TFS Reloaded: 10 Ladies Share their Experience

Hey Saints, It’s so good to be writing to you again. And this time I’m bringing you updates about the just concluded Fab Sisters Mentorship program. It held for 12 whole weeks and it was quite the experience both for me and the ladies. I’ll let Sharon share a little bit with you on how […]

20 years STRONG: 5 ways I have kept my FIRE burning for JESUS

How have you managed to keep the fire burning?What do I do when I really don’t feel like it?Don’t you get tired?I seem to start and be on fire, then stop, and am too disappointed to go back. Any of the above familiar when it comes to you passion for Jesus and Christian faith in […]

Is it too much? (Dealing with my insecurities)

Holla holla FaithFam Yes, on, yawl are my #FaithFam. On, we are #MommyFam On, we are #FitFam So holler holla #FaithFam❤️❤️❤️ If you know me, you probably KNOW that I love love love Heather Lindsey. I lean in a whole lot to her ministry and its expressions and we have many similarities, […]