plenty for here…no worries…more than enough sef.
    *Huge grin*

  2. *loud whistle* @ the awards… Beauty, Brains and God…Potent combo..

    Yelz oh!! God bless tailors. Mine first 😉

    Ehn, space where @ Lizzy, shift oh… 😛
    Eziaha dawleen, my house is nt so far oh.. Thank God we wear the same size…shoes and clothes. Feel free to bring some over oh… 😀 hahahahaha!!!

  3. She z an all rounder,a christian, ubersocial,uberfab,brilliant ++++,beautiful in capital letters,ahnahn,letz giv it to God who alone deserves the praise

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