Hello Everyone,


I am Funmilayo 

My name is Funmilayo, one of Mama E’s

mentees. I am so privileged to be part of these discipleship and am so glad for the opportunity. Thank you mama E’.

I have grown tremendously in the past few weeks under mama E’s leadership in which I will share briefly;

1)Spiritual Growth: Before joining the discipleship challenge, I hardly have time to meditate on the word of God and to understand what the particular word is trying to say or speak about but recently have learnt how to study the word of God,understand what a particular scripture is talking about, take advantage of the word and speak it into my life.

Also I have gained the privilege to commit to READING BIBLE IN A YEAR which at the end of 2019 I will be proud to say I finished the whole bible. Wow!

And lastly, still on my spiritual life, mama taught me how to pray effectively by directing it to every area of my life and people that surrounds me using a prayer schedule.

2)Self confidence-Have learnt so far how to build my self confidence. As oprah Winfrey said”A mentor is someone who allows you to see the hope in you”, her mentoring has allowed me to overcome my fears and self esteem issues.


Self confidence is built

You see no one is born with confidence, it’s something we learn as we grow, in life and with experiences that shape us and this has really improved my self confidence which allows me to see the higher part of myself.

3) Time management & planning: My mentor( mamaE), is someone that hates to have idle time in which she’s not learning anything, reading, listening or writing, she has always balanced her time with something important and meaningful . And Have learnt this from her and so far how to create time for everything in a balanced way( balancing work with my personal life has been an issue for me for the past months) but this few weeks am working and am still experiencing growth in my personal life by engaging in one or two activities. Awesome!

4) Relationship : Building relationships with other mentees has really helped me and improved my interaction with people

5)Reading- wow! I so much hate reading before applying for this challenge but guess what AM LOVING THE NEW ME… I spend more of my time reading Now.

Lastly, have learnt how to outstrip in what ever I do which means I do things with more force than ever before to get results.

It has been a growth Journey I am thankful to God I made the decision and am privileged to be part of.

Hope this few things I have learnt and shared will also encourage someone on the journey of purpose and intentionality, please share your comments.



Captain Eziaha Disciple.


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