Hey Blog Fam,

Gosh today is special on a lot of levels…
Monday, April 1
First day of the month
First day of the first quarter
First day of the week too

Too many firsts. It is just pumping me with energy.
Can I tell you a thing about Quarter 1?? It was EPIC yawl. Too many amazing things happened, some positive and some tear inducing negative but ALL OF THEM working together for my good!!!

I am ready for Q2 which between WAS EPIC (Students of English will say my grammar is wrong).

This morning, I woke up to pray as I have been doing at midnight for the past couple of weeks and the Lord gave me a new song. I can’t stop singing it and because I don’t want you singing it too haha, I wont share. Let’s just say that if you have been in the same room as Tasha Cobbs when she is singing, you are going to make heaven… For real!!!

I have already put a praise on it because Q2 has already finished in the spirit. Now I get to live it out on earth as it is in heaven.

Ok so one of the EPIC things happening in Q2 is POWWOW again and this time, it is my birthday edition again, we are launching a book written to and for Domestic Queens (I can’t wait to share the name) and basically host a HUGE fruitful party for at least 1000 DQs

Ok the reason I am doing this blog post is to call for volunteers who can actually help me bring this baby to live. We need to kick things off ASAP per planning and I wanted to open this up to a few persons who can help. A few criteria though

  1. You must live in Lagos. We have so much on ground to deal with so your physical presence is needed
  2. We will hold REGULAR live/zoom meetings too. Maybe 4 to 6 before the D-day but usually weekends and all-nights so even if you work, you can still come
  3. Willing heart. Ready hands. This is not an opportunity to finally be close to Eziaha, but an opportunity to help Eziaha birth a God dream and then learn and grow in the process. The best part is all you get to learn from this journey. I am always excited to volunteer and serve when I get the opportunity to. Sadly, the higher you go, the fewer and far between these opportunity become, so please when you can, grab them.

So like I said, we are stretching to reach more domestic queens, launching a book, relaunching and renaming my devotional (yay, the new name is EPIC lol), and to achieve all these, we are actively going after partners and sponsors, doing all the crazy logistics cos we MUST do excellent work and host my DQs as royalty indeed.

I need your help mehn. Please come on board if you feel a heart not flesh connection to this. Eziaha@eziaha.com is the email to hit.

Plus, just to clarify, this is not a call for Ushers on that day ooo, this is call for the Team that will help make the day even come to pass like I see in my spirit before talking of Ushers for the day.

Love this Babes

I doubt I would be needing more than 5 people though to join my already established team so please hurry. We have our first meeting real soon too and will share details on that when I pick them.

Wishing you an EPIC Quarter 2 and I am praying beyond all the ‘Do’s, the woman you are becoming is truly making the heart of the father glad.

Group hug

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