You should read Part 1 here to put this in context…

Before you proceed…

The village ceremony started somewhat late  but lasted for like 30mins and in the mean time, I took some pictures.

20130824_120041 With the GROOM Tony

20130824_125843 Ruth Onyegbule who i saw last at Chidinma Ojike’s wedding I think

At first, my Booski was not dancing well


and then wham, it looked like something hit her and she let lose. She danced and danced and danced.



The person singing was singing Ada Ada. Before the, I actually didn’t know it was  a real song by Flavor. I thought the guy was just free styling. Lool. She danced and I was so proud of her. And she had attitude to the dance. Cool yo!!!

Then she danced to where her hubby was




and they did the ‘feed each other’ after small talk by the Elders





which is the joining in itself and then wham they are traditionally married.


The couple’s dance followed




(There was no competition at all as we can’t call what Tony did dancing. Lol)


20130824_132749 even Tony’s momma did some rocking too


20130824_132220 Yay!!! My Girl rocked yo!!!

20130824_132948 Any feddy girl recognize Obianuju Ntosi there lol

And after the dance, we were good to hit ‘town’ for the reception.

Incase anyone was wondering, I did not dance. I didnt wanna share the spot light with her on her day… Plus these pictures didn’t take themselves by themselves na…

So the reception started as soon as we hit town from villa… She quickly changed into a matching outfit with the Groom…

It was a PDP rally walahi. As in, someone would come in and the ceremony would stop until the person has gone round ‘ime mkpotu’ Kai…

It was good to catch up with the Feddy girls that showed up sha… And then meeting people too that came from Ibadan.



Totally cool.

I was to talk about the cake but I was busy somewhere when the emcee called me and I missed it.


Was also supposed to take a toast which I didn’t cos I felt the toast was inappropriate for that sorta rally/wedding lol.

The reception was totally amazing tho. Enjoyed it. Too much bending down to pick money and plenty dancing too. Then we also had to ‘cook’ in the ‘kitchen’ too. Her first ‘meal’ for her hubby and her maid of honor had to join her in the ‘kitchen’ to cook.


More pictures…



Asaba-20130824-00454 Daddy and Daughter dance

Asaba-20130824-00459 Mama and daughter dance

20130826_160341 With her younger brother

20130824_154931_1 in the ‘kitchen’


Priceless smiles

20130824_145455 with Olameji

That night after the whole paparazzi, I told Olameji to join me in my early morning adventure to the Onitsha-Asaba bridge.


It had been eons I saw that bridge and no way was I coming all the way to Asaba and wasn’t going to the bridge. Lai lai. But ‘meji preferred sleep to adventure and she prolly thought I was kidding too cos I had to get this done before we leave at 9am for Ibadan with the bus. I woke and hit the streets at 6.30 am. I was super serious about the bridge ooo.


I let the bus take me all the way to Onitsha


that is after the bridge and then I walked the length of the bridge back to Asaba. One end of the bridge is Onitsha, the other end is Asaba. Ndi Onitsha/Asaba can STARE for Africa sha. They kept staring at me cos frankly, I did look like a Tourist. Many of them were early morning joggers and the stared as they jogged.

More pictures from my bridge experience…











I recall that I used to be really scared when I was younger as we drove past the bridge cos there were fears that it was shaking and will soon fall. I had goosebumps now while WALKING across it. I was a lil scared but I loved the experience.

Oh one more picture for effect


Wonders truly NEVER end…

Plus did you notice that the dudes didn’t stop scoping and checking me out. Scroll up and notice it if you missed it. Asaba people can stare for ages sha… Hian…

They actually thought I was from America. thank you Tony for delivering Dumebi from this bush Asaba/Onitsha people

I got in just as the us was loading to leave and I had a VERY TERRIBLE journey back which I won’t bore you with.

So Part 2 of this wedding is this Saturday Nov 2, 2013 and I am so excited about it.

My next Post on this wedding will be a transcript of the toast I will be giving at the wedding as her best friend and Maid of honor.

20130826_160512 My booski of life for life

I will schedule it to go Live on Saturday while the wedding is In full swing. I hope you like it… hehehehe.

I will also share pictures of her bachelorette party which I am planning and the wedding proper.

Meanwhile, I hear my Booski has been harassing everyone on BB about the plans she has for her wedding night. Dumdum ooooo. You are crazy walahi!!!

Tony bought you complete with all your wahala sha. Dear Tony, I will say a hail Mary a day for you…


You see, my girl Booski also abstained from SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE. Whoop!!! Cool2Abstain

Ok lemme rush off and finish planning this Friday night party. Some random person over heard me planning and stuff over the phone and was like ‘Mehn, you are really putting energy into this ooo. You must really LIKE this your friend’ and I said NO, I LOVE HER mega much.

When you read this, i should be in Ibadan already. i am always hyper to be here. I love this town jor…



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  1. The bride was beautiful! Congrats!!!!
    E’licious, you are going to make a fantabulous bride one day. You’re beauty is too much and you love pics? Chei, dangerous combo!!

  2. Yea I had to scroll up to see the guy again. You’re just a handful. You did some good job with the post, its like taking one on a journey of the events. Pretty sure the white wedding will be fun filled. Wedding night with all the surprises & plans, I can just imagine.

  3. I couldn’t put it better…Inthe…&Jmad summed up my comments.
    Asaba/onitsha people aren’t bush jor….lol@thinking you were from America how did you know?
    Can’t wait for the part 3….

    P.s; why do brides always beat the groom in the couple’s dance?

  4. Ah,and E still found a way to be in d pictures.thought dis was all abt Dumebi???
    Well,well,she looks beautiful!!! U too sha o.
    See stares! Hiam,u fine nai make but Asaba pple nor bush jare…
    Waiting 4part 3…..

    1. Dem bush plenty
      Of course my pictures have to be there jor.
      Are you kidding?
      You people have not seen enough of me.
      I promise

  5. Waow such a read…u’ve managed to make me feel like I also attended the wedding with all the itsby-bitsy details lol..kudos.btw u cant blame em asaba peeps na, they probably haven’t seen some1 has pretty as u,so yh.btw nice pics you got there..cant wait for d wedding posts..take care xox

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