Ok here is my own Liebster…
Who sets her own examination questions and answers them herself?
Eziaha, of course.
Please enjoy

1. Last three books you read?
The Lady her lover and her Lord by TD jakes (all over again for like the millionth time), Act like a Lady, think like a man by Steve Harvey (that book is full of crap. Made about 20percent sense. But you gotta be discerning to do the sieving) and Love and Respect by (still on it though)
2. Best movie ever seen?
Almost all of Tyler Perry’s movies. And Nigerian? Violated and Ije. (I can’t have a BEST)
3. Have you slapped someone before? (No not like younger sis/bro sort of thing ooo)
Nope. I should try it though 😉
4. Practical faith boosters
Hearing!!! Three men I hear have to be my irreplaceable darling daddy dearest Rev Albert Oduwole, Pastor Kinglsey Okonkwo who LIVES faith, and of course, Aku m. My boo is just a man of faith, sometimes I am so jealous. But most times I’m so flippin’ excited cos we click wella on that level.
5. How do you treat ANNOYING friends?
Hmm, on social networking platforms, I ignore. Live? I just say OK!!! To shut em up!!!
6. How much do you like Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie? (Provide your answer in percentage LOL)
100percent and then some. That chic is a TEN!!!
7. If you had the power to end one thing in this world, what would it be?
Ignorance. Just go and get knowledge in the area you lack!!! That can’t be hard now!!! I HATE deliberate IGNORANCE
8. If you could change one thing in your church what would that be?
Give out platinum cards to those who buy CDs regularly and let us buy one and get one free (PM, are you are? Lol)
9. One person you would love to meet in person before you die?
Joyce Meyer. Like a one-on-one for at least 10hours. And one hour daily subsequently.
10. Your iPod (or any music device) on shuffle. List the first 10 songs.
Fountain praise 3 by the Grace Levites (Choir arm of the fountain of life church)
LAnre Olusola at TA Lagos 10th anniversary
Everybody join me by Gbenga Adenuga
Release your faith by Joyce Meyer
Mountain moving Faith by PK
Impossible is NOTHING by Rev Albert Oduwole
Scratch to cash Part 3 by PK
You are good by Israel H.
Why are we so different by PK
Olekoko by Gbenga Adenuga
And of course, my show off/feel good song!
Relationship sermon by Myles Monroe. That message is crazy good. You know how we don’t always link Munroe to relationship talk, but he killed this one.
11. What do you think about me? (Of course I had to add this jor)
FAB and oh-so-BLESSED!!!

Huggies and Kissies

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