It has been 6 AMAZING weeks of coaching.
And say 2months of owning my own biz…


I have learned
I have cried and laughed
I have grown

I have grown because i have encountered different kinds of people and temperaments and everyone of them have given me a RICHER life…

Lemme set this up with one of my 6week Clients, Joyce Obi


See ehn, losing weight makes you age BACKWARDS.
This chick has 3 kids already oooo.
Has a job. Has a husband. Has a LIFE.

One thing she didnt have though?



And when you don’t have excuses, you get something called RESULTS!!!


For some interesting reason, Joyce was trying to reach and beat my target. I went 25kg down in well under 4months,

It was actually 3 months

and then went downer and downer to 77/78kg.


Now praying to hit 75kg.
Amen!!! Lol

I have absolutely enjoyed coaching and helping people lose weight.


I am pretty PASSIONATE about anything i do. I ‘enter’ the matter,literally.

I thought ALL my students would bring their A-game and get this job done…


I thought all my students would LOVE me and that LOVE would propel them to give this their ALL!!!

And then i learnt one of MY biggest lessons of 2016



I don’t do MIRACLES…. God ALONE does

I can only do sooooooo much. MOST of the work has to come from MY STUDENTS

screenshot_2016-05-30-08-18-49.png screenshot_2016-05-30-08-18-43.png screenshot_2016-06-14-19-28-03.png

So no matter how much i wear myself out encouraging, if they don’t follow my meal plans and workout guide,
THERE WILL BE NO RESULTS no matter how much i pray for and wish for it.

At the beginning, i used to think something was wrong with my coaching ooo. Some people were getting results, some were SO SLOW and some were ADDING WEIGHT lol. Then the Holy Spirit would just prompt me to ask certain questions and WHAM, the reason jumps out!!!

Screenshot of Yemsmoothies BBMC post
Screenshot of Yemsmoothies BBMC post

Plus of course, we differ so everyone won’t lose weight as fast as I did but really, the minimum should be at least 1kg a week or 1.5kg in 2weeks.

There were also the ‘start and stops’ or start and RUN AWAYS


I would then have to PERSONALLY go and find out what is wrong, encourage, love, pray with and for, etc

You know, this weight loss thing has an emotional angu to it and so most times when people face challenges, they withdraw and turn to food. As a weightloss Coach, I have to have LOVE for my students. So I have to keep checking that with them. Now of course tho, I have it at the back of my mind that I am not the HOLY SPIRIT so I do what I can and leave it to God. Sometimes, and indeed MOST TIMES, I had them bounce back

Some people however are still lazy and full of excuses. And you know, I say that with love because I also tell them personally. They have just not made up their minds yet to do it so any and everything becomes an excuse and even when you find ways to help them through their excuses, they still come up with more. Wisdom demands that I leave them after I have sent them to God to work on them. Some repent. Some still carry their truck load of excuses and so have just lil or NO results.

All i'm sayin'
All i’m sayin’

Some people are the really quiet ones. No matter how much you prod and pamper, their participation is NEVER sustained. So I just follow them at their own pace, as God leads me.

Some are the Superstars. They think I am their personal trainer/coach so rather than participate in the group, they always chat me up personally and expect me to have a tailor made program for them. Those ones, I gently and with love, tell them that what we are doing is GROUP WORK and not PRIVATE COACHING. If you however want private and customised coaching, I have my bills for that.

Some people think ‘who is this small girl giving me orders like this sef?’ hahahahahahahahaaahahaha.

I know I look 16 but I am 30!!!



Plus I KNOW more than you on this weight loss thing for now. So humble yasef and learn, get results and go. And you can apply that to other areas of life too.

Oh but frankly, most of them try and give this their best even with challenges

screenshot_2016-06-10-05-12-24.png screenshot_2016-06-09-09-01-58.png screenshot_2016-06-07-09-13-00.png

And almost all have given me GLOWING feedback


One thing I always make sure of is that I have a clear conscience before God. I make sure to do my BEST before all ‘men’ and then, I trust God.

Col 3:23
Col 3:23

I have to do my best AS UNTO THE LORD because I want the blessing of the LORD to be on my biz and so if I am being shoddy and treat it/them anyhow because after all they have paid, I have GOD to answer to. Now that’s the kinda BOSS you do NOT joke with.

Oh and btw, there are some clients I turn down because from the start I can see you are unserious, and there was a Client whose money I refunded. You come at me with drama,

DRAMA? I don’t even do drama AT ALL. Before she could even TRY to bring her drama, I just refunded her money.


My money needs are legit but my name bears truth.. EZIAHAKAEGO… A GOOD REPUTATION is better than MONEY.

You should have integrity way beyond just wanting money.

There was another Client who paid for a 2week meal plan and I gave her a one month plan because I delayed by 2days because I was really SWAMPED with LIFE. But I had given my word hence my compensation. Plus she is a nursing mama and I love nursing mamas.

We got FATTER when nursing but we lost it!!! Yay
We got FATTER when nursing but we lost it!!! Yay

Oh and something else I learned, there were some people who I took just a fraction of my fees from, almost NOTHING, because I wanted to help. I think business people should have those clients too. Almost like a ‘giving back’ sort of thing because they need help and can NOT afford it just yet. I also made sure I treated them JUST THE SAME.

So I am constantly COACHING and LOVING and encouraging and giving my best and praying for my Students, so when I see results like this, I AM SOOOOOOO PUMPED!!!

Ah!!! She didn’t even realise how far she had gone till I showed her this and she cried!!!

screenshot_2016-06-13-09-39-31.png screenshot_2016-06-07-09-13-00.png  img-20160511-wa0025.jpg

Will share more results via my social media handles. @savedfitnfab both on Twitter and Instagram. And of course Facebook Eziaha Omoteniola Olojo. I also share via my personal IG @eziaha

The funny thing is that I didn’t tell most of them to do me a BEFORE and plan for an AFTER with the same dress. Me, the picture QUEEN forgot. Eeek!!!

See her tummy. wow

With my next set though, I will.

And speaking of next set, I hinted on a birthday promo in this BEFORE 30 and my social media handles and email have started buzzing already. Gosh

Was going to post that on Friday but let’s bring it up some so those who need to plan start planning.

So for 30 ladies ONLY, because I am turning 30 June 29, instead of 18k for 6weeks, which are my new rates, I would do 5k for a month.

5,000NAIRA pere!!!

Just be serious.

Participate!!! I ask for pictures of your meals and post-workout sweaty self. I ask that you share your challenges and ask questions. I also ask that you WEIGH IN and MEASURE every Saturday mornings AND Monday mornings too.


Because I have seen people RUIN a whole week of work in ONE WEEKEND and so by the time Saturday rolls around again and results don’t favour them, they start crying.

I also don’t want ‘silent achievers’. Pictures have a way of pumping in encouragement into the group.

The day Mel schooled us all
The day Mel schooled us all

I share mine too, If you are silent, imagine if everyone is? The purpose of the group fellowship is defeated. So once you stay silent and you don’t change, sorry hun I am taking you out and NOT refunding your money, since I have made this clear from the start.

It is my prayer that in that one month, we have at least 5kg loss for most of yawl. 5kg would show on your body and people will notice so you would be inspired to PUSH even more.

My classes are usually 10 per class so I can truly follow but this promo class will be 30 ladies in a class. Don’t worry, I have found a way to manage that.

#InnovateOrDie lol. Biz that is NOT the person

I share meal plans and workout guide. I am lavish with information because I REALLY want to empower you to BE YOUR OWN COACH long after the class is over.

I love that she learned plenty too
I love that she learned plenty too

Not that you go and add all the weight back.


Plus I encourage and love you all the way.

All you need to have are


workout cloths, a set of measuring cups (sold for as low as 250 to 500), skipping rope, a weighing scale (NOT NEGOTIABLE) good shoes, dumb bells (or eva bottles filled with sand) and a good workout bra. I also need BEFORE and AFTER pictures IN THE SAME DRESS so please have that ready. You may crop your face out if you want but this Coach needs pictures to sell her market.


If you are eating nonsense outside of my meal plan and not working out enough, hahahahahahahahahahahahaha


I am laughing at you because I do NOT do miracles!!!


The list is already building ooo

Email if interested and allow for 24 hours for a response.

The class starts July 4 Monday, but further correspondence would be via email before then. The biggest loser in weight and inches gets a price… Maybe discount to continue for 6weeks or free…

Oh and yes, the class is on Whatsapp and BBM so please have BOTH!!!

But hey, if you do not want that larger class thing, feel free to pay for the class of 10. Some of my older students are doing that still. 18k for 6weeks. Or if you want even more personal coaching because you don’t even like groups AT ALL, holler!!!

Sorry to break the heart of nursing mamas especially those exclusively nursing. Nah. You can’t join the promo. That meal plan wont work for you and your baby, especially the under 6months. BABY FIRST biko. I would advise you buy a meal plan CUSTOMISED for you.

Yup I sell customised meal plans too. 18k for one month and 12k for 2weeks. I CREATE a special meal plan based on your weight goals (add, lose or maintain, we got you covered), your food preferences, health challenges, your lifestyle and age, and more. I also create for PREGNANT women and EXCLUSIVELY NURSING MAMAS. In the groups tho, I share ONE meal plan for everyone weekly. And I also ask that you don’t share it. All naija meals.

Support Growing Businesses
Support Growing Businesses

Excited!!! Tell ur squad ooo. Let’s do this… Not to brag but I am a PRETTY EXCELLENT COACH!!!




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  1. LOL!
    Am not fat but i go for workout every saturday to keep fit. but i can help by sharing your post on social media for those interested to loss weight.

  2. so so sad nursing mamas cant join the promo…weighing 70 kg & need to cut down at least 5 kg….u inspire me E’

  3. This saved fit and fabulous work of yours makes me extremely super proud of you.
    And the stories are just the right dose of testimony.
    You are so blessed, it’s contagious

  4. Nice one Coach E’. Was about sending a mail to sign up for the July batch when I read the last part of this post. I’m a nursing mother. My baby will be completing 6 months in the next 2weeks. Really wish I could be a part of the next batch because a motivator like you is all I need. I try to work out sometimes but I can’t just help with my meals cos of exclusive breastfeeding. Now my stomach has refused to go down. Hubby has passively asked a couple of times what I’m doing about it and has even jokingly asked if there’s another baby in there. But I know in his heart he really wants my pre pregnancy body back. I want it back too! It’s been 6 months you know! I need to stay fit and fabulous.
    Your future Client.

  5. So one day o,jejely I was eating cake o,that’s how I started getting ,u will get fat ,no chop etc,see me o.i said dthey shouldn’t worry I have a fitfab bestie,I will lose it but this cake o.i must chop am lol.
    I should eat healthy abi?.ok I will try

  6. Great job and well done. I have been following you for a while now and have decided I need this (your offer) in my life. This nonsense (fat) must stop. Its time. I pray I am not too late.

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