For the Domestic Queen, the Learning Never Stops

NB: This post was originally authored by me and published on on, a lifestyle blogging site. Before I jump right into this, can I just say that every woman who runs a home is a Domestic Queen. While I mostly use this term for “stay-at-home moms,” especially moms who gave up a career temporarily […]

Foolishly sleepwalking through a meeting with Jesus.

I woke up at 1am to spend time with the Lord and let me tell you guys, He dragged my WHOLE LIFE!!! I actually came to sort of pray-plain that is complain and pray about an issue and just as I started journaling, He started to speak and by the time He was done, I […]

Dear Stay-At-Home Mom, Be Very Extra

NB: This post was originally authored by me and published on, an online lifestyle blogging site. Hmm, you have time o…” Those were her exact words on my Facebook post. You see, it was my 5th wedding anniversary and we had gone all out in our family photo shoot. I shared a bit about […]

Wetin Stay-At-Home Moms Dey Do Sef?

This post was originally authored and published on, a lifestyle website I contribute for stay at home moms. I am actually surprised that I do not recall every single last detail of this encounter considering how intensely livid I was at the time that this happened. My goodness, since revenge is best served cold, […]

Stay ‘HOME’ !!!

Oh my gosh I am so super excited to finally be blogging about this thing. Like, it is so personal, so stripping but yet so freeing. That I am bold enough to share shows you how much work God has done on me, and how He continues to work on and in me too. I […]