Any other Mompreneur love Mondays? Lol. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with Monday. LOVE because my weekends are usually stressful and super full, and then Monday, I get to have a quiet home again… Hubs work and KingDaveed school. Mondays are such a contrast to Sunday. Then HATE (obviously a STRONG term to use but lets manage it) because I typically abandon work all weekend and by Monday, there is such a deluge of work that it drowns me literally…

Today though, there was not much to catch up on as I am slowly winding down for the year, and hey, the laptop still refused to come on. Anyways, my night was the SHORTEST. Slept at 1 and woke at 3.30am. Hubs woke to pray, and well I woke with full boobs lol so I had to get into milk express mode. I have a DOUBLE electric breast pump but looks like one has lost some pressure so it doesn’t pump well, therefore I work it like a single, and go from one breast to another. Makes the process slower. Anyways, I’m up till 5am pumping, praying and dozing off, then wake my baby at 5am to feed. That guarantees that he will fall back asleep until at least 9am.

*SIDE NOTE: Babies typically may not have any schedule but I am beginning to find that this one time is kinda guaranteed. Mommas, find that one time or two that sleep is guaranteed as your baby gets older and put it to good use. Took me some time to find this magic but it works for me now. NOTHING else is guaranteed until he falls asleep again anytime between 7 and 9pm, then I get to work again. The hours in between are in God’s hands lol***

Baby falls back to sleep at past 6ish and I turn to KingDaveed, and then after he is good and ready for school, we pray and I go to the gym. This is really what most mornings look like and this was no different.

If you follow me on IG, you would have read me talk about the lady at the gym that hates me, lol. Anyways, we got talking today and I was just laughing at my assumption. You recall my hospital where I did antenatal and gave birth which I raved about here, Doctors and all? Phew, the lady at the gym and one of the gym instructors FINISHED them today. I couldn’t believe it was the same place. It just occurred to me that true true, we MUST let God lead us and not the opinion of people. That hospital and her doctors were PERFECT for me, esp the Consultant ObGyn. I will still share my birth story here. Anyways, I joined the gym aerobics today and enjoyed it. Got home and was feeling kinda blue with my rough night. Got to expressing milk again, baby woke, we bathed, fed and my help was with him and I was just catching up lazily on work. I like to do some kinda extended prayers on Monday but I was TOO TIRED to today and was just gonna postpone it. I WAS TIRED. Anyways, I got out my Shirer Armour of God Bible study and by the time I was done reading what she took us through today, I was ON FIRE, praying like a machine. My prayers woke my sleeping baby lol and my help promptly came to carry him. Ah no, I PRAYED UP this morning thanks to Shirer. The topic today was BAIT SELECTION and just knowing that the enemy was offering bait which he HAD STUDIED me extensively enough to offer, was ANNOYING enough to me. It also helped that during our aerobics session , I watched a teaching by Shirer on the Armor, which she preached some weeks back at James River.

She said we should especially pray about places where we have some STRENGTH and then places where we are WEAK. She explained it using WAR ROOM. She shared with us a snippet from the mail the KENDRICK brothers had sent to her and how the attacks that truly came were REAL in her home…

Hope you can read the mail excerpt?

Satan is a bastard… Not my home, Not my Hubby, Not my Kids, Not my Business, Not my godly relationships and friendships, and certainly not my HEART.

You know, one of the reasons I love Shirer is that she sees herself FIRST as a wife and a mom, infact a Stay-At-home Mom who occasionally preaches. She says her primary assignment is SERVING HER FAMILY and then on the side, travel, teach and preach. She was so instrumental to me when all the work I had was STAY AT HOME MOM. She made me see it as a BIG DEAL the way she elevated it. And truly, if you lean in to her teachings, she shares SO MUCH DEEP TRUTH from simple times she is spending with her kids, and then God takes those ordinary times and brings a whole NEXT LEVEL sermon/ Bible study from it. Family is so important to her and I LOVE her for it.

This video below especially CHANGED my life in that season

Oldie but goodie!!!

If there are SAHMs reading this who are not even Entrepreneurs, I advise you to lean into Shirer, if you may. Your home is your PRIMARY Ministry and as you HONOR GOD and SERVE THIS FAMILY that God has given you, it is AMAZING what He will do with it.

She has taught me that TIME i spend SERVING MY FAMILY is not missed by GOD. HE honors service and will surely honor me…\

She and her boys

I’m so thankful for her, bless her…

Plus I love that she is a MOM OF BOYS too… a fellow MOB Chick…

I’m so exhausted so I’m just gonna publish this, workout, express milk while I do some work and then go and sleep. Trusting God that I will sleep at 11 today…

And yay, hubs fixed something on my laptop charging port and it came on. I frankly do NOT know how I survived when he wasn’t here. I cant seem to drink water and drop the cup without him these days lol.

Ok guys, gotta run



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  1. Wonderful Eziaha…MoB Chick…. I just reconnected to your blog again after a loooooong time.
    I’m enjoying your mompreneur diaries.

    Your boys are so cute, praise Jesus.

  2. What a beautiful woman of God! You are Thank you for poring in to all the women may God continue to bless you and your family.

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