Meet our AMAZING SPONSORS for Powwow with E’ (plus Volunteers Info)

Ok when we started planning this meeting, I had no idea just how much bigger than our God wanted to make this. I thought we would have a few sponsors but look at us having about 30 sponsors and counting. It’s indeed a GIFT RUSH!! Since we were hosting Queens around the end of the […]

Dear Stay-At-Home Mumpreneur.

Hey guys, this went up on Bella Naija last month and I have another one due up this month but first, I wanted to repost it here, in case you missed it. . . . Dear stay-at-home mom running a business, It came to my heart to write you today coming from a personal place. Like […]

The P413 POW WOW with E’ (1.0)

Whooooop-de-deooooo!!! Like God is just so super amazing The POW WOW with E’ is finally a reality. Ok so before I get carried away by my own fizz, a few FAQs likely to surface…   What is a POW-WOW? It is a meeting for discussion, especially among friends or colleagues. I JUST LOOOOOVE this name. […]