Before I go on, the app that did this is called Bit strips. Available on Google play only. Any other info, please Google. Don’t harangue me with questions, thank you!!! :p
OK so I have a few announcements to make about how things are going to be around here. Cool stuff. Divine instructions. I know I can bank on your support as usual. These are stuff I have prayed about and it is time to hit the ground running…


In line with my resolve this year to offer myself up as a deliberate mentor, I have  a dedicated Whatsapp account on my E’Pad  where we would hold scheduled virtual meetings both personally and in a group. I say ‘scheduled’ because I won’t deceive myself to say that I would be 24/7 available. It also won’t be one of such groups where talk will be going on all day and all night constituting major nuisance to phone batteries. Lol. I am a part of one but I can’t leave as it is one of those Alumni tinz. This group will NOT be that. We would be regulated and very effective by God’s grace. Again, please this is for the teens in the FAB community, then those who are say 23 and below. Especially those in University.  Then also, if you are a young Christian who needs some motivation and stuff, though you are above the age limit, you too are welcome. Please this group is NOT open to all the mature FAB’ers ooo. You guys need to be mentors yourself already. *tongue out* I also do know that there are some real mature Christians here who are within the age limit, you need not join. I really just wanna reach out to those who really need it.
When we are running, we would together decide on the group which of my spiritually mature friends/FAB’ers we would invite to run it with me.  I am working on a post on ‘mentoring’ because mentees need to know the basics of mentoring so that we know that both parties are benefitting maximally from the relationship.
Now what do you need to do? Do me a mail with your whatsapp phone numbers and just a little about yourself. Please send it to . Don’t drop it as a comment please. Clear? Thank you darlings.

2. #31F.A.B.Voices prayer co-ordinators

OK one thing I didn’t mention about the testifiers who sent me posts is that we would do regular prayer posts featuring the stuff they have shared with us. At least once a month, all year round, I would run a prayer blog post so that we never forget about it. I have the modalities in my head and I would share it with the volunteer coordinators. So please, I would be needing TWO FAB’ers that would help me run that with me. I would prefer that they are mature Christians please. Whether you sent me an entry or not, you are welcome to volunteer. Of course, we would run virtually so you can be anywhere in the world.  Please do me a mail and let’s take it from there.  Thanks. Trust me it is going to be all shades of FUN…

3. Hello Testifiers, what’s up?
One thing God dropped in my mind as this #31F.A.B.Voices started running was that we need to do follow up with each other every two months till the year is up. So rather than just drop the vision, you also need to give us progress reports about how far you are GOING FORWARD with your dreams and plans. Know where you are slacking, where you need help/prayers, etc. So darlings, you better be making moves ooo if not E’ is gonna be all over you like a blood hound. We MUST TESTIFY and we wouldn’t slack abourrit. After every TEN testifiers, we begin a progress report. Count’s seven now. So Testifiers, tick tock, you are on the clock… The two volunteers would also help me with this.

4. Prayer partners on the FAB lane…
For a really long time, I have had virtual prayer partners at different times for different seasons/reasons. So now, let’s do this with my FAB’ers. But I don’t do well with large starter groups so we will start with 10 people. Pere. Just drop a line in the comment section that you are interested and your email and we will go from there. I am hoping we have people from outside Nigeria too. We would have regular prayer meetings and stuff and hopefully we will increase the numbers as the days go by and then have real life meetings too. Yay!!! Cool yeah? But hey, my friends are NOT invited please (booski, sapphire,angel o’luv,Lizzie,etc, you know yourselves). I have learnt that there are steps that one takes in life that you DO NOT have to involve your close friends. Also those that fall into the first group I spoke about need not involve themselves. Oh BTW, prayer times do not always have to be convenient. Most times it would cost you your sleep and stuff. Early momo and late night tinz especially because of the schedule of everyone and stuff… So be sure you really wanna be a part of this. We would be praying for each other especially and others outside the group too.

So please holler…

BTW Tani, I do hope you have started working on all the people who hollered at you for your prayer and bible study group. I am so excited at the response you guys gave mehn… Love love love y’all. And I am so grateful about the great things God is going to do in the FAB lane this year and going forward…

That would be all for now…
Thank you all for listening…
He he he…

Ok, I mentioned the special dish I was making for the hubby Sunday and a lot of y’all took it very seriously and wanted me to share it.
I apologize I didn’t take pictures of the final dish. I forgot and he came in late from church (Choir leaders tinz) and all I just wanted to do was watch him eat. No vex eh… Anyways, I did take some pictures of the process.

It was actually an Irish potato dish. I cut and boiled the potato in a chicken/fish/gizzard/meat stock rather than just ordinary water and salt like we used to do at home then as a single. Then I deep fried it till it got crispy on the outside.  The taste on the inside was heavenly. Then i fried some the normal chips style but rather than just salt it, I soaked it in the same stock for sometime to take up that taste and then I fried. I made chips too just in case he didn’t like the other dish (you never know…). Then I made very rich salad and then peppered chicken and gizzard. Then home-made zobo which was really amazing.

Of course, you know I had to add my ‘special ingredient’ *wink*  (Check my VOICES post here for it )
Hubby totally loved it. Everything!!!

Oh and while we are still in the kitchen, Priceless who is worth her name in gold, introduced me to smoothies which I have been taking since. It has been real awesome. Since this year, I am trying to lead a healthier life. I just blend a couple of fruits together and refrigerate.

Pineapples, Apple, Pawpaw, Cucumber, watermelon, banana, carrots, coconut (I love the roughness coconut adds to the mix… Totally awesome. Totally!!!).

I usually add ice-cubes for effect. And it is so filling. And so nice. I also add my zobo to blend in addition to water hence the slightly red color.
Try it and thank me later…
Of course, everyone knows that no matter the kinda diet I go on, or healthy eating I chose, indomie will always be a part of it…

Whether it is fattening or not… Ignore the plantain. Na hubby tinz…

Two Posts I would love y’all to read…
Disposable by Booski
lessons from an Apron:
Disposable is for all the side chicks and the apron lessons is about dressing hot and sexy for hubby as a married woman… Loved both.



I am sure people like Lizzy and Valerie who know how much I hate to cook will be surprised at this my wannabe Chef-attitude. Looool. Na love ooo… He he he

If you looked closely, you would see that the Apron bore our names. It was a wedding souvenir. I doubt any of my friends who came for the wedding got any. I have just one left and I am looking to give it to my first friend that gets married this year. Church wedding that is. So make una hurry up abeg… I am itching to be a part of another wedding process already…

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  1. Hey E’

    Your initiatives are quite laudable! Brava! May your strength be renewed. We’ll And these newly unearthed cookery demonstration, hmm…I hope we won’t need to change wardrobe for my brother so soon. Well done sweetie :*

  2. Lol, since you already pre-empted my thoughts about your culinary skills, I would reserve my long held-in comments 😀
    Way to go Mrs Olojo!

    I noticed the apron too and wondered. Nice! Great idea @smoothies, as well as the great pictorial messages you express with this app.

  3. Was telling tunde the other day,that this kain EZiaha’s special cookin spree o!aayam impressed!n m sure barr BJ wld kno he has married a wonderful woman!biko hw come I dint get to eat any of this ur great cookin(ok I admit 2ce sha,n both day were ur bdays lagbeach and idia hall)!make I com visit u for house na?I v decided to add yoghurt to my smoothies and milk,nt tried it yet tho,wld do coconut,pineapple ,apple and wat else is sweet!(Notin bland biko eg cucumber ).n dis ur “in the kitchen pix”I like +++,wives r meant to be mistresses too!,nt lookin like a tayad farmhand in d kitchen!

    1. Bolaji is my cooking muse. So if the equation excludes him, no inspiration for this babe…
      I can never add milk… Ewww.
      I could consider yoghurt though.
      Cucumber is cool. Very soon you will add fanta. Long throat.
      Yesoooo wives are to be hot hot hot.
      Like marriagebydbook mentioned…
      Muah girl

  4. E’ u re such a wonderful woman….. Its so obvious dat u re Fabulously living the life of Christ…. I really admire u…..God bless u. I am interested in d prayer group.

  5. u don’t live in naija right? ice cubes? can’t even remember when last I saw an ice tray. no thanx to nepa. then d speed boats? bayelsa? delta? eko Atlantic?(no dat won’t require a flight).
    way to go on wt ur kitchen skills.
    u can blend ur ice to for d smoothie though.
    Nice projects for d blog. I guess thaz a step into a higher realm.

    have a lovely nite/morning (whenever u see this)

    1. Loooool
      We don’t use NEPA here thankfully. Yay…
      The speedboat was in Tinapa. On an artificial lake set. Awesome.
      This ice blending, does it do anything aside the coldness? If not, I prefer to see the ice cubes
      I saw this last night but I’m responding in the afternoon 🙂

  6. That smoothie is one thing my hubby can’t go without after his dinner everyday. Most times I get tried of making it but he most insist because it aid his digestion. I totally love it. Is yummy. I add ice block and yogurt while blending it. I think U̶̲̥̅̊ should try it, it makes it chilled without keeping it in a fringe, and also add ice cube while serving. ┈̥-̶̯͡»̶̥A̶̲̥̅♏ so:):D=)) happy for U̶̲̥̅̊ MUMMY E’. MiSsion to feed Aku ki fat. ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥ like love this married E’

  7. Love wantiti can do great things in E’s life…….abeg plan & host us with that meal sef,longthroat like me *big grin*. Nice plans tho

  8. Loooove the fact that the fab voices will be followed up! Ah, God will use ur blog for wonders! Testimonies shall abound!
    And kai, chef, love nwantiti indeed.
    Btw I loved loved both blog posts you shared.

  9. Its great to see you’ve started working on your own plans for the year. The plans for the testifiers is a good step, it’ll definitely keep all on their toes. Your husband is really gonna wish he got married like 10 years ago ooh, lol. Enjoy jare…it’s a sweet experience that God ordained for mankind and you definitely have to live up to that. keep it up E’

  10. you Hubby is in for a life time of enjoyment!!!! loving all your initiative… with the way you are going with the testifier.. we shall all do create things this year o.. no one will want to slack so we can be reporting exciting stuff. good job! love all your plans.

    1. Amen to the lifetime of enjoyment prayer jare…
      And yup we must testify. We won’t slack and we will stay one step ahead of the devil every time… Steps actually…

  11. Thanks for sharing the E’recipe.**hugs** am definitely trying them out. I would like to volunteer as a mentor (if you need more hands) and a prayer partner.

  12. Girl you’re not joking with your plans this year o. I applaud you for that! Arise and shine, for the time has come for your ministry to take flight. All is well in Jesus name, and please put warning signs on your blog whenever you have food pics. For those of us doing the RCCG 100day fast this is a real spoiler! Lol 😀

    1. Oh my
      So sorry hun
      Men, twale to you guys ooo. God strengthen you all through the journey.
      Good to have you back darling…
      Then yes ooo, no jokes this year. We burying the devil…

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