Before I go on with the Post, may I humbly submit that I introduced Dumebi to Tony. I mean, I didn’t introduce them to date ooo. I just was the vessel God used to bring them together. Like I said in the toast, Our oga at the top pulled a fast one on us. NONE of us saw this coming. Not even our Pastors.

Ok, now that I have made you understand that I am VERY qualified to take the toast, you may now enjoy the transcript of the Toast.

I have of course left out some parts where there is long story but the main body dey kampe… My rehearsal puts this to last for between three and four minutes.

I will also have someone video this and if possible, I would upload to my blog so that you share the moment with me. I love attention so you would really need to see all my drama and attitude as I do this. This is the second Toast I may taking in like two months. First was for my Soul sister and Bestie Ayomikun.


I missed doing a video of it.


Btw, I think a Toast is a very spiritual thing. Ditto the Maid of honor because you get to sign the wedding register too. That is like endorsing a marriage. Oh wow!!! I prayerfully put this Toast together… No jokes!!!

Let’s go…

I would love to make a toast to my best friend Dumebi (Booski) and her best male friend Tony.


My name is Eziaha and it is an absolute delight and joy not just to be here but to be giving this toast. It is such an honor, thank you darlings.

I have known Dumebi since Feddy days in Owerri and then also as a Masters student in the Nation’s best University, Unibadan. In the last 16 months, our friendship has taken an even more meaningful depth


As for Tony, I was privileged in my Undergraduate years to have served in a most amazing church Triumphant assembly, Shabach centre and he was one of our Pastors there so I can claim a good knowledge of Tony too.

I introduced Dumebi to my church and bang!! Tony found his good thing…

When I put the Couple’s picture up on BBM congratulating them about two months ago, a mutual friend was quick to ping me and in his words

‘So this was why Tony kept on asking me all those questions about Dumebi…’

I later realized that TONY asked NOT a few people many questions about Dumebi, including our Senior Pastor BEFORE he made his intentions known to her. He needed to confirm character first.

Allow me to throw in this Word of advice here for the men… Look for character FIRST in a woman and don’t just follow a beautiful face. Like the book of Proverbs says, a beautiful woman without character is like a gold ring in a Pig’s snout. Or better put, a beautiful face on an empty head. Ewww.


Oh but my Booski is beautiful within and beautiful without. Like I tell people, Dumebi is such a joy.


Everyone should have at least ONE Dumebi in their lives…

ii (No she was not referring to the wedding ooo lol as per the ‘dare miss it”)

Tony, this is how I know that Dumebi LOVES you… SHE CAN NOT PRETEND. I can not pay her to pretend. When she came to me before she made a decision as per who she wanted to spend the rest of her life with out of the many (lol), I told her I would NOT make the choice for her but that I would pray with her. My prayer point was simple… ‘dear God, you know my friend can NOT pretend. If someone is Not right for her, please open her eyes to see the qualities she can’t stand and wham!!! The work is done”

An advice here for ladies and friends, if at any point you are unsure, You can PRAY. Prayers work!!!

So what started with CIA investigation on Tony’s part and lots of prayers on Dumebi’s part has climaxed into this beautiful union today.

I daresay NOBODY saw this coming. Our Oga at the top pulled a fast one on us all and of course, we are not complaining, *facing the couple* or are we?

Tony, you definitely found a GOOD THING. I am chuffed about your future together. Dumebi wants plenty babies so I pray you that…

Tony, my friend has the loveliest smile ever.

_3Dumebi Ezar_3=-D

Do what you can within the boundaries of God’s love to keep the smile on her face and by extension, her heart alive.

Dumebi likes surprises, please surprise her. You can see me for time-to-time paid for tips.

Dumebi is adventurous. Encourage her with wisdom. Whatever you do, the world needs to keep seeing her smile.


I have thought long and hard about what I would do to you if that smile reduces even a little. Now I know. I would ask God to take away your lovely voice and give you a frog’s croak instead. So people, if you ever hear Tony croaking, you already know why.

Now a priceless advice for the two of you…


Because God’s word works absolutely.

Tony, The Word says, Love your wife. And even if at some point you think she is an enemy, the Word says LOVE YOUR ENEMIES too.

Dumebi, the Word says SUBMIT. Respect him. Whether you feel like it or not. Tony has a vision darling. Help him to fulfill it.

Your primary job description is HELP MEET after all.

Like my darling Pastor Mildred who you absolutely love says ‘Marriage is an ASSIGNMENT and not a REWARD!!!’ Long after the wedding gown is off, your parents are lounging in Asaba and the wedding guests have retired, darling, you have work to do, both on your knees and on your feet.

Again, work the WORD cos God’s Word works absolutely.

I pray you a testimony filled godly marriage of your dreams.

Now may we all please rise, raise our glasses and toast to Dumebi and Tony as they kiss single-hood goodbye forever…

***The end***

I know it looks long but like I said 3 to 4 mins…

Typically a  toast covers an introduction and gratitude, your relationship to the couple and how they met, and then advice for the couple. Insert a few jokes and wham the toast is complete. I have all that covered here I hope. Lol

Ok so by the time you read this, I doubt I have taken the toast but hey this is what I will be saying.

I am very grateful for this wedding. And trust me, we have reason to be very grateful. God really pulled a fast one on us. This time last year, I know where we were. But Dumebi’s life has truly shown that God can wipe tears and give you so much laughter you actually forget you ever cried on the same matter.


My darling Booski, tonight is the night…

For Tony’s sake, I only pray you don’t get pregnant tonight ooo. Crazy girl.

Love you mega boo. And I am super honored to be your friend.




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Nope, i am neither up for hires either to do your toast or to help you write a toast or even wedding vows. Do it yourself lol.

I am serious tho…


My darling Sapphire, don’t you wish i did your toast.


Anyways, it is a good thing you kept the Toast out cos no one else could have done it ooo. But I would have yabbed you taya and washed ALL your dirty secrets and linen in public so maybe you were good not to have a toast hehehe

I MISS YOU BOO. When is our meeting oooo. Time no dey again ooo *wink*

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  1. Congrats,congrats to Dumebi!
    God bless their union greatly!
    Love the joy for tears thing,maybe u should share the testimony here?
    And eh,for ya mind o,na u introduce them,hope u r not thinking of entering that ministry? Hehe…

    1. Lol at entering that ministry
      Nah. At all.
      This was not planned at all.
      I’ll have to ask her permission to share first. But it is a good story which will bless lives so we will consider it.
      Thanks love

  2. awww. i’m sure ul av left so many people in tears when u read it. it’s so well put together. well done. truly you are d best friend of life

  3. Beautiful toast! Loved it 🙂
    Congratulations Dumebi, you sure have a beautiful smile like E said and you and your husband look great! God’s grace for your new assignment xx

  4. lol! you wish u had taken the toast ba? but kai, i am so blessed, my twin is all shades of awesome. when you start off a marriage with a toast like that,you know the union is blessed beyond human comprehension. God bless you Dumto. (dumebi&Tony).

    1. Dumto, i like!!!
      Blessed marriage indeed.
      I feel so blessed to have been a major part of the celebration…
      We are awesome like that. You and me both #TwinnieTinz

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