Hey FAB’ers
Happy sunday/weekend/holiday, did you have?
I hate to start on this note but sweerie, holiday is over and you prolly have work tomorrow…
I had a FAB Sunday from sun up to sun down…
There will be plenty of pictures. Some clear. Some not. Some show off. Some will make your tongue drool some…
What can I say?
This is E’…
1. I am so grateful that I tried this dress on this morning and it fit…


Whoop. It stopped fitting last year and eish it hurt. I wore it just once. Since I graduated, I   started adding weight 🙁 I had been gyming without seeing major results till I stopped worrying and wow!!! One day I tried this red and it fit


and then cos I lost my apetite for a while, I dropped some more and now this my purple Ghana dress fit…

Ibadan-20121216-04839 (last year October or so in my dearly beloved Shabach centre Ibadan)

Don’t worry if you don’t know why I’m making a fuss about it…
Don’t worry 😀
Me I’m just so grateful that the dress fit again… Woooooooot
I’m also grateful for 3events that went down in church today.
2. Water Walker’s testimony. I mean it is her testimony but the testimony of one is the possibility of another and of course the spirit of testimony is a spirit of prophecy… I just plugged in. What was her testimony?
A job she applied for an GRACE gave it to her. She demanded a particular pay and she got less but guess who HR called to congratulate for getting her requested pay…? Yup. Mrs MK


Guess who rushed back to be confession journal and reaffirmed the initial stuff she was trusting God for career wise?

Now na to sow into her life remain… Dear God… What to sow…???
Oh and I’m also grateful for the bear sweet hug she gave me right in the middle of service…
Actually I did get three hugs today… You know those real squeezy ones that qualify for an E’ hug… From Diche my DCC eye candy (nne why don’t I have a pix ooo), Adaora my DCC crush

IMG_4043 (I should do a whole post about the crush I have on this very married Doctor oooo kai)

and Water Walker our indefatigable.

bear hugs
You know me na… Hug’aholic
Shameless one…

Actually I got a double hug from Adaora….

Lagos-20130629-01058 I already said I had a crush on her soo….
3. I am grateful today for Covenant relationships…
Ok lemme explain. Pk started ministry 1996 from his parent’s living room. There is this chic who started with him there as a teenager and has remained with his ministry to date. That’s 17 years??? What???!!! She’s getting married soon and PK called her up stage and said so many glorious things to her and her hubby and made us all understand that he was in a covenant with her and her hubby for ever.


I must have dropped a tear or two at all the sweetness. PK practically adopted her. It was too sweet. I love to see loyalty rewarded. Made me check out my loyalty meter again. Cos she must have seen him make many mistakes these years yet she stayed. Mehn, I asked myself questions ooo and re-committed to loyalty to causes and people again.


Her wedding clashes with my booski’s wedding in far away Asaba so I’ll miss it but guess who is sowing into her life?
Yup. E’
Who no like to sow into fertile ground. I’m just grateful for that major lesson her life taught me today. A lesson on loyalty!!!
4. The final event in church I’m grateful for is this

Pictures are worth a thousand words

Finally got my photo op with the one and only MK.
Whoop. Today was like my first time of talking to MK ooo. Hehehehe. But I have a very good relationship with his voice…

It is way sweeter than coldstone ice cream…
This week I have a post coming up about what E’ and the entire MK’s family have in common. Even Water walker will be surprised. WW is MK’s very energetic wifey.
The funny thing is that when I put this pix on bb, a few people hollered to yab me that I finally got the pix. And guess who swooped on that moment and did mega publicity?
Yup… E’
In the space of 30mins, I had 4 non DCC members commit to coming. Tunde, Berny, Somsom and of course ‘kaego.
Publicity continua this week…

Look out for my Sound of heaven posts this week
5. I saved the best for last…
I am so grateful for my sister and friend and half namesake ‘kaego who gave me the most amazing post-noon time today.


(I am Eziahakaego and she’s Nwakaego)I already mentioned in my LEIBSTER post that I was visiting with her today. I met ‘kaego on blogsville after she sent me a mail and she’s been sugar sweet since we struck friendship…

She went all out for me and I just kept on wondering why I’m this blessed… She took absolute care of me today ooo… My tummy with indomie and egg,


and a treat at Coldstone creamery,

20130811_165539 (I had the mint and baileys treat)

my mind with gist, my transport home, my entertainment with a most hilarious video, and she also gave me a gift again…
Nne, I’m so fertile so I’m envying your harvest for the seed sown.
Thank you my love

God bless you. And I must retaliate.
But before I do, guess who decided this week to go all out for a random person this week (or persons) and just be a blessing to ’em?
Yup. E’

20130811_163220 (the world famous E’ pose)
You too should try it. It is such a blessing to be a blessing to people and ‘kaego definitely struck something in me today…
I’m beyond words grateful…

Oshay my dawleen…
Love you to smithereens…
Ok I’ll end with pictures…
Of our fun time out today…
I know many of you will be jealous…
Please feel free to be…







And do not worry about us adding weight… I know how to hit the gym


As for kaego, she deceives herself by claiming she is on a weekday diet… taaaaaaa… You will blow ooo. Keep eating ice cream… loool

Tannie threatened me that her dogs will deal with me cos I didn’t save her pizza, Na wa ooo, These days una dey threaten me on my blog, That’s how green house girls too are threatening me cos I said their house was the dirtiest in feddy back then in my Day 8 Post

My own blog ooo. Imagine… Askor to all you threateners…

Ok click and enjoy Giantsparkle
and Lizzie gratitude posts for today. I am looking forward to their gist. I know Lizzie is visiting Lag and I am sure she will have hot gist from her sunday and also kaego’s gist on our pocket draining day out today hehehe.

If their day 11 aint up, check back but first enjoy the previous days and drop a line too…
Have a most FAB week Sugs…


I know I have pending emails to respond to…

I decided to just do a blogpost to answer the questions posed to me as many border on how I manage to stay God-loving in today’s world with all the temptations. So watch out for that series of posts. Abeg no vex if I haven’t responded personally to your mail. I will, but most importantly, I will also share on my blog. Meanwhile, Thank you so much to all my FAB’ers… You guys make blogging stress worth it… Muah… You all are the real STARS..

THANK YOU on speech bubble price labels

I am especially thankful for all your comments and emails. Please keep the comments coming. Like I say, they are important to any blogger


Ese gan my dawleens

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    1. You know her?
      **insert biggest surprise face**
      Pls shift
      Thankful indeed.
      Started reading ur post till some one just distracted me with his fake gist on whatsapp
      Back to the post jare

  1. Mmuah love!
    Thanks for visiting…
    The company made it all worthwhile…
    Ehen, and don’t worry about my weight oh or size.
    My weekday diet continues tomorrow… 😀 😛

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