To follow God closely is to fulfill your calling COMPLETELY… Beth Moore, ENTRUSTED BIBLE STUDY.

I am just going to write from my heart, but first, hope everyone is AWESOME yo!!!

New week!!! May God bless our week in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

Ok I dunno about yawl but I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA!!! I think it is such a blessing, and you will agree with me that SM is even more fun when your account is getting all the love.

You tweet and in nanoseconds, you have replies, mentions, likes and RTs.

You ‘gram and your notification stays buzzing with likes, comments and Regrans.

Facebook? Your account is on fire.

YouTube? Your Channel is like Lagos Island market, with back to back hits and likes.

And your blog? Snapchat? All steady buzzing.

Social media marketing (or just popularity) is the IN-THING and everyone has tips on how to grow your followers everywhere. WE ARE ALL ABOUT THE SOCIAL MEDIA LIFE…


The above also shows that when we are not getting the clicks and likes, Social media is no longer as much fun. It must mean we are doing something wrong, or maybe we ourselves are NOT COOL ENOUGH!!! After all, if God is endorsing it, the fruits will speak. Our SM profile will be hot too.

I am particularly speaking to Believers here so this is a FAMILY AFFAIR, so non-family members can chill out as they read.

I mean, here you are talking about your faith and then you barely get up to 5 – 10 likes BUT there is that Chick who posts nothing really, getting likes by the second. And then soooooooooooooooon, you are tempted to kinda compromise because you are plain discouraged.

Have I sometimes struggled with that?


As a business person, you want to be strategic in your marketing online, and get more Clients.

As a FAITH Chick, you are trying to publicize an event YOU know God has endorsed.

As a Christian, you KNOW God told you to blog or vlog that, and you are giving your best as you know to do, yet it seems like the results, or fruits, refuse to show.

Then suddenly, you feel like a Senior Special Adviser to God on Social Media Matters…

‘Ok this Topic or Stuff is what is REIGNING. These #HASHTAGS# are what brings the Likes and Follows. Pictures like these are what gets you noticed…’

And then gradually, you begin to compromise.

God wants you to ‘gram X but ehn, X is not what we talk about on IG so God let me ‘gram YZ since all na Bible na.

God has given you a Blueprint for your own business, but rather than follow it completely and foolishly, we follow that Chick or that Guy who seemingly has more buzz, and ape what they are doing WHICH GOD DID NOT ASK YOU TO DO!!!

God wants you to blog on ABC but ahn, you can’t afford to sound Preachy ooo, ESPECIALLY not now that some class of people are now noticing AND commenting on your blog ooo, so FOR THE god OF LIKES AND COMMENTS, we disobey our GOD MOST HIGH!!!

Can I tell yawl that God gave me a serious whooping on that, so this is not me serving what I have not eaten.

I had to get butt-lashed on it, because I realized that I was slacking on some things He wanted me to do because I am thinking ‘Errr, that won’t REALLY fly on Instagram ooo’.

The funny thing is that humans may be SUPER APPLAUDING you but God has, like Saul, ‘REJECTED YOU’.

And even till now, I walk super conscious of the fact that I BUILD DIFFERENT and I AM ON A DIFFERENT JOURNEY than the world.

So while it may NOT be popular, while it may NOT get all the likes and RTs, while it may not be cool, BUT IF GOD ASKS ME TO DO IT, I OBEY!!!

I am building a career and brand YES, but I AM NOT CALLED TO DO IT LIKE THE WORLD!!!

The Bible says PROMOTION COMES FROM THE LORD OOOOO!!! That scripture is still VALID.

Now this is not about being SLOPPY or SHABBY as a Christian, and just letting anything go because ‘We are NOT of the world’.

No SIR/Ma’am.

This really is about FOLLOWING JESUS CLOSELY AND COMPLETELY as I BUILD, and obeying ONLY what He asks of me, whether or not I am getting popular applause, nods and cheers from the world. Trusting that as i follow Him, that which He has called me to do, HE WILL BUILD COMPLETELY!!!


So just to get more friends and be popular, your social media handle doesn’t even fully show your IDENTITY as a Christian. Maybe every once in a while, we throw in one Christian thing sha, but on our best days, we do what gets our phones blinking with notifications.

Can I tell yawl the truth? And this is something I got from Bishop Jakes daughter, Sarah.

Destiny DOES NOT just SEPARATE you, it ISOLATES you…


We must be willing to do what God has told us to do, post, write, sing, etc. EVEN IF WE ARE THE ONLY ONES doing it.

I totally understand the need to feel appreciated, but we need to subject that to the leadership of JESUS, and trust HIM to build for us, and not go compete with the world on their own turf!!!

I recall when I started vlogging, I just assumed since God had told me, I would have 10,000 hits immediately. And then my first video for SAHM stayed on DOUBLE figures

I remember having a convo with God and asking Him why He sent me to SAHM when it didn’t look like it was gaining any ground sef. That maybe I should write about another popular but also good topic, like HOW I SPEND MY QUIET TIME? HOW TO HEAR FROM GOD? Etc., which is something a LOT of people ask me. And I was supposed to upload video 2, but somehow I felt discouraged so I didn’t even bother.

Like I even forgot. And then God sent Christine Caine to me. I heard her say a prayer which went something like ‘God, may I never forget that it really is about THE ONE person. Not how many people I can reach and rescue, but EVEN IF IT IS ONE PERSON, let me treat the call to which you have called me as seriously. My brain just reset. Lol.

I repented and committed to vlogging even if it is just for ONE person. And what is really funny is that I had gotten such really personal testimonies from the first video, which I belittled because I didn’t have views in the 1000s. I don’t even have time to be checking. I obey God and move on!!!

Now, writing on those topics I mentioned above IS GOOD, but did God ask me to? That’s part of what John Bevere talks about in his brilliant book GOOD OR GOD?


Because NOT EVERY GOOD THING is endorsed by God.

The day God tells me to share on that, YOU BET I WILL. But until then, I EMBRACE the PLACE He has called me to, and serve faithfully there EVEN IF FOR ONE PERSON.

Doing anything else means that I AM BOWING DOWN AND WORSHIPPING THE god OF YOUTUBE/BLOG views, and yawl know those gods have NOTHING to offer.

The truth is that we CHRISTIANS really need to understand that because we are on a different journey, WE BUILD DIFFERENT. WE ARE MARKET PLACE APOSTLES not just regular people in the world. And this is not only about Social media; I am talking even in our secular careers and businesses.

The path the world prescribes MAY NOT BE WHAT GOD HAS PRESCRIBED FOR YOU.

We need to follow God closely and then we can watch Him BUILD FOR US.

That career advancement MAY NOT BE IN THE M.SC ABROAD or that Certification exam.

Or it may be.


For the Entrepreneurs in business, I am sure you know that emptying your bank account is part of God’s I BUILD DIFFERENT strategy. Like that DUDE just wants to KNOW where your faith lies. Sometimes I just laugh at God and jokingly tell Him that ‘not hearing Him is good sometimes sha. Because then you will be in ignorance, NOT DISOBEDIENCE. But with your Spirit sensitive, God will always ask you to do the CRAZIEST OF THINGS.

Oh, but trust me, IT SO PAYS OFF IN THE END. No better business partner mehn. NO BETTER ONE!!! Plus what a privilege to partner with Him.

Just generally walking with God is different, and the Bible is FULL of stories like that.

Men and women of faith who got the victory by a different strategy that was popular.

Oh, but our God is FAITHFUL guys!!!



I was looking at DCC’s Lookbook which chronicles our first 20 years mostly in pictures and it just reaffirmed everything this post is.




We build different guys.

We build different.

I recall one time on Periscope, someone asked Heather and Cornelius to share how they grew their brand and all. Cornelius jumped in and said the truth is, they didn’t start off trying to BUILD A BRAND. They were just obeying what God told them to do, MOST OF IT FOOLISH AND UNPOPULAR, and realized that God kept increasing them as they obeyed.

The Lindseys
The Lindseys

And I recall EXACTLY how Heather said

‘…I dunno where y’all came from. The Lord just brought y’all my way…’

(Btw, FEBRUARY next year guys. They are hosting a Conference in Nigeria)

I have also heard Chris say it. I think it was in this PROPEL LAUNCH Video at Liberty University

She said, we don’t have to worry about career advancement and doing things like the world

‘…if you follow God, He will BUILD your career…‘I

The same goes for businesses, ministries, homes, families, etc. We don’t follow the world.

The Bible calls us to BE IN THE WORLD but NOT OF IT.

Sometimes, we want to BE OF THE WORLD but still claim our Christian tag, and as that happens, we confuse everyone and ourselves. No one can really tell where we belong.

Just follow God guys. He will BUILD WHAT NEEDS TO BE BUILT. The BEST part has to be that what He builds will LAST FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER.

And just because this makes me laugh, I will just throw it out here.

Hashtags don’t bring followers.

Loooool Ok maybe it does for the world, but it makes me laugh when I see us jump on the bandwagon of ‘popular hashtags’ so that followers can increase.

So then, if God tells you to hashtag something different and unpopular, we won’t abi? Because we know the hashtags that cause us to be more visible. Loooool.

This life no suppose hard like this ooo.

I mean God is not against our hashtags, He just wants to know that we are not worshipping them.

Plus, I also heard Chris say something else…

‘We are more concerned about who is following and liking us, than we are who is following and liking Jesus…’


Truly, the Christian subculture is so Celebrity oriented. We forget that the object of our race is JESUS!!! Not us.


So even on our dearly beloved Social media, BUILD DIFFERENT. And frankly when Jesus told us to GO YE INTO THE WORLD, If it were today, He would have said GO YE INTO ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA WORLD!!! No, really!!!

And can I close out with something that guides me?

We really should be busier and about the Father’s business, than being engrossed in how many likes we are getting. Every time I start looking at my followers, I know I have taken my eyes out of the work and the goal.

We have work to do guys. Let’s get to building… AND PROUDLY DIFFERENTLY!!!


2Cor 6:!7a Therefore COME OUT FROM THEIR MIDST and be ye DIFFERENT…’





It sure has been a gift filled couple of days since Thursday. First hubs and I got this tees from a Reader.


Will take a clearer picture soon.

Then my Darlingest Pastor gifted me this.

img_20160925_231310.jpg img_20160925_231317.jpg

I truly am BLOWN away. Going to get GREEN FRAMES please.

And then just this morning, I received my package from some Chicks off my blog.

Trust me, I stopped breathing.



I still looked for it at Laterna last week. Good thing they didn’t have ooo. Who would have thought it was waiting in the mail for me. Gosh, nothing like a GIFT THAT IS SPOT ON!!! God bless you guys (they know themselves)



Gosh, how do I even begin to celebrate Pastor M? Kai!!! What a WOMAN!!!


This picture is still the BEST I have of both of us. It perfectly describes our relationship. Pastor M listens and gives the BEST counsel.

In fact, there was this day I sought counsel on something and for some queer reason, she didn’t respond to me for days. And then God gave me the answer I needed directly. And then she later told me that frankly, she didn’t know what to say and she felt God didn’t want her to say anything so she didn’t say anything. See how God gave me my answer!!! Nothing like a Pastor who hears from God ooo.

Plus she has also made me a WARRIOR IN HEELS!!!

Oh and something else she told me that guides me till today

‘Eziaha, when God tells you to do something, get yourself OUT OF THE WAY AND DO IT. IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU!!!’

I still recall where I was when she said it. Frankly, it is even now it is making sense even more to me. I just obey God. It really is not about me, so it takes ALL the pressure away.

And then how we met?

Well me I met her sinceeeeeee, one JUG program that held on the island, and she was wearing a black and white gown with red belt,

The PIX ABOVE. Love the LookBook
The PIX ABOVE. Love the LookBook

and I just thought, WOW THIS PASTOR’S WIFE IS FINE ooo, so at some point, I caught her going to the back, and when she got out, I walked up to her and asked her if I could hug her (Yes, I am even CRAZIER than I care to admit haha) and she obliged. We took a picture but i will find it one day, becasue i still have my pix from that phone.

Oh but see when she first met me many many years after, IN HER WORDS

I remember my first encounter with this amazing young woman. I remember very clearly this bubbly young lady walking up to me and hugging me so warmly you would think we were long lost friends and before I could recover from that she introduced herself with “I don’t like being in a church and my pastors don’t know me (she laughed). So I’ve come to report myself” I laughed too but at the same time I thought are there really Christians like this? The average Christian I know is dodging pastor

So I asked her name but before she told me, she gave me this threat. however so pleasantly yet a threat none the less. “Pastor M, I don’t like people forgetting my name.” Okay the name already I thought.
“Eziaha” she said.
I smiled then and promised “I won’t forget”
“Anyway I won’t let you” she said then gave me a final hug and walked away but not before throwing in an “I will ask you next time we meet”
I thought to myself this must be the easiest thing ever. I mean how do you forget a name like EZIAHA (a good name)…

Oh but why not just read the entire blog post she did for me when I got married here

I think I have to be the last in line to hug JESUS because as you can tell, I am clearly HUG-OBSESSED!!! Hahahahahahaha.

Thank YOU so much Pastor M for pouring into us all. Thank You for believing in me and affirming me every time I talk to you. Oh thank you for correcting me too when I have mis-yarned, but all in LOVE. Thank you for being oh-so-generous of your time your words and your resources. I still recall you bringing ONE MILLION CDs for me to Uni then when you came for Rev’s birthday at 40. Like, that was soooo cool. I told her I had missed PK’s preaching and she brought many messages for me.

THANK YOU PASTOR M!!! Thank you for standing in faith and modeling to us what marriage should be like (even if some of us had to do nonsense first before applying what you told us before hahaha)

I couldn’t ask for a better mama, and I am not even asking. I am sticking to you Pastor M. You make Jesus and err’thing look goooooood. I love you absolutely. I appreciate you!!!


May God Himself continue to beautify your life, as you work to make His own Children’s life beautiful. May your life always always be a testimony to many around the world. And of course, one day, you will get to hang out with Joyce Meyer and Kay Warren, and I will be there too with Christine Caine. Hahaha (I want to write frame this better but I’m leaving it like this lol)






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  1. Reality check!!!!

    Been there.
    My social media platforms are mostly business centred and I keep my personal life out totally. (im that private lol)

    So on this day God wanted me to share the issue of trusting Him totally and not worrying. I felt that might be too preachy and was reluctant.
    Burden was so great , I had to obey.
    Truth was I busy trying to reel out content that the world will applaud.

    I did that post and some one messaged to say the message hit home.

    Thanks for ‘whipping my butt’again with this reminder.
    We are not world pleasers but God-pleasers.

    #God first

  2. Dunno what to say, Eziaha…but God bless you for this post. So timely!! It’s very true that sometimes we lose ourselves and our identity on social media just to garner a large following. May God find us faithful to what He has called us to do. Amen

  3. I don’t really known what to say. This post is so prophetic Eziaha. This was exactly what God told me some 3 days back and here you are repeating it. God bless you ma for blessing me and every other person out there with this message. It was really timely. I read your posts everytime because I just cannot resist the urge even though I don’t comment much but today ehn, i just have to write something. I cannot just waka pass. Thanksssss muchly much.

  4. Some serious Internal reset…. There are some things we crave and slave for that really…in the grand scheme of life…they are not that important. Seriously! They are not EVEN important. Thanks E! God bless you soooo wellll

  5. God bless you for this reminder. At times, one gets carried away by the thirst for fame and worldly approval.
    We need reminders like this constantly.

  6. I dunno where you’ve been all this while Eziaha. .I can’t understand this RE-discovery of you. .every post is like scripture. . .This issue was talked about in church last Sunday. .and now this! ! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. .God bless you!
    “Destiny DOES NOT just SEPARATE you, it ISOLATES you”…this rolled out tongues from me. .perfectly explains this season of my life. .by his grace, I take my eyes away from the world and I will BUILD DIFFERENT!

  7. I dunno where you’ve been all this while Eziaha. .only GOD can explain this RE-discovery cos every post is like scriptures n treasures stored in heaven! This issue was talked about this last Sunday in Church n now this… .Thank you, Thank you,Thank you n God bless you)He’s my Lord indeed)!
    “Destiny DOES NOT just SEPARATE you, it ISOLATES you”…this rolled out tongues from me. .it perfectly explains this season of my life n by his grace, I’m taking my eyes away from the world and building differently..

    PS: Kindly elaborate on that conference in February gist

  8. My name z Aderinsola and I build DIFFERENTLY!!!!!!!!!! I love you so much momma. Thank you so much for this post. O jehovah! My life doesn’t have 2 go d conventional route and it z fine. I don’t need to be explaining EVERYTIME to EVERYBODY….
    Infact, i’d just add dis post to my archives
    Thank You momma. Xoxo

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