Sharing my lesson from the mentorship class here is such a *BIIIIIIG DEALL* to me.


Meet Roseline

My name is Ukoima Roseline Ugwem but call me Roseeeeee, add as much e’s as you can😉.

I’ve always longed for close mentorship and this is officially my closest mentorship program everr.

Truth be told, there’s a huge difference between stalking from afar and being closely mentored. So, before I even start unleashing some lessons I’ve learnt and stuffs I’ve caught lemme first candidly give you a sisterly advice *”Get yourself a mentor that will know your name”* I know it’s impossible to get so close to all your mentors but pls, have someone mentor you, up close and personal.

Few weeks into the mentorship class and everything has taken a new turn in my life. I’m experiencing an all round shift.

Sometimes when Mama E’ shares wisdom on stages I’ve stupidly passed, I just see myself crying and I’m like “this is what I should have heard then and to think I would have had access to her then, If only I was determined, makes me cry even more.

So let’s start from here, grab opportunities when they come and when it’s like none is available for grabs, PUH-LEASEe scout for them. Pray for opportunities and work at getting them.

I’ve learnt from the mentorship program and we all have, we know better than lagging or slacking at stuffs. Is there a job offer you like or heard of? Pray about it and delve right in. Send your application already. How about scholarships and everything? *GOGET* it already. Maximize your opportunities and don’t be nonchalant.

*Can we talk about the daily musts and weekly reviews? We can’t skip quarterly goals too*😁

Mama E’ be like *”you’ll someday account for your life here on earth so then what will you say to God”*?

Intentionality is key in our camp, yeah! *#Isabootcamp*. I bet you we’ve all learnt that. Our daily musts are stuffs we must get done daily to really ensure we’re productive and making daily progress. This isn’t just random stuffs or activities as each of our *”daily musts”* contains a physical activity or exercise, a spiritual exercise, something for the mental and something for the emotional or social aspect too. The Idea is to ensure you’re taking conscious steps to growth *daily*. As a present stay home chick this has helped me to be more productive and intentional about my day.

Weekly Reviews: Weekly, we all analyze and check how much progress we made in the week. We think up strategies to help each other growww in the group.

Mama always says *”live off a list”* it keeps you organized and more coordinated. For your good, please learn that too.

When I openheartedly chatted her about something and I was like “hope this won’t change how you see me bla bla”? Lol!

Mama be like *”That’s a shrinking stinking thinking. Shut it down.”*

There and then again I got to learn from her as a result of the mentorship program that some thoughts should be *shutdown for real*. What occupies your mind? If it’s not God, then it’s the devil and all he ever does is tell lies.

My thought pattern changedddd.

My spiritual life is more real to me now by the reason of this mentorship program. Mama says “follow God for real” and I keep hearing her voice in my head. Her results, her testimonies are living proofs that following God for real pays.


Grooowwwth is smelling on me

Not until this time I never knew the importance of praying with the word. But now I know better, I have the word with me every time I go into the place of prayers.

I’ve also learnt from Mama that Prayer is a big deal and hence shouldn’t be treated casually. So all have prayer schedules, how sweet! It makes praying sweet and intentional.

I have really learnt a lot and I can share more. Let me stop here.

Lethe have your comments on what you have learnt too.



Mama E’s Disciple.

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