So I figured I could share 15 random you-didnt-know somethings about myself.
I have shared quite a bit on these blogs tho but there’s always more.
Random throwback pictures thrown in too.
Strap in…


1. My Parent’s didn’t let us wear trousers when we were growing up. Of course most orthodox churches then thought it was a sin so…
I think we all ‘revolted’ seriously in Uni. I did earlier tho.

2. I have a gift of remembrance. It has its world of good which is probably why I have always been an A student (aside the Pharmacy fiasco of course). I can remember a whole lot of stuff, tz amazing. BUT it also has its bad I promise.


For some people and happenstance, I have to PRAY for amnesia otherwise I have a tendency to retaliate.

3. I am highly excitable and friendly.

I laughed soooo hard. Tolu KNOWS me. Haha
(Tolu is also crazy hahahaha. And in case you are wondering I am still laughing and haven’t answered him still. Tz almost a week lol.)
These days tho, I am more controlled. I can strike up a lasting conversation with almost anybody, in groups or alone. Or on the phone. We can be ‘best friends’ in 2mins if I want. Like a house on fire, we can get along. I am that girl who can finish your credit. And mine. But these days, I am very VERY wise with boundaries. I set my boundaries and without my permission, you can’t push them.

4. I bite my nails and pick scabs off my wounds. Now I wish I could just say this casually but mehn, I draw blood. I literally don’t stop until it is either red, swollen or bleeding. Pray for me guys.

And that’s all I’m gonna say about that.

6. While still on what else I hate, I HATE FASTING!!! (But I fast tho when I have to, personally or corporate. I just really hate it lol)

7. I have used the same phone number from the beginning of my GSM life, about 10years now. It is a special number. I recall the MTN staff I got it from said ‘You are lucky I am giving you this. I kept it for my cousin and he hasn’t shown up’. I love my number.

8. I am a lazy ‘touch screen’ typer. I send voice notes A LOT!!! If I have never sent you a VN, we are not friends. Haha.

9. I read my blog at least SIX/SEVEN TIMES a day.

10. I have 700 journals. And 300 highlighters. And I need more. I’m obsessed with my own handwriting. Lol

11. I pay the craziest compliments. Conservative persons may view some as inappropriate. But frankly that’s me. I like you/it, I say it.

12. I have a tendency to like coffee. Even to be obsessed. And now that I realise Chris Caine is an addict lol, it is getting enticing even more.


But nah, I’ll get high on Twinings instead. I actually believe coffee will make you twitchy in old age.

13. I absolutely HATE being ignored. Especially online. Which is why i respond to every comment on my blog. I stop commenting on your blog if you don’t respond, except you are one of my teachers. On BBM or Whatsapp, I can delete or block you if you ignore me continuously. It is better you don’t read. If I see a D change to R and I don’t get a response, hmmm lol. Even in a group, I HATE asking a question and being ignored. I deal better with it now I must say tho.

14. I LOVE makeup, hair, nails and dress up. I intend to have people take care of that for me 24/7 in the future.


15. I am only just learning to like quiet people. And that’s all I have to say about this…
That’s all people.
Have a blessed week and hey, I absolutely LOVE it when you share my posts on social media. Please keep sharing and tag me too.


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  1. E… you are one of a kind and you are blessed. I can totally relate with 1 (though I am off trousers now) 4(feel guilty especially when biting my nails feel I am too old for that, but old habits die hard lol) 8, 10( so bad I collect my mum’s highlighters and free journals) and 13. Lovely and enjoyable post. You are on a roll,please keep it up.God is your strength. Was shocked and happy to see 3 email notifications from the Fab sister. Nice way to start a new week.

  2. Aww!!! I really love your personality, so bubbly and fun. One thing I personally love about you is the realness and genuineness you exude each time I read your post. Like you are basically one of the realest out there. I think I have similar extroverted traits as you btw. I also hate people ignoring me, u got me cracking me when u said u can block someone who doesn’t reply you. Oh that’s another thing I like about you. You are so funny, lol . And me too, I am also starting to like introverted people. Initially I didn’t really like them as much because I felt you cant really tell what they are about or what they are capable of. I felt some of them could be quite mean cos dey wont tell u what they are up to,lol I know very childish but yh I am changing on tha. Oh, I am also an ardent follower of your blog btw. I love the beautiful way you write. On a lighter note though, u got a nice and infectious smile. Well done dear. Keep being a blessing. x

    1. Awww boo I LOVE your comment.
      Thanks for saying almost everything I didn’t have the guts to say about quiet people.
      Hahaha. Yes we are petty like that.
      Your compliments are beautiful darling. Sending you hugs. Thank you and mehn God gets all the glory.
      And yup I agree with the ‘nice smile’ haha
      Thanks darling

  3. Iro ni o (it’s a lie), three posts in one night? Was here yesterday and there was no new ost. Then three!?
    You bite ur nails? Then how do you manage to carry the false ones? I bite my nails too and some minutes ago was telling myself they look so awful. Yet when I fix, I won’t let it stay. Picking at them till they come off.
    Some of these random facts are really random o. One would never guess.
    In short, the screen grab with Tolu is what’s helping my unbelief.
    700 journals? Faints. Really? You’re joking. Even a book store…..
    Nice. Lemme run off to read others.
    Oh. And thanx for introducing Chris. I like her.

    1. I was smoking hot baby haha
      And the exact same way you pick false nails is how I pick mine.
      Lol at unbelief. Girl you know me. Nothing should be so far fetched here jor.
      Wait till I do another where I REALLY go random haha

      700 journals is a hyperbole. Was tryna pun around with Solomon’s wives and concubines.
      You are soooo welcome on Chris.
      May I recommend Chick Night and The Favor of God?
      And err Liberty Uni convocation
      Awesome videos

    2. I was smoking hot baby haha
      And the exact same way you pick false nails is how I pick mine.
      Lol at unbelief. Girl you know me. Nothing should be so far fetched here jor.
      Wait till I do another where I REALLY go random haha

      700 journals is a hyperbole. Was tryna pun around with Solomon’s wives and concubines.
      You are soooo welcome on Chris.
      May I recommend Chick Night and The Favor of God?
      And err Liberty Uni convocation
      Awesome videos.

    3. I was smoking hot baby haha
      And the exact same way you pick false nails is how I pick mine.
      Lol at unbelief. Girl you know me. Nothing should be so far fetched here jor.
      Wait till I do another where I REALLY go random haha

      700 journals is a hyperbole. Was tryna pun around with Solomon’s wives and concubines.
      You are soooo welcome on Chris.
      May I recommend Chick Night and The Favor of God?
      And err Liberty Uni convocation
      Awesome videos. I tell ya

      1. Hahaha
        And I got three replies.
        Ok. @recommendation. I basically just hit the button on whatever YouTube says I haven’t watched. Her sense of humour? I think she’s the finest female preacher I’ve heard.
        Watched one this morning where she basically said application was open for fine, rich, godly boys to marry her daughters. Listening to her is easy, fun and filling.

  4. You did not add that, you can bend over backwards for your friends,even acquaintances.and you can give gifts,Choi e no dey tire you?lolssssssss
    You also forgot to say that are a chef.a very good cook o! No b here o
    Anyways lemme not tell them everything.we still need to keep small abi?looooolsssss

  5. I love random posts! Of the three, picked this first to start. Lol

    I’ve had my mtn line too all my GSM life too… 15 solid years…lol. Never stolen,lost,welcomed back….same old sim.
    I really dislike being ignored online…esply on blogs that are kinda personal. you put up a post and people read and comment and you can’t take the time to interact some with them? Usually feels rude.
    I lol @ 15. Cos I also in recent times started warming up to extroverted n hyper active peeps. #Dazall
    Are there people who love/like vigils??

    This was a fun read.

    1. EXACTLY at your blog comments take.
      It is just annoying when a ‘personal blogger’ who doesn’t have 1000 or even 100 comments doesn’t respond.
      For me, a post ain’t complete till I enjoy the convo in the comment section.
      Lol at extroverted n hyper. I appropriate my sub lol
      Yes my hubby LOVES vigil. And fasting. Tz STRANGE.
      He covers up for me… Hahaha
      Mehn same sim? Never stolen? Share your juju lol. That’s amazing. It must be white now choi.
      And judging by how the comments started on the random post first, I can assume una plenty wey like random posts.


      1. Lolz @ juju… Funny thing despite changing it from phones upandan , it isn’t white.
        Emm, no subs….he he he ….
        Wow, kudos to your husband for his love for vigil.

  6. Pleasure to always read your work
    Your blog got me through a boring lecture.
    We have random things in common
    1. I pick scabs off my wounds too and it’s so gross I just can’t stop till it rains red..
    2. I go through my blog an embarrassing number of times too 3. I remember too many things and I would appreciate an amnesia pill for certain things…

    I love you for writing

    1. Loooool at boring lecture.
      Your lecturer would not like me but I am pleased to help.
      I LOVE your comment. You sound awesome. Def following your blog girl

    1. Sounds like King Solomon’s 700 wives and 300 concubines – so it’s final – King Solomon was also a hoarded πŸ˜€ – hope E’ doesn’t have my head for this… lol!

  7. You did not add that you love having your nails well fixed (or so I think). Picked the love for fixing nails from you..

    And 700 journals?? Seriously the way you talk about your journals made me start having too…

    *hugs mama
    … And Yes you have such an amazing way with hugs that turns one to Oliver Twist.. Lol. OK bye

    1. Hahaha. I do now. I added it when I said I love hair nails and makeup.
      I absolutely love it. Soon I’ll start again jor.
      I forgot to add the hugs sef. But I think I have said it again and again on here.
      Muah boo

  8. your blog is so so interesting.l look forward to ‘re simply amazing! I have learnt alot from your’re so intelligent.I wish to meet you someday. my love to king daveeeed! I pray my daughters grow up to be like you.thank you so much .truck load of love.

    1. This is humbling hun!!!
      Thank God. And babe if you EVER see me anywhere, interrupt ANYTHING and holler!!!
      I love you darling. And I pray your daughters are even better. Amen

  9. Hehehe I love this post, now I know the things we have in common, I will be needing that prayers on not picking scabs off my wounds. I have also had the same number for over 10 years now. I lurvvvvv makeup, hair, nails and dress up n pictures ofcus (dis all have d ability to lift my mood). Ermmm who loves being ignored, I hate it. I am so lazy at typing n even vn’s cn be tiring for me a times, so I call alot. I hate fasts and vigils but well on this race we have no choice but to. My memory ehen! May God help me in that department when it comes to things I don’t wanna remember (I sometimes get mental picture flashes in my head about things and incidences), Abt not permitting trousers when we were growing up, dat one is another story entirely , however, a revolution was inevitable lol. Nice post as usual hun I love it!

  10. It’s nice to know you better E’!

    I’m thankful for extroverts – they add a lot of spice to life. I wouldn’t say I love to fast, but God always provides the grace when it’s required. But I definitely do not like vigils; I love a good night’s sleep. I love fine stationary but I won’t call myself a writer.

    Thanks for letting us know you a little more πŸ™‚ Love to the clan….

  11. Wow, love this post. Ok am picking up scabs from the wound I sustained from giving myself a pedicure while typing this comment. Secondly, I grew up in a kind of village then and my sister and I were the only female children that wore trousers then, we will always cry back home anyday we go out cos our co village children will always be singing one funny song for us
    about nwanyi na eyi trouser. But my mother no send ooo, she will still dress us up in trousers the next day. Ok, I can like remember things eeeh, if I ever tell you I don’t remember, am lying. I still remember my first day in Nursery school, everything that happened in primary school and secondary school, as long as I’ve seen ur face somewhere either in pix or anywhere, I can easily recall. Can’t leave my house without a journal and a pen but 700!!!

    Don’t mind me joor, learning how type long comments.

  12. Hello Eziaha
    lol, funny post.

    About the amnesia thing, yea, I actually wished God could give me amnesia when something bad happens but I’m learning that God wants me to keep loving the way He keeps loving me. Like Jesus told me to bless, love and pray for those who persecute and use me. Pray for those who even ‘hate’ me. Yea. Or I’d be no different from the tax collectors and each other human who finds it easy to love those who love us alone.

    It can be hard but the more we walk in Jesus and we begin to reduce so much that He increases, sometimes even the things people do to hurt us won’t matter compared to the victory we attain when we walk in Love like His word teaches.

    Haha@the no reply comment thing. Yea, it used to happen to me at a time till 1Cor13 reminded me that Love is always ready to give excuses and so I try not to let it get to me. I mean sometimes life happens and I don’t get the time though I appreciate every single one of them and would love to be appreciated too for taking time out to comment on a person’s blog. But am I doing it because I want reciprocation or I actually enjoyed the blog post? Sometimes, in our personal times, God makes us look deep into ourselves to assess ourselves so we learn to be better in our relation to people because at the end of the day, it’s our heart and how much our love for God helps us relate to others that will matter most and stand the test of time.

    Here’s cheers to you and your bubbly self. Much love. xo!

    1. I love comments like yours. For length yup but also for the truth ts packing. I could hug you tight girl…
      And yup sometimes I comment cos I want a reciprocation… Nothing wrong with that :mrgreen:

  13. Hey friend.,I wasn’t sure it was you! Greatest WCFite .
    I have been reading your blog but your picture today totally gave you away *winks*
    Feel free Visit me πŸ˜‰

    Blessings to you
    PS would be featuring you on premium times on Sunday. Please share when the post goes live.
    Cheers gal

    1. Me that throws my pic anyhow here lol.
      It has to be hard to miss me.
      Hi Ify how are you???
      Will check out the blog. And this feature biko what are you writing? Shouldn’t I see it first?🙍🙍🙍lol

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