I can imagine that many of us are quite familiar with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. I recall learning it in PSY 102 and I totally loved it and immediately, I made up my mind to reach the peak which is SELF ACTUALIZATION.

There is however a hierarchy in life, or in this world if you like. And depending on where you find yourself, this should make you happy or sad.

Each level is EXCLUSIVE. You can NOT be in more than one at a time.

Let’s take this from the top

The Oga at the top, The Boss man has to be God mehn…


He is the BOSS over all the earth and all things are under Him, including the Devil.

Just below the Oga at the top, we have BELIEVERS.


It is to WE the believers that our Oga has the top has given that authority. To bind and lose things and people as we like here on earth. Don’t dare a believer ooo, especially a very-aware-of-her-rights believer. We have authority right here on earth so don’t mess with us yo!!!

Right under the believers are ANGELS. I love angels ooo.


Sometimes I feel they should be higher than us but hey, we are their Bosses ooo. Heb 1 vs. 14 became my BEST scripture during exams or when i needed something cancelled because i was lazy hadn’t quite studied.


Are not all angels ministering spirits/servants sent to serve/care for those who will inherit salvation…? Heb 1;14

Kai, you need to see us, my study group and I, sending all our angels on assignments whenever we prayed together at Chapel. I mean, as serious as the prayers were at times, I would keep laughing at Loni’s prayer when she starts saying things like ‘My angels are on igbo so they are so high and energized     to run around for me’.


The point is angels are below us. Psalms 8v5 (KJV) actually says ‘He has made us a little lower than angels…’ some might argue but other versions substitute ‘God’ for ‘Angels’ and there is a whole controversy about a translation error there which is why I jejely used this Hebrews reference.

Just below the ANGELS, we have SATAN.


Ah, Satan is a really bad Satan ooo. I will say more about him and my intense hatred for him after the last level.

At the base of this pyramid is the UNBELIEVER…


Chai!!! I usually shudder every time I have to talk about this, at the plight of these people. Satan is the god of this earth (2nd cor 4; 4). Blame Adam. But thank God for the second Adam, Christ Jesus who died and has given us permission to come under his wings and be safe from the devil. All we need do is LOVE HIM… simple. And by Love, I mean obeying His NOT-GRIEVOUS commands.

The devil is VERY wicked mehn… the bible calls him a devourer. And indeed he is. He has absolutely NO regard when he starts dealing with his children, the unbelievers. This is really scary. He can make your life MISERABLE… He will toss and kick you around like a ball, deal you many upper cuts like a boxer, drag you around like a towing truck… His wickedness list is endless. Sometimes, he dangles you a carrot and deceives you with all sorts of niceties, but mehn, that is really ephemeral. When you have enjoyed short term, the suffering will not even make you remember the enjoyment. I hate the devil sha.

And the worst part about this devil is that after dealing with you here on earth, you now get to spend eternity in hell. I mean that is eternal FIRE burning. With the scorching sun I experienced in Abuja, I can’t deal biko. With the devil, it is a lose-lose situation sha… lose on earth, lose in heaven. I can’t deal mehn… that is why I play for #teamJesus proudly. With Him, it is win-win-win-win-win… Who no like better abeg? Puhleeze. I dunno if I am more excited about my mansion, or the streets of gold? Or finally meeting Peter. He is my fave disciple sha. His ‘hot blood’ was too much. Darling, as long as you still have breath in you and the trumpet has not sounded, you can ‘port’ to #teamJesus if you don’t play there already. There is more than enough room for ALL. And we in Team Jesus gotta shine our lights brighter and brighter so that we can attract people to our team… We need to depopulate that region ooo…


I hope you learnt something… Your comments are very welcome.

Hierarchy credit; Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo

Hierarchy source; The Bible

Hierarchy Publicist; E’

And Happy democracy day Nigeria and Nigerians. Things are getting better. and we the Believers will eat the good of the land. Amen. i thought I would do a post on ‘It is your BIRTHDAY, so what?’ but this kinda interrupted it. Please say a prayer as often as possible for our Leaders and the people generally.

Stay FAB lovelies,


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  1. I came across your site through a friend. I must say I find it very interesting and relaxing to read.
    your perspective is very original and u are very “real” with a lot of swag if I may say. lol!

    I however feel u are a feminist based on some of your previous articles. all d same, I enjoy reading
    them & seeing things from your point of view.

    keep it up please. more grace to you.

    1. Heehehhe
      I am a woman what do u expect.
      Seriously tho, I am a spiritual feminist. That one I know
      Thanks darl for visiting

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