“…And you shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free…” (John 8;32)

I love that the AMP version especially use capital letter for Truth…

If you don’t know, you go just dey dull…

So on Father’s day, which was also IMELA day, my Father was in town and I was a Triumphant Assembly Lagos City church to see him…

IMG-20130616-00508 Amazing reunion with my Ib folks… We rocked Shabach centre ooo

Please allow me divert here. Someone said something totally HILARIOUS to me recently. My blog reader. She said ‘E’ you have a crush on this your Rev ooo. What does his wife say and how does she feel?’

Please excuse me while I go laugh some more…


Crush ke… please don’t reduce what I have ooo. Crush is small. I have the real deal yo!!! I have LOVE!!! Love incredible. The truth is Rev is loveable. It is so easy to love him. He has such a large heart and truly cares. Rev will go out of his way for his many children. How wont I love such a man biko nu? Despite his INCREDIBLY busy schedule. I don’t know how he does it. Rev is a TEN!!!!


I love Rev more because of how he loves his ‘girlfriend’. The first time I heard him speak in UI, the attraction came from all the props he gave his wife who was NOT even there that night. Rev loves his wife eh. It is inspiring. You sef go wan marry. And Rev Teju Oduwole is AMAZING!!!


I cant explain how amazing she is. How someone can be reserved and so efficient beats me. She doesn’t make noise, but she runs tins ooo. Muah… love you mama.


You make me wanna be quiet too loool.

Ok back to my Sugar daddy and NOPE Rev is NOT the sugar daddy. But he does a good job reminding me of my sugar daddy, but nope, he doesn’t even compare to my sugar daddy…

… by whom I scream “Abba Father!”… (Romans 8;15)

The translators from all those Hebrew and Greek could not find an English Word for Abba so they left it at ABBA… Abba is like a really fond loving term.  IT IS A ROMANTIC Word for Father. Only special kids are allowed to use that word on their Daddy. English words didn’t suffice.

Or so they thought…

But my Rev has a translation which I just love…

Abba Father = Sugar Daddy

All these while, I didn’t know I had a Sugar daddy…

Sugar Daddy; Noun; A man, MUCH OLDER and MUCH RICHER and very generous with his wealth, lavishing it on his object of affection as much as is desired just because He loves her. He always wants her to look stunning and He loves to show her his ealth and beauty on her making all others want what she has. By the way, this Sugar Daddy has so many promises for his object of affection and is the TRUTH so all his promiss come to pass. And his supply is INEXHAUSTIBLE!!! Phew!!!….. E’s standard definition.

You know all those chics that have Aristos especially Politicians or the very rich men? You see how they carry themselves. When they go to ask the price of something, they know it is not about them, it is about the ‘moneybag’ behind them. No price shakes them.

The cattle on a thiousand hills. The gold is his and the silver too

And to think that this small car that I want before for my birthday has been looking like a big deal. Mschewww.  Not for my Sugar daddy. He must have felt really insulted. He will even throw in the iPad 3 for effect. He has to show off his BABE afterall.

Imagine… I had a Sugar daddy all along BUT I didn’t know…

Now I know, and I intend to milk Him for ALL I want.

The kinda stuff you will be seeing me show off will make you know that I have a SUGAR DADDY that aint joking with me at all!!!

And my SUGAR DADDY shall liberally supply ALL  your E’s needs according to his inexhaustible riches in glory in Christ Jesus

I can’t deny it anymore, I GOT A SUGAR DADDY baby. And He no dey use me play oooo




So i decided i would do an E’terview post for my birthday.


I already have two bloggers who are running the interview but of course, i would also want to have my numerous blog readers send the questions they would want me to answer. Questions about my FAB self of course… Don’t type here. Just send me an email already… eziaharx@yahoo.com… I’ll send the questions to them and we would come up with a FABULOUS E’terview… Works? You gotta send your questions on thursday at the very latest alright…



I get all your emails ooo. And i try to respond to almost all. If i havent esponded, I probably missed it. No vex abeg. Keep them coming. I really love to hear from y’all… Muah

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  1. Revelation!

    As the birthday of the year approaches, Our Sugar Daddy will do ” exceeding abundantly above all that you ask or think”…. Wooooop!

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