Hiiiiiiiiiii dawleens.
Gosh I’m soooo excited today.
Infact I have been so pumped about life these days.
Something about the right association is just life-giving. Whoooooosh!!!

Going to overdose my blog on Chris and Joyce
I’m sooooo pumped I’m pumping out THREE posts back-to-back, all HITS (hi Tamie he he)

So ‘egbon’, if you want more, come back today!!!
OK still on our healthy living journey so this will publish first.

Today lets discus the ‘LATER ON’

This is a term I picked up from Joyce Meyer where she said she’s in the ‘LATER ON’ season of her life where it is a bit more chilled and she enjoys life even more in every way BUT she has paid the price at the beginning.

Gosh that statement did soooo many things to my life but since we are on #SavedFitnFab lane, let me drive it home.

I’m in the later on of my weightloss journey and I am absolutely enjoying it.
You see, I can afford to indulge occasionally than I did at the beginning.
Infact, my niece just turned sweet 16

and I am sooo going to enjoy her cakes guiltfree.

At the beginning of my journey tho, I stayed away TOTALLY.

I have to increase my food portions now to maintain my weight especially because my Abs WO combines fat burning too.

I now work out just once a day and not as intensely as I used to.

Matter of fact, once I am done with Jillian’s 6weeks 6packs this week, I’ll take more long walks and do videos say 3times a week.

Like, this ‘later on’ is a Plenty Chill Zone

But like Meyer, I paid the price for today’s CHILL.

I was B R U T A L to my flesh.

Sorry I’m not one of those who gradually adjusted their eating. I went FULL blast on Clean eating from the moment i knew better and CUT OFF almost everything especially the ones that had me on lockdown before.

Hello Noodles, Butterfield bread, cake, ice cream.

There was this time I got Coldstone ice cream and they gave me an extra cup.
Hubs didn’t eat the extra before he travelled. He came back a month later and that cup was still in the freezer.

That in itself is a miracle second only to the resurrection of Jesus, considering my ice cream love.

Indomie? Forgerrit.
Mineral? Hell NO!!!

My discipline was on F L E E K!!!
I would go for parties or stuff and NOT taste anything there.

I paid a tough price because I wanted so bad to lose all the fat and gain all the discipline.
I worked out EVERY DAY including Sundays most weeks. Morning and night ooo.
Whether my body hurt or not, I worked out. Gosh so many days I was sore all over and would pick my butt up and dance to Kaeira.

Infact some days I would finish my morning and night sessions then go for a one hour walk or jog. Shout out to my regular phone buddies- Hubs, Sapphire (happy now babe? She warned me to stop calling her Eniola haha), Ebere/Rosey, and Priceless. They would indulge my LONG phonecalls.
If for some reason I knew I would miss a session, maybe I had to go out early the next day, I would do that session the night before or the night/morning after.
I was accountable TO ME!!!
I would NOT eat till I had put in my morning workout and NOT sleep until the night one was done.
Seriously, I have worked out at 1am before.
I skipped daily like my life depended on it.
I recall my sister used to major yab me ooo cos I looked funny skipping. Infact she and her kids would imitate me and laugh. Lol. Cos I used to look so serious, stiff and about to faint lol.
Imagine me jumping upandan with my 106kg self.

Oh gosh, I was determined!!!
Because I knew there would be a LATER ON!!!
I would tell myself ‘don’t worry, soon you will be able to blablabla...’

I looked forward to it.
I would put in all the work and pray all the prayer too.
Oh sisters and brothers, the LATER ON is a good goooooood mmm mmm gooooooood place to be in.
It is absolutely worth it. Over worth it self.

Like my hubs is soooo impressed
Something else about the later on is that a lot of people now start hailing you.

They say all sorts of nice things to and about you. Some of these people at the beginning didn’t believe in me ooo.

Oh when I would post my pictures on BBM or IG, I had people who would say ‘babe don’t kill yourself ooo. Take it easy ooo. Don’t feed our baby all this things you are eating ooo. Please let our baby see breastmilk to suck ooo. Don’t starve our baby ooo. All this initial gragra sha. How can you survive like this/with this…’
Sooooo many not-too-encouraging comments.
A lot of people believe you won’t see it through. They think you will soon fall off the wagon. Infact they are waiting for you to. They will offer you foods you should stay off/reduce to ‘try you’.

That’s what I was telling the ladies in my group last week.

Don’t take bait. Say NO to your colleagues when they offer you junk. It gets easier I promise. My hubby always used to say I drink juice too much. He would buy plenty and I would finish before he has a chance to enjoy it. I LOVE juice a LOT. But when I started this journey, I cut it off completely. Matter of fact, save one Chapman I had for his birthday early October, from September till now, it has been water, teas and smoothies.

Yup, even through the Christmas holidays. I didn’t drink anything processed and I intend to keep it that way for a long time.

So like I was saying, the beginning of the journey is tough. Not only is your flesh protesting, but people in your circle ain’t making it easier. Sometimes.

Gosh, I absolutely LOVE PK. I recall at the beginning when I used to post pictures on BBM, PK was one of those who would always encourage me and say ‘well done’.

It meant a lot to me. Most people will ping me and say absolute TRASH. (don’t kill yourself is TRASH)
PK was so super encouraging.

Chisom and Titi!!! Gosh you girls are sisters to me. These ladies encouraged me like I paid them. Frankly, I rode on the wings of their encouragement.

Chisom on black

They were rock solid. They would comment on every picture I had up and say I was loosing weight EVEN WHEN I KNEW I wasn’t. And they would celebrate me; I just love you ladies sooooo much. I’m sooo indebted.

Funny story:
One of the FIVE ladies I picked didn’t respond to my email on time and after 3days, I sent another mail and told her her slot was gone.
Fiam, she responds immediately. Apparently she missed the first one. She was soooo broken and begged and all. I replied and told her I would think about it an get back to her at night. I just told God that I needed Him to show me if she would be serious enough and I needed a sign. Next thing my phone rings and it is Chisom. The lady knew of my blog from Chi and so rang Chisom to beg me. I laughed sooo hard. With how encouraging Chisom was, I definitely could NOT say NO. Plus that was my sign from God. Plus I LOVE when people call in favors radically. And I’m glad she is in the group because banker and all, she has stayed largely faithful on the journey with her workouts and meals.
And just to balance it all, ALL my ladies have been amazing. P, H, E, B, M and A. Soooo proud of yawl and I can’t wait for your ‘later-ons’
Funny story over!!!

Now in the later on zone, I’m definitely feeling the love. People who laughed at me are no more laughing. Tz all sweet words now. I wish I got much more encouragement at the beginning tho. I recall Sapphire used to always tell me I didn’t need anyone to encourage me because I was too self motivated.

Oh well, Not too may are like me. I’m special stock.

Please whenever you see anyone on this journey, keep your wise cracks to yourself. Encourage. Tell them well done.

This road is HARD!!! But so are you darling. Infact, you are TOUGHER!!! And if you find your Encouragers, don’t take them for granted especially if they really invest into you.

Be encouraged my darling.

The LATER ON awaits.
When the only reason you don’t share a picture is because it is blurred or you don’t like your pose, not because that angle makes you look fat (but you know tz not the angle sha).

When the only wardrobe problems you have are that your cloths are loose not that they can’t enter anymore.

Oh honey, the LATER ON is a good place to be. Really really gooooood.

Pay the price now. The pain of discipline is way better than the pain of regret, self pity and loss of self esteem due to your weight, etc.

Plus your LATER ON is not the same as mine. Don’t compare.
Natachi of Health and Healthy always says we should eat and workout for our goals. The ladies in my group are on a tighter meal plan and workout schedule than me and I tell them to pay the price now, learn discipline and look forward to the inevitable later on.

Then I also believe there is a FALSE later on. Lol.

Example, when I moved from 106 to 95kg, it was visible. My people commended me. Then I began to deceive myself that I had arrived till I saw what I looked like at Tani’s wedding.

See my arm and tummy
Fiam, I closed my ears to EVERY ‘Aunty Eziaha, you are really loosing weight ooo” and the likes.

Yup such encouragement is good like I already pointed out but don’t relax till you hit target.

I pushed and pushed till I reached 79kg. image
Told yawl the point 3 is for my enemy. Haha. (Will weigh in again next week and see if my enemy has taken its .3kg)

So define your LATER ON and PUSH till you get there.
If you are on this journey, I’m cheer leading you all the way!!! This is why I started this series.

Plus, aside looking deliciously good, and getting disciplined in other aspects of your life, you are giving your self a better life too, good health and err’thing. I mean, I feel really clean in my body.
#SelfLove #HonorYourTemple

Group hug!!!
See yawl in the LATER ON zone!!!

A lot of yawl ask me about foods and all. I haven’t done that post because I shared quite a lot here.
But this week, I’ll keep a food log of everything I eat this week and share it with yawl- pictures, recipes and all.
That should help. I enjoy my meals I tell ya. It has become second nature to eat clean and occasionally indulge with wisdom.
Tz *in Chris Caine’s accent* AWESOME!!!

This whole LATER ON theory applies to every aspect of life. Sometimes we need to deny ourselves now to enjoy some benefits later. Just stay on your lane and KNOW your own later on. The context in which Joyce said it had nothing to do with weight loss sef

I absolutely LOVE it when yawl publicise my posts on your social media handles. Gosh, God bless everyone who does. Please keep publicising. Please please please. And mention/tag me when you do.
Thanks guys.

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  1. Aren’t later ons just great? Especially in this context, gives you a sense of entitlement.
    Three posts in one day? Wow…please keep them coming Cz uve got voracious readers.

    1. Lol at entitlement.
      Well I wouldn’t quite put it that way. Proud, yup. Very very proud. Entitled? Not quite for me

      Lol at voracious readers.
      I had a headache after writing all three and publishing. So this surprise would be once in a while hehe

  2. i really love ur discipline and hard work to reach where u are. in just a year u lost so much weight. kudos. I’m not fat but not also slim just medium. my main problem is stomach fat. I wanted to do the work outs and be on diet. but the problem is im still a student and under the cate of my parents so it’ll be difficult being on a diet. please ma I’m happy and encouraged by ur progress. I need ur advice

    1. Look for tummy videos on YouTube love
      I promise if u are consistent for 3/4 months you will see remarkable results.
      More protein less carbs. No fizzy drinks. No food 3/4hours before bed.
      These and many more you can pick from my posts should help love

  3. Ezi beke, your journey has encouraged me ooo cos I have always been the off and on babe when it comes to my weight loss plan but I started 3 weeks ago and even my husby can’t believe am this committed. I pray it will end in praise. weldone Sis.

  4. Your discipline, focus and determination is one thing that trips me the most…its really motivating
    And yes the later on is really a sweet experience, its like winning a battle and den enjoying the spoils…
    Well done babe

  5. Hi E! I am really grateful for all your posts! I always pick one thing or the other that helps me spiritually, physically, and every other positive “-ally”. Your energy is so high and infectious as it literally jumps at me from the screen of my phone. Thank you!

    I remember asking to be picked when you first posted that you wanted to help people lose weight. I commented with my goals and you advised that I should be realistic with my goals and take it easy. Then I read your rules and knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the intense workout routines as I’m fasting till February ending.

    However, I said to my self, “rather than postpone your weight-loss plan again cos you can’t get in E’s group, you can still do something by yourself, all you need is discipline and self motivation” Trust me when I say this, I used to battle with lack of discipline in plenty areas of my life, but this resolution in January has really helped me. On the 6th of January, I joined a group going on the #Whole30 plan, as of now, I’ve ended January’s and I’ve started on February. I’ve been having just fruits, vegetables, fish and sweet potatoes. Then for exercise, I do long walks of about 1hr 30 mins to 2 hrs. I can say it’s been both hard and fun.

    My clothes are now really loose and I’ll be needing a new wardrobe soon.

    Your posts did a lot for me as regards my health and even spiritual life.

    So sorry for this epistle!

    PS: I love Chris Caine
    PPS: I had typed this epistle before but I lost it and I had to rewrite it again because I just had to put it here.
    PPPS: Hahaha nothing more to add, just channeling my inner Eziaha ?

    1. Ok I am your new bestie.
      I love comments like yours. I burst out laughing at your last Line. Oh my!!!
      Group hug for the Caine lovers on the FAB lane.
      Thank you for taking the pains to type again. Gosh it was worth it. The giant smile on my face haha

      And mega mega well done. I feel your discipline from my screen.
      Your later on awaiteth 🙂

      Well done sister!!! I love you

  6. Your niece is really cute. She looks like a younger you.
    I don’t actually need weight reduction now, but I’ve been trying to discipline myself to eat healthy and reduce/cut down the junk. Its been slow but still a work in progress..and the fit n fab posts have been encouraging.

    1. I absolutely love her. She also behaves like me but she is not quite as friendly. As per teenage tinz lol. But she is a delight to me.
      Happy to encourage darl

  7. i really got angry( temporarily tho) that you didn’t pick me afterall the excitement at seeing i have a slot already.. guess it was God’s way of saying DIY. Nice work. weldone

    1. Ijeoma really?
      And I thought you were no longer interested. How in Jesus name would I have known you sent me mail if you didn’t use our previous mail trail like I said. I just didn’t wanna keep announcing on my blog so I figured u were no longer interested. Pele dear

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