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we still on YOUR GIRLFRIEND IS NOT YOUR WIFE and this is Part 2. If you missed Part 1, use the search button on my blog to find it. You need to read Part 1 before Part 2 as it is a continuation…

It was preached by our dearly beloved Pastor kingsley Okonkwo of David’s Christian Centre, Lagos

pk21 Yup He is BAD like that and drives a POWER BIKE…

Let’s continue…

So we discussed the 7QUESTIONS WISE WOMEN ASK…

One of the questions is

‘Why me? Why do you wanna marry me?’

Very crucial question… You need to know why the dude is marrying you ooo, amongst all the billions of women in the world. Cos that question and the answer will be very needed later in marriage, years after the initial gragra is over loool.

If he doesn’t give you a good answer, please keep it moving.

This one, I find it hard to believe but PK says some people actually say ‘because I like the way you pound yam’

I know PK didn’t make this up but I find this hard to believe…

Or ‘I have been saying I must marry a Calabar girl and you are the first Calabar girl I am meeting now…’

Kai, men and women alike, be wise and smart ok…

Charm, charisma, Ajebutter etc are all VAIN and fleeting reasons. I know you love the way she swings her hips when she walks, gesticulates and rolls her eyes when she talks and bends her hand funny…

PK calls it chicken fingers/hand and it come from eating too much chicken bought by men loool

But with a hand like that, she aint gonna do no washing, cleaning or working so you gotta get you some washing machines and house helps yo…

And no, you lost the right to complain. You deserve who you marry…

The things ndi nwoke n’acho are the very things that may end up being their undoing…


So how do you differentiate a girl friend from a wifey…?

I will share a few here and then in my concluding post, I will complete it…

girlfriend not wife

1. A girlfriend is always FAKE;

Have you met some girls like that? Remain small make dem tell you say they don’t even BREATHE in Nigeria. They will claim that they don’t shop in Naija, only UK, and chances are that she has only gone once. They always ALWAYS pretend. If you were in a University in Nigeria, chances are that you met MANY of them… Sad thing is that some men are tripped by all the fakeness… ewww. Men, trust me, you want a REAL DOWN-TO-EARTH woman. All that fake behavior will count for nothing in marriage that is if it leads to the altar sef. Of course, we know that there are girls who are naturally like that but we know that there are VERY few. The rest are FAKE. Ladies, please be yourself. Stop acting up just so a man can marry you. E no go last ooo. You can’t fake it forever. If you speak pidgin on a good day, feel free to speak it with any guy, especially an intended. If you don’t, ehen ok… The deal is BE REAL… But you know in Naija, pidgin is a lingua franca…


It doesn’t hurt to know some local stuff. The most annoying has to be when they now funkify a Yoruba/Igbo word all for forming sake biko nu… They roll Oshodi around till it has an R


Then some dey form say dem no dey enter bus or bike only drop/cab… be putting the guys under pressure. I had a close friend like that in Uni. During the day, she takes only cabs. At night, she flies bike eh… Which kain pressure be that abeg? Of course, for some people, this comes easy to them but if you have to bike or bus it, by all means do. Don’t despise little beginnings ooo.

Btw, PK says in Lagos we don’t have cabs na ‘cabu-cabu’ so stop forming… PK eh…

Fake girls don’t know how to use fork and knife and yet they just insist on disgracing themselves and their generation by staining everybody’s dress there in their clumsy attempt to use a fork and knife.

Ah, lemme tell you a story. True life.

My boo is a perfect gentleman… He uses cutlery for EVERYTHING and it is VERY ANNOYING might I add. 🙂
I on the other hand CAN very well use a cutlery set but I prefer to use only a fork and then when it comes to chicken, abeg I use my hand ooo.

I LOVE CHICKEN so there is no way in God’s green earth that I Eziaha Ajaero will use fork to eat chicken where I can use my hand and nothing will happen… and then waste precious flesh? Mba biko. So once we went out for lunch/dinner and see dude remaining his chicken ooo. A rather healthy chunk since he used a fork and knife to eat it…

Guess who told the waiter to leave his plate while I used my hand, in a very FABULOUS way might I add, to finish his own chicken. I mean, it was paid for and all and the Queen wasn’t around for Dinner so I didn’t need to whip out my Buckingham palace manners which of course I can whip out if need be.


But at that restaurant, I had to be real jor. I am sure he was like ‘which kain girl be ds loooool’

But really, it is important for the man to know who you really are so that he will know what he is getting. Like my mentor Bimbo Odukoya used to say, Pastor Taiwo will always tell her then when they go out ‘…eat oooo. So that I will know how much we will be spending on food.’

Very true.

Don’t create a false impression of what you won’t keep up with in the home.

Pk also told the story of a beach date he had with PM when they were dating and he wanted to ease himself.


It was an open stretch and being PK, he told his babe PM then ‘…face that side abeg, I wan piss…’

No need holding it or forming say ‘I am pressed. Can I ease myself? Can I go to the convenience’ Looool.

Truth is, PK is CRAZIER than that sef so it was a good thing for PM to know what she was getting. In marriage, you no fit pretend oo, so build it on reality. Friendship… Too important in marriage. Your partner should be YOUR ABSOLUTE CROSS-YOUR-HEART BEST FRIEND… Nothing should be too big to NOT be told. If there are some things that you can’t share, someone is faking it.

Guys be careful ooo. All this FAKE ladies will put you in trouble because they are HIGH MAINTAINANCE… Also everything on them is FAKE… Hair, nails, lashes, eye lenses, butt (there is butt pad now you know), boobs, teeth, etc. Of course, that is NOT to say that all this is bad. I am guilty of some but sometimes eh, let the guy you are dating see the REAL YOU. So that on your honeymoon night the guy won’t mistake you for room service, after you have removed all the fake things… Loooool. (PK has the most active imagination, trust me)

Guys, sometimes what you see aint what you get ooo.

#NuffSaid 😉

Let him have a feel of who you really are… There is really no ugly woman ooo. Let go of inferiority complex. That thing that is complexing you may very well be what a particular man is looking for… Love on and celebrate yourself. Everytin doesn’t always have to be FAKE.

Let me end Part 2 here…

Check back for Part 3 in two days, that is FRIDAY…

Don’t worry, it is scheduled already so no stories..


and please spread word… Let EVERY YOUNG PERSON you know read this, male and female alike…

and drop a comment too alright…



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  1. So iv read ur write up a million times..I even find meslf goin back to check som stuff for stuff for ‘meditation ‘ ..u do a great job darl!!..each time I read, I feel so cool dat I knw I u..lol!
    @ all of us girls n ladies n all..a word is enuf for d wise!!.thanks E.

  2. Infact! Tru talk,so I was gistin wit som guy who says if my Gf eva farts in my presence ,dat z d end!m like no mata hw long u v bn datin?he was like yes! Serzly! I cannot date such a lady again!phew!!!! Som guys can b so dumb,u wil tink thr lineage actually went thru charles darwin’s evolution!(As only d dumbest person cld bliv dat theory)
    But I tink he z jokin,maybe bcos hm neva see wife material!anyways lovely as always Ms fab

  3. When I say I love PK, no be lie. Look how hunky d dude looks with dt Bike. Dear God, I envy Pastor Mildred EVERYDAY! Dt guy is just d real definition of MAN!!! Chineke!!! D day I lay my eyes on him ehhhh, angels MUST sing O Perfect love, all human thoughts transcending! *sighhhh* Back to our gist, bfor I sin in my heart. We were talkin abt bad wives abi girlfriends ko? Ezi, u hv said it finish ni. No more comment. U hv done well to advice these chics, bt chics like that dnt ever read blogs like this, do they? They like Linda Ikeji nd Tonto Dikeh nd co . Infact, as them see d topic sef, they won’t read further…hehehehehe. A ‘friend’ of mine was bored ystrday nd I told her to read ur blog dt she wil b entertained. She was excitedooo. She said ‘ehheee, make I read juicy gist’. Immediately she saw d topics, she closed up nd told me she hd eye pain. Imagine. Cheiiiii. God will help us. But permit me kwa to paste d page addy on my timeline 🙂

    1. Hahahaha
      Interestingly I like linda and tonto
      But in sane proportions
      Pls leave PK and PM ooo
      My hand no dey…
      I can only write and do my best at publicizing…
      And then pray it is read by all and sundry…
      Feel free to publicize jare

  4. Nice one Ezii. This is purely Infoentertainment. Yep dats my Pastor, clear Word of God wiv humour! I’ll be checking in often.

  5. Chai! This is super interesting! PK messages are always informatve,inspiring and motivating but this ur pastor is funny too o! LOL. Just been laffing while reading this.So many fakebabes out there but they do get married too innit? I love this part.”Let the guy you are dating see the REAL YOU. So that on your honeymoon night the guy won’t mistake you for room service.”. #word! E darl, keep it up! got 2 enter church for showwers

    1. Wanted to make showers oooo
      I’m so sad abourrit
      Enjoy love
      Yes they marry oooo
      But there are marriages and there are MARRIAGES…

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