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By now, I’m sure you are curious about the magic pill that made the fat fall out so easily. Well, it was… the truth pill! Like the Biblical account of the prodigal son, I simply got tired of the way I was living, especially when I knew things could be way better.

Remember the article where I said pregnant women could bounce back in shape after delivery? Well, I meant it. Today, I am going to share the magic pill that made my weight loss journey even faster. That’s right, in about 4 months of working out and eating clean, I lost about 40kg. * drum roll please* It was a big deal because I was on Instagram every day sharing my post workout pictures and meals with everyone. So, people literally saw me transform.

By now, I’m sure you are curious about the magic pill that made the fat fall out so easily. Well, it was… the truth pill! Like the Biblical account of the prodigal son, I simply got tired of the way I was living, especially when I knew things could be way better. So I looked at myself in the mirror one day and told myself the truth.

So What Was This Truth Pill?

First, let me tell a story.

I had just landed in the airport after a trip with my then six-month-old baby when I rang up my friend in tears. I told her I did not like how I looked, and also that I felt like I had let go of my body and dreams. This is what she said to me:

“Ah, you are not fat o; it is just hormones, because you are breastfeeding. Don’t worry, when you stop breastfeeding, you will lose the weight.”

Oh gosh, it was such a relief to hear that. This meant that it was not my fault that I weighed 106kg and was obese based on my BMI results. It felt really good to push the blame to the prolactin hormone. It is called the breastfeeding hormone. And even research shows that it plays a role in making nursing mothers hungry and thirsty.

So, basking in that new and profound knowledge, I got home ready to brandish that discovery in the face of anyone who had the guts to talk about my weight. Well, my cousin did. In fact, she was so shocked that she had to exclaim in Igbo. Feeling well armed, I threw her the breastfeeding and prolactin arrow. Oh, how she laughed and laughed at me. I forgot that I was talking to a Medical Doctor. She told me to forget that story. It was not prolactin.

Naturally, I was mad at her, but in my more lucid moment, I decided to confront myself with the bitter pill of truth. I had a meeting with myself right in front of the mirror, and told myself the savage truth.

“Eziaha, this is no more pregnancy fat.”

“It is not even baby or breastfeeding fat”

“And it is not hormonal fat”

“This is simply food and indiscipline fat”

It really hurt to accept these bitter truths, but part of growing up is being able to take the truth and wash it down with a chilled glass of flavoured water, or zobo.

The Truth Will Set You Free!

That moment of truth changed everything for me. Taking responsibility empowered me to do something about the rather destructive food choices I was making. (Yes, our relationship with food can be considered destructive and even be regarded as a mental condition.)

That truth helped me look deep within and dig out the emotions behind my overeating. I was in the early stages of depression, having given up a career with the United Nations and relocated. Suddenly, it seemed like all I was doing was pumping breast milk and changing diapers, despite my first class and best graduating student plaques. So, food became therapy for me. It took a truth telling session to discover this but it changed my life.

I am so thankful that my cousin didn’t let me live a lie. Today, I run my own business, helping many more women achieve optimised lives through a healthy food and fitness routine. This new sense of purpose empowers me financially to do other things I am on assignment here on earth for.

Dear moms; the truth is your friend. It may hurt, but it will ultimately heal. This pretty much applies to every area of your life where you are looking for change.

Have a sit-down with yourself; there is no need to sugar coat anything.

Now the beautiful thing about this self-honesty is that it helps you devise a plan to bounce back in shape or achieve the change you desire. You could kick start a weight-loss plan by hiring a coach, or buying a meal guide. You could also find free resources online. Download YouTube workout videos. Stop taking processed drinks. Join a Gym. As long as you desire change, any plan, no matter how small, is a good place to start.

The Journey Is Personal

Regardless of the plan you choose, always remember that it really is a race against yourself and no one else. So no pressure! Your pace can be slower than the next mom’s own, but your efforts are valid, no matter how little. If you can afford to go fast like I did, please do. If all you can afford is small changes per time, enjoy that too. But above all, please be consistent. That is really what gives results – doing whatever right thing you are doing again and again until you see results.

I will also leave an important piece of advice: Enjoy time with your baby too. The mistake I made was to think that changing diapers and pumping breast milk were less fulfilling than pursuing a career like some other moms. Thinking back now, I am amused by that shallow thinking. Babies do not hinder a woman’s ambition. All we need is some perspective and grit.

I also agree that it is a tough job balancing motherhood and life, but hey, moms have super powers, increasing with every child born. We can do hard things. I can also confidently say that I finally understood that it is a privilege to be called to motherhood. And if I needed to make sacrifices for a season, then so be it. But I would never again blame anyone for my emotional eating.

I hope this inspires your own bounce back journey. I am right in the stands, rooting for you mama. You rock!

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