As much as I agree that I do have a bubbly effervescent personae, I would say my bestie Booski’s trumps mine…
But Genevieve here has a combination of  both of us. I mean, it would be such a happy moment when I finally meet her.
She sends me messages on a regular and she just reminds me of me at her age. Her emails are really really hilarious. Somehow she manages to get me to send her lengthy replies as well…
This beautiful Sunday morning, the absolutely bubbly bubble that is Genevieve is presented to the FAB community in grand style…

Last year was awesome! for one, i met Aunty E(although she strongly opposes the ‘Aunty’ phrase,there’s no way i’m calling her by her name)and I got the VIP request!!!(yep,i’m special like that #teamdancingazontoforchrist).

*now hubby calls me Aunty E’ just to annoy me lol. Genny darling biko nu… E’ is just fine. Plus we aren’t Yorubas na…*

The name’s Genevieve Omigie,but i just say ‘Viive’ when i’m asked because i hate it when someone says ‘is that your real name?'(like only Nnaji’s permitted to bear the name)

*this line in the bracket is sooooooo E’. I imagine her rolling her eyes as she typed it. I cracked up when I read it…*

I called 2013 my year of experiences because I learnt a lot of stuffs,most of which i wouldn’t want to repeat itself,so,i took out time to plan 2014 & i’ll just outline few of such plans…

# I’m so going to fashion school!! I spent the whole of last year sketching designs in my head and on a pad,enough of that,i’m gonna bring them out in 2014

*yeah yeah girl. I am rooting for you. Wish you started it during the strike tho but we didn’t know the strike would last months. So now you gotta find a way to work that into your studies. I trust you to…*

# I have to read more this year. Choi! i used love to scatter my head last year that when my mates were reading,i was either making or receiving a call & chatting(menh! all the money & credit i wasted and all my papa Oyedepo’s books that are just lying there!)

*Not too late to start b… So start buying both Oyedepo’s and others. I also recommend Joyce Meyer’s The Confident woman and TD Jakes the Lady, Her Lover, and her Lord. Find time to read those two especially this year. They both helped shape my life…*

# Going to treat family with more respect and not casually anymore (especially after mum stared death in the face and survived)

# I’m not so satisfied with the folks that are around me,so i specially need prayers for this task. I want to filter my friends,keep those that share my values & that are God crazy around,& the others at arms length.

*You really REALLY REALLY need to sweetie. Friendship is NOT by force. Tz very OK to delete some people out of your circle and leave them on acquaintance level only. Tz also not compulsory to have some kind peeps on your BBM. We need to be really careful with friends oooo. So girl, I pray the necessary wisdom to cultivate the right friendships be released to you straight from our Sugar daddy, amen*

Last year held a lot of opportunities for me,some i was too careless so i couldn’t see. Thank God i was able to grab on to some,like modeling for instance.And even though i am described as ‘tiny’ all the time,who cares? at least i get my pay.

I am positive that this year’s going to turn out right for me,especially since i have decided to put God in EVERYTHING i do,even to the outfit i wear and calm down with boy issues(but i still love me a cute boy sha,i mean who doesn’t? i choose to just admire this year). Need i say i am most grateful for every single challenge i faced,it only proved that GOD was there,He saw it all and that He wanted me to learn to set my priorities right. So i can’t wait for this year to begin so i can set my plans in motion,by His grace and with the prayers i’ll receive from EVERYONE here (yeah! I know everyone’s going to have a good word for me,i’m that special),and by the end of this year,we are so going to laugh at the devil!!!!

*Teenage crush. We can totally relate. But we need to set priorities right and I am happy that you have decided to do that this year…*

And that’s a wrap for Viive… Methinks You need to add an academic related goal here too love. Yeah? Cool.
Thank you baby… And I can’t wait to kick off my online group for teenagers and younger adults. I am super excited you will be a part of it. Love you mega…

OK, lemme run off and prep for church…

Kai. Hubby is cracking me up mega this morning. He is dancing ‘bum bum dance’ to ‘Onye ne me mma lekwa ikpere m n’ala…’ as he preps for church. He has been begging me to teach him etighi and I no gree so he is really trying hard to learn it on his own.

Husband of mine? Totally awesome. Ditto the idea I have for lunch today. This one, I must share with you. Both recipe and pictures. Tz an E’ special…

A few announcements about this #31F.A.B.Voices Testifying…
I decided to NOT do a daily post anymore. In fact for my blog I wanna do between two and three posts per week.
I have really long articles here and I want to spend time publicizing what I write and not just overload you daily. I want y’all to have time to really digest my posts before a new one comes your way.
So this would spill into February but it would really be 31 voices.
Please if you sent a mail to any email other than ajaeroeziaha@gmail.com, please resend to this email.
That is the only one that would allow me find your mail easily.
I have a few more slots so feel free to still send yours.

More news on this with my next post….
Happy Sunday y’all

Going Firward… Still Testifying

Yesterday was just Us Girls, a ministry of my darling pastor Mildred okonkwo
How I didn’t talk about it beats me. Maybe cos I was too pained I was going to miss it so I blanked my mind. Not being in DCC is really painful. Too painful for words… Tz the most painful thing about being outta lagos. Anyways, enough whingeing. I hear it was amazing. Tani went and didn’t stop harassing me even from the program and afterwards she told me how she enjoyed it and how pastor M is now her friend…

Hiss… We all know daughter trumps friend any day so Tani, IN YOUR FACE… :p
Anyways, Frances did a post on it here
Just Us Girls + More….
Thanks babe. Can’t wait to get the CD.
Tani you could do us a favor here on the FAB lane and do a summary. I would run it here.

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  1. Go girl! Find God, find yourself (finding one without the other is not an option that exists anyway. They’re inseparable!), and the rest will take care of itself as you learn to trust.
    “Bum bum dance” kwa? Chei! O di egwu! Eziaha biko, teach the man how to dance etighi now and put us out of our misery.

    1. I am collecting money to teach. He doesn’t want to pay
      Wow Viive got dinma to drop a comment

      1. Lol.. I hope this doesn’t come back to bite you in the, aahh, “bum bum” *that word again*cringe**..
        *blush much* @ “………drop a comment”… What can I say? She’s sweet and the colour “jade” no longer suits me..*shrugs*…

  2. I was scared there was a problem with my email notifications at first, seeing as I wasn’t getting posts on the regular. Now I know. Plus, I like this approach.

    Genevieve, yes Genevieve (real beautiful name, pay them no mind jor). I’m rooting for you dear, all the way. Please don’t lose this effervescence. I find that the heart of a child beats a jaded one that has lost its innocence anytime. Don’t hold back. It’s ok to lead full and free lives in God. Explore the gamut of the potentials within.
    Swing free in His arms…God’s got you!

    Lol@bum-bum dance. I take it ‘Kaego and I are now famous on blogosphere for creating that unique dance.

    1. Alika
      Which bumbum dance did you and ego make popular?
      Lemme not catch you.
      Yes Viive darling, don’t lose it. I totally love it and I am sure God loves it too

    2. U created the bumbum dance? And with all ur grammar u couldn’t give it a better name? Haaaaaaa. Lets kal it d dance of respledence biko.

  3. Go Viive, the Lord will help you with your plans and about filtering your friends, its a great thing that you want to do that…sweetheart its very important to have friends that are God crazy!!!

  4. I like this girloooooooo. Hehehehehehehe. Lol@boy crush…lol. Lovely post.
    ehheeee Ezi….wetin be bumbum dance? Abegooooo…anyway…as long as he doesn’t break his waist. U have need for it *winks*.
    Tani bebeeee…join d club of those trying to ‘Friend ‘ Pastor Mildred. Hehehehehehehehe. I feel your faith
    …hehehehe…welcome to d alika club.

    We keep testifying…????

  5. @Lizzie thank you very much!!! And awww #teamblushingpurple at ‘Genevieve(lovely name)’

    @Nnedimma thank you very much too. I swear I won’t forget that

    @ Aunty E,I told you I was special like that na *winks*

    1. I can only smile. I know you will be fine. Your heart shines through and it’s so beautiful to see, my own heart swells almost painfully with love for you… There’s so much I would say if I could, but I can only smile… Keep on rocking.

  6. Go vive, go vive! God’s got your back dear, and am cheering you on and rooting for you already.
    And Taani was there? I saw her pic on her fab voices testifying and I was scanning faces the whole time for people I might know, didn’t see any…. but twas ama-mazing, u miss E and e reach to vex blank am out(yeah, rubbing it on ya face,lol)
    hehehe at bum bum dance but *my lips are sealed on that oand teach hubby etighi naaa, let him know the babe he married… lolz

  7. Viive baby. I pray that God will give ♈υ̲̣̥ the wisdom to make right choices in every area of your life. May ♈υ̲̣̥ grow richly in your work ₩ɪ̣̝̇†̥ God and be a light to your generation. Filtering your friends is a wise decision. Since E’ is against ♈υ̲̣̥ calling her AUNTY E and I should stop addressing her as ma or madam. I think we should call her MUMMY E’ ₩ɪ̣̝̇†̥ all is wisdom and growing number of mentee. She deserves the title. Our lovely E’licious, MUMMY E’. Lolz

  8. Genevieve is such a wonderful name & dnt mind dos askin if its ur real name. As for fashion….. great decision… bring out ur ideas, bless pple with your talent. And 4 all ur oda plans too… May God perfect your plans & grant you the strength, wisdom & focus you need to achieve them. Amen.

  9. Error Error Error. Pls, walk and not work. ┈̥-̶̯͡»̶̥A̶̲̥̅♏ sorry for that. Takia and remain blessed.

  10. You are honest to urself. a rare quality these days.
    pls do make sure u do all those things u need to do o. I av been going to design school for eight years.,(in my head), and all I av to show for it is a drawing pad filled with dresses….
    As to d finding God, pls do. life without Him is a waste. all d best gal

  11. Congratulations darling, you have started off with the right thought, sure you’ll probably need to learn Eziaha’s Akum’s bumbum dance to do ntoi to the devil. God’s speed on all that you aspire to achieve this year. (wow, i am capable of a serious comment? weird!)

  12. Awww!!! I knew I was gonna get special prayers! Thanks everyone!!!!! @Mercy, Mummy E!!!! Lwkm,I wonder what she’ll do then! And @Ezar,if its you who wrote ‘Disposable’, then I’m in love with you already!!!!!

  13. i would loooooooooooooooooove to get the JUG Naija CD ooo. the last tym i called for the IMELA DVD/CD, nothing was sent. is it only for Lagos peeps. Ezi luv, u just had to chip in all of this on Viive’s day…he he he…im laffing in Spanish… u too mush! Viive, you sound so young and bubbly, May the good Lord grant your heart desires in Jesus Christ name in accordance with His holy will amen.
    Peace and love+++

    1. Oh my
      I’ll text you a number to call and I can assure you that your DVDs both imela and jug will be delivered when you order…
      Sorry I missed all your calls. Been flinging my phone anyhow… I will call you soon…
      Yes Viive is such a bubbly joy. She is definitely on the right track

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