I wanna say I am sorry for being AWOL for a while but trust me I have a very good reason… hehehe. I went on vaycay and when we vaycay we go AWOL to get the best outta our vaycay… Hehehe. It was a really short one and depending on how I feel, I may or may NOT share deets… Hehehehe
It is a MOST beautiful day and I am all shades of excited. Super duper excited. My Jehovah has been awesome much and here am I feeling really grateful and so I am happy to announce
The GRATITUDE journal… OUR 30day challenge
This would be me and a few Blogger friends sharing stuff we are grateful for over the next 30days. No requests, no whining, just pure unadulterated GRATITUDE…
I dunno about you people but sometimes I fall into the rut of asking and asking and forgetting to say THANK YOU because as soon as one need is met, another shows up ‘MY TURN NEXT…’ We never ever run outta needs. Phew….
This would be me, US, thanking God deliberately on a daily basis.
So this is how this would roll…
Each post would have at least 5 reasons why we are thankful for the day and would NOT exceed 500 words. We wanna keep it short so that it can be read on the go, and for some of us, like me, regular blogging will still go on so I gotta manage both wella. Posts would go up between 9pm and 11pm daily.
Each participant will mention stuff from each or a least one person’s post and put up links too so that our individual readers can read the other Bloggers’ blogs too and find reasons to be thankful. This too would increase our sphere of readers as my readers would ultimately become readers of the other blogs and a beautiful cycle ensues.
I am aware that some days may look gloomy with nothing to be thankful for (seemingly) so we would have to THINK because if you can think, you can THANK… there is always something to be thankful for jor…
I am also aware that some days may go by in a hurry and we may be too tired to blog but I hope that we can all work as a tag team and hold each other up as we make the 30days WORK!!! Where you skip a day, just like the Muslims and the fast, your 30days will be extended ooo. #NoteToEziaha#
I have three bloggers already… Let me know if you too are interested so that I add you up and we roll from Aug 1. My target is 5bloggers only.
Let’s make THANKSGIVING fun and fab too…
I am already bursting with excitement.
If you are NOT a blogger, feel free to still join us by getting yourself a journal and writing it down there too… Stuff you are grateful for daily. No need to be left out.
Too many complainers, too many askers, too many murmurers, too little thankers. We must break this rubbish abeg.
I hope this challenge, during and after especially, inspires us to have an Attitude o’ Gratitude always…
Which would be the hashtag/theme for the challenge… #AlwaysAnAttitudeO’Gratitude.
So see you FAB’ers in a bit.
My holiday begins tomorrow
FREE for the whole of August… My!!! I can’t believe my good graces.
I gotta fill August with amazing stuff and make the month count since I can’t spend it honeymooning anymore
Oh but August will count, I promise. Which is why I am happy to kick this series off this month.
Shalla to my girl MENOWORD whose blog series on same inspired this. As we speak, my girl is on DAY 29!!! Maximum respect Sweerie… Because of you, we too can. I have been super inspired reading ALL the gratitude posts and I am constantly amazed about all the stuff we have to be thankful for if only we stop to think. Nne, you ROCK. Like majorly.
So I happily raced to buy THE THING AROUND YOUR NECK by Adichie and thought it would have made the perfect flight companion. I should have jejely read THE NATION newspaper provided in-flight ooo. It just didn’t thrill me, most of the stories, They all seemed half done except maybe CELL ONE. I am all for let-my-readers-figure-out-the-best-ending-to-the-story but to stop a story even before we get a hang biko nu??? Purple hibiscus stopped at the perfect cliffhanger, ditto Americanah IMO. I felt both stories had run their courses anyways. But TTAYN? Nah baby… Now I am looking forward to the Half of a yellow sun movie seeing as I have NOT still been able to read and finish the book. Found it too winding, and that is quite telling because Americanah also had its long story but I could relate jor…
I am sorry no pictures with this post. I forgot my modem at home and I ain’t ready for Blackberry drama. So I will just post all text and maybe update with pictures later. Maybe ooo…

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  1. Reblogged this on Giantsparkle's and commented:
    Hey dearies!!! I and my sis would be doing a 30-day gratitude challenge. We’re gonna have to state 5 things each day that we’re grateful for. It begins on the 1st of August. Feel free to join us and even if you don’t have a blog, a journal would be great. We all overlook so many things in our lives daily and I hope that by doing this, we can all learn to gratefulness… See this post by my sis for more information on the gratitude-challenge.

    Much love,

  2. Oooooh I can’t wait to see all your posts, I know I’m going to be blessed. And thank you for the very kind “shalla”, very very honoured. Looking forward to an August of gratitude!!! And wishing you an awesome holiday!

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